Asa Thompson

Certificate 4297

Washington Arkansas Land Office



                              Preemption Proof                               


State of Arkansas,                                                           

County of Hempstead,                                                         


                          United States of America                           


Be it remembered, that on the 14th day of December 1839, Asa Thompson of the 

County of Pike personally appeared before me the undersigned, an acting      

Justice of the Peace within and for the County of Hempstead & State of       

Arkansas, and on his oath, deposes and says, That Robert McConnell           

cultivated a tract of the public lands of the United States in the year      

1833, to wit: a portion of the North East Quarter of Section Twelve, in      

Township Eight, South of Range Twenty-Six West, in the District of Lands     

subject to sale at Washington, Arkansas. That in said year, 1833, he the     

said McConnell had in cultivation and under fence on said tract about eight  

acres which he cultivated in corn. That, about the first of September in the 

year 1833, he, this deponent, purchased said improvement of said McConnell,  

with the crop thereon growing and immediately took possession of the same.   

That the dwelling houses in which said McConnell resided and into which this 

deponent removed were on an adjoining Quarter Section, to wit: on the        

Northwest Quarter of fractional Section Seven, in Township Eight, South of   

Range Twenty-five West. And this deponent says that he resided in the        

dwelling houses, aforesaid, and had possession thereof, and that he also had 

possession of and cultivated the Land, first above mentioned, on the 19th    

day of June, 1834, and for some there or four years thereafter. This         

deponent further says that he is the head of a family consisting of a wife   

and six children, and further says not.                                      


                                Asa Thompson                                 


Sworn to & subscribed before me the 14th Decr., 1839.                        


                             R.L. Phillips, J.P.                             



State of Arkansas,                                                           

County of Hempstead,                                                         


                                United States.                               


This day, James Hughes and John Hughes of lawful age, personally appeared    

before me the undersigned, an acting Justice of the Peace, and on their      

oaths depose and say: that they are personally well acquainted with Robert   

McConnell & Asa Thompson, and that they know the above statement made and    

sworn to by said Thompson to be strictly true, and further they say not.     


                                 John Hughes                                 

                          James (his x mark) Hughes                          


Sworn to & subscribed to by & before me this 14th December 1839.             


                             R.L. Phillips, J.P.                             



Certificate 4297, Washington, Arkansas Land Office, Record Group 49,         

National Arhives, Washington, D.C.                                           



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