Martin Guest to John Guest &c.

Pike County Arkansas

                           Title Bond and Assign                             
                      Know All Men By These Presents:                        
That I, Martin Guest of Arkansas, Pike County, doth hereby bind himself, his 
heirs & assigns in the penal sum of Ten thousand dollars good & lawful       
money, unto John Guest, his heirs & assigns of the above County & State.     
The conditions as follows: I, the said Martin Guest as above, do promise &   
agree to make a good title (to the heirs of) John Guest by his first wife,   
Nancy Guest alias Nancy Powel, viz: Adaline Guest, Joseph J. Guest & Susanna 
Guest, to the following Described Negroes. Henry about twenty years of age,  
Cela his wife about twenty four years of age, Patrick his son about Eight    
years of age, Molinda his daughter about seven years of age, Cinda her       
daughter about six years of age, Andrew her son about six years of age;      
Harriet about four years of age, Phillis about twenty eight years of age,    
Mariah her daughter, her Daughter about twelve years of age, Lize her        
daughter about ten years of age, Jack about eight years of age, Sarry about  
seven years of age, Joe her son about six years of age; also all the         
increase of the above described Negroes. I agree to make title to the above  
described heirs of the said John Guest.                                      
Given under my hand and seal this 15th of January A.D. 1834.                 
                            Martin Guest (Seal)                              
                              John Golihar                                   
                              Rice Stringer                                  
Filed for Record 20th September 1839.                                        
                             J.G. Wright, Clk.                               
Republic of Texas,                                                           
County of Red River,                                                         
This day, personally appeared before me, J.C. Hart, Clk. County Court for    
said County, Martin Guest, whose name appears to the within Bond and         
acknowledges his seal & signature as his own act and deed for the purposes   
therein expressed.                                                           
Given under my hand and seal at office this March 8th 1842.                  
                              J.C. Hart, Clk.                                
                        (Registered 8th March 1842)                          
Red River County, Texas Deed Book D (1841-1844), page 111.                   
David Kelley 1997