Pike County Arkansas

                    Tax List 1838

              A Tax List for the Year 1838 Pike County Arkansas              
Adkins, Charles E.          Falkner, Nathan             Hancock, William     
Bittick, Robert             Falkner, Henry              Mansfield, James C.  
Bittick, Francis            Green, John                 Melson, Solomon      
Brinley, Jacob              Gilmer, Wm.                 Mobley, David        
Brinley, Mathias            Griffin, Wade               McDoneld, Robert     
Brewer, Henderson           Griffin, James E.           McDoneld, Alex.      
Baxter, Jesse               Griffin(g), L.B.            McDoneld, James      
Bittick, Jesse              Hughes, James               McDoneld, Alvin      
Blocker, John               Hughes, Wm.                 Melson, J.G.         
Blair, Silas C.             Hughes, John                Newman, Moses        
Brewer, William             Henthorn, James             Mobley, William      
Brown, Joseph               Hancock, Abner              Price, Ervin         
Brewer, Harmon              Hasley, Samuel              Roberts, Wm.         
Barnet, G.J.                Hardin, Joseph              McLaughlin John      
Brewer, James S.            Hardin, A.K.                Roberson, Samuel     
Brown, Gabriel              Hopkins, Thos.              Rainey, John         
Brewer, Henry               Hopkins, John               Stallcup, Pleasant   
Brewer, John                Huddleston, David           Self, Forgus         
Barnes, Joshua              Huddleston, Wm.             Self, David          
B.K. (B.R.) Baker           Holliday, Peter             Simpson, Jesse       
Collier, Nathan             Hensley, George W.          Stringer Rice        
Crowel, Ezra                Hughes, Andy                Self, Lackey W.      
Coker, James J.             Goodman, Josiah             Self, Lewis          
Collier, Jackson            Draper, Thos.               Simpson, Samuel      
Cox, Thos.                  Gollihar, John              Smith, Phillip       
Davis, Stacy                Jenkins, Jesse              Steele, Thos.        
Dickson, David              Gentry, William             Sloot, John          
Davis, J.W.                 Jenkinses                   Smith, George        
Dickson, Wm. T.             Johnston, Wm.               Stone, F.G.          
Davis, J.M.                 Johnston, Micajah           Stone, Wm.           
Davis, Myrick               Johnston, James             Tryon, Seldon        
Dickson, Samuel A.          Jacobs, John                Thompson, Asa        
Lucinda Dickson             Jones, Absalom              Warner, Thos. J.     
Abijah Davis                Jacobs, English             White, John Sr.      
Dickson, Sion B.            Kelley, William             White, John Jr.      
Dickson, John               Kizziah, Hiram              White, Jordan        
Dickson, D.S.               Kelley, Elijah              Wheat, James         
Elliott, M.                 Kirkham, J.H.               Wilson, John         
Edwards, John               Keer, James L.              White, Isaac         
Efland, George              Kizziah, John               Westbrook, S.W.      
Ford, Absalom               Marks (&) Jordan                                 
Falkner, Lewis              Madin, Charles                                   
State of Arkansas,                                                           
County of Pike,                                                              
This day received of D.S. Dickson, clerk of the Circuit Court and Exofficio  
Clerk of Pike County, the Tax Book for the Year A.D. 1838 made agreeable to  
the assessment and order of the Judge (William Kelley) of said County of     
Pike, aforesaid, which I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the same, this    
15th day of May, A.D. 1838.                                                  
                     Isaac White, Sheriff of Pike County.                    
State of Arkansas,                                                           
County of Pike,                                                              
I, David S. Dickson, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Exofficio Recorder and   
clerk of the County Court in and for the said county of Pike, in the State   
of Arkansas, do hereby certify that the sum of Eighty-two dollars and        
ninety-two cents is the amount that is due from the County of Pike to the    
State of Arkansas for the year Eighteen-hundred and thirty-eight, agreeable  
to the assessment made and returned to my office by the Sheriff of said      
county for the (year) 1838.                                                  
                   David S. Dickson, Clerk of Pike County.                   
(Amount) of State Tax, $82.92. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my  
hand as Clerk and affixed the seal of office, this 15th day of May, A.D.     
1838, and of the independence of the United States the 62(nd year).          
                             D.S. Dickson, Clk.                              

Pike County, Arkansas Tax List 1838, Arkansas History Commission, Little     
Rock, Arkansas.
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