Pike County Arkansas

                    Tax List 1848

State of Arkansas:                                                           
                 To the Collector of Pike County, Greeting:                  
You are hereby commanded to collect from each and every person named in the  
Tax Book hereunto annexed for State and County Tax for the year A.D. 1848    
the following rates in and before every hundred dollars of the amount of
the rates and valuations wherewith each person according to such book
stands assessed and so Pro Rata, that is to say, the rate of one fourth per
hundred dollars for the State Tax and the rate of one fourth per hundred
dollars together with the sum of fifty cents from each and every male
inhabitant over the age of Twenty-one years and under sixty years of age
for the county tax and if any person named in such book shall neglect or
refuse to pay said rates within ten days after you shall demand the same,
you are commanded to levy and make the same rates, or the part thereof
remaining unpaid, with lawful costs, in manner and by the proceedings
prescribed by law, out of the goods and chattles, lands and tenaments of
the person so neglective or refusing to pay such rates, and you are further
commanded to pay the amount, which according to this warrant and the
annexed Tax book, you are required to collect in the manner, and within
the time, prescribed by law for the payment thereof. Herein fail not at
your por(?).                             
                   Pike County Tax Book For The Year 1848                    
           A List of Persons Assesed for Taxation in Pike County             
                         in the State of Arkansas.                           
Alford, Winston             Green, John                 Owens, Edwin         
Alford, David               Griffin, J.E.               Orrick, A.B.         
Ashbrook, Moses             Griffin, Green              Oliver, W.H.         
Ashbrook, Aaron             Henson, Jno.                Owens, David         
Brock, Leonard              Hancock, J.D.               Preston, W.H.        
Brock, Sam'l                Holliday, W.H.              Pearce, S.E.         
Brewer, W.A.                Hughett, J.O.               (same) as Guardain   
Brewer, John Estate         Hughes, J.H.                for Wesly Loller     
Brewer, Jas. S.             Hall, Samuel                Polston, Jno.        
Bittick, Jesse              Ho(l)mes, Jesse             Preston, Henry       
Bittick, John               Holliday, Thos.             Reeves, Willis       
Brewer, John                Hamie, W.                   Ran(e)y, John        
Bittick, Robert             Henthorn, Cyrus             Rodgers, Harmon      
Baxter, Jesse               Henderson, Abner            Rodgers, J.R.        
Boggs, William              Hancock, Abner              Roberson, B.J.       
Blackwood, A.               Huddleston, David           Reece. J.G.          
Bacon, John D.              Hutson, Joab                Royston, G.D.        
Brock, Moses                Hutson, Isaac               Roberson             
Boon, William               Hoover, Cassandra           Raymond & Anderson   
Brewer, Henderson           Hale, E.G.                  Rosser, Josiah       
Bewsick, Sam'l              Huddleston, Sa(?)           Swink, J.H.          
Burkett, Jonas              Huddleston, Jno.            Sites, Joseph        
Bald, Fredrick              Hudsen, Davis               Stinett, Jno.        
Bean, Baily                 Huddleston, Lewis           Stinnet, Geo. Q.     
Blocker, John Estate        Jacobs, English             Sharp, Erbin         
Boon, John                  Jackson, J.C.               Simpson, Jesse       
Bacon, W.T.                 Jacobs, John                Simpson, Austin      
Brown, Joshua               Johns(t)on, Charles         Stell, Jos.          
Blair, S.C.                 Jackson, W.                 Stell, Armstrong     
Brock, Jackson              Jackson, A.R.               Speer, James         
Carpenter, Jno. Jr.         Joiner, J.W.                Speer, Francis       
Carpenter, Jno. Sr.         Johns(t)on, W.              Shook, John Guardain
Caldwell, A.J.              Jackson, J.L.               for W.A. Shook       
Conway, Thos. J.            Jones, D.D.                 Stell, Hiram         
Carpenter, Jesse            James, E.L.                 Stone, William       
Clemens, Isaac              Kizziar, T.J.               Scott, James         
Clemens, John               Kesterson, Saml.            Scott, William       
Clark, Joel                 Kelley, Robt.               Shouse, Robt.        
Coe, George W.              Kizziar, James Sr.          (?)oes, J.C.         
Chapman, Wm.                Kizziar, J.C.               Stringer, Rice       
Campbell, D.R.              Kelley, William             Speer, W.B.          
Caroll, William             Kelley, Elijah Jr.          Slone, H.C.          
Canon, R.W.                 Kirkham, J.H.               Tollet, John         
Davis, William              Kelley, Wesley              Vardenburg, Jno.     
Dickson, Sion B.            Kennedy, R.                 White, H.L.          
Dickson, S.A.               Kennedy, R.W.               White, J.H.          
Dillard, James              Kelley, Elijah Sr.          White, Absalom       
Davis, William              Lacky, J.C.                 White, Jordan        
Dickson, W.T.               Lail, Jno.                  White, Spencer       
Dickson, Leroy              Landers, Major              White, John Jr.      
Davis, Abijah               Langdon, Robt. Est.         White, John Sr.      
Davis, Clement              Laird, Patrick              White, Pleasan(t)    
Dickson, Jno.               Latimer, I.P.               Wood, Jno.           
Dossey, W.G.                Mansfield, J.C.             Williams, W.P.       
Dickson, D.S.               McDonald, Alvin             Wray, William        
Elridge, Nathan             Mitchell, Allen             Winford, Benj.       
Evans, J.M.                 McWalkins, James            Wingfield, Elijah    
Edwards, Thos.              Mobley, David Jr.           Watson, J.W.         
Felvel, Jennis              Mobley, Wm.                 White, Isaac         
Griffin, Wade               Mobley, David Sr.           Williams & Blevins   
Gilmer, William             McLene(n), Jno.             Winn, Thomas         
Garner, T.R.                Marks & Jordan              Brewer, Henry        
Gentry, J.M.                McLaughlin, W.F.            Jenkins, Thos.       
Glenn, John                 McLaughlin, W.C.            Jenkins, Jesse       
Graves, Joseph              Nelson, R.                                       
Graves, Alexander           Nelson, Saml.                                    
State of Arkansas,                                                           
County of Pike,                                                              
This day received of David S. Dickson, Clerk of the Circuit and County
Court of Pike County, the Tax Book for the year A.D. 1848 in writing, and
(the) State Tax the sum of $225.62 & County Tax $295.72 being the amount
of county and state tax (?) for the year A.D. 1848 this 1st day of May
                  Lewis Huddleston, Sheriff and Collecter.                   
                            Condensed Statement                              
                                  132 Polls.                                 
                   11914    Acres of Land      43565                         
                      26    Town Lots           1000                         
                      58    Slaves             23550                         
                       1    Saw Mill             700                         
                       1    Pleasure Carriage     35                         
                     322    Horses & Mares     11970                         
                      14    Mules                512                         
                       2    Jacks                275                         
                    1095    Neat Cattle         6559                         
                   Goods, Wares & Merchandise   1093                         

                           Total Value  89259                                
Pike County, Arkansas Tax List 1848, Arkansas History Commission, Little     
Rock, Arkansas.                                                              
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