Bill of Sale of Slave

        D.A.B. Ragsdale, Ex. Thos. McFarling, decd. to John Dickson.         
State of Arkansas,                                                           
County of Pike,                                                              
Whereas, David A.B. Ragsdale as Executor of the Last Will and Testament of   
Thomas McFarling, deceased was directed by the provision of said last Will   
and Testament, to expose by public sale to the highest bidder, a certain     
Negro girl slave, named Frances. And, whereas, the said David A.B. Ragsdale, 
Executor as aforesaid, did this day, according to previous legal notice      
given, expose said girl to sale by public outcry. And, whereas, John Dickson 
became the purchaser of said girl for the sum of sixteen Hundred & one       
Dollars, he being the highest and best bidder therefor.                      
Now, therefore, I, David A.B. Ragsdale, Executor as aforesaid, for and in    
conisideration of the sum of sixteen Hundred & one Dollars secured to be     
paid to me by the said John Dickson, have this day bargained and sold, and   
by these presents, do bargain, sell and convey the said Negro girl Frances,  
aged about thirteen years, of black color, to the said John Dickson his      
heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, to their use and behoof.       
And I, the said David A.B. Ragsdale in the capacity of said Executor of the  
said last Will and Testament of the said Thomas McFarling, decd. do hereby   
warrant the title of said negro girl Frances; that she is a slave for life;  
and that she is sound both physically and mentally.                          
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, on this thirteenth 
day of September, A.D. 1862.                                                 
                          David A.B. Ragsdale (Seal)                         
                         Ex. Last Will & Testament of                        
                           Thomas McFarling, decd.                           
                Witnesses: William J. Kelley, John D. Hancock.               
Original Bill of Sale of Slave (copy), Rita Arnold, Nashville, Arkansas.     
David Kelley 1997