Pike County Arkansas

Reconstructed Marriages 1834-1895

The following persons replied to a marriage survey or responded with other 
family information as a contribution to the Pike County, Arkansas Marriage 
Restoration Project in 1993.                                               

Helen M. Allen          Hilga Judd Frier            Dorothy Kennedy Partain
Russell Pierce Baker    Chester W. Gage             Mary Jack Powell       
Kay Marie Black         John Harrison Gilmer        Anita Ranells          
Margaret Baumgardner    Shirley Graham              Wilma Ranger           
Frances Beck            Mr. & Mrs. William Green    Barbara Rewis          
Dorothy Horn Bevard     Teresa Burnham Harris       Jo Ann Roberson        
Jo Billings             Winston & Betty Harris      Jo M. Sands            
Kay Marie Black         Carthal R. Harvey           Cynthia Scott          
Aileen F. Brewer        Frances T. Hawkins          Alice Shirley          
Marjorie J. Brewer      Floyd R. Hendricks          Jim Smedley            
Dorothy Howell Brown    Doris Hill Holder           Nadine Stevenson       
Grace Cage              Sarah Keen                  Sue M. Stevenson       
Jean Cathey             Marsha Oliver King          Ethel Taylor           
Hazel Clark             Lorena Lancaster            Duane Thomas           
Rev. J. Alvis Cooley    Bobbie Jones McLane         Toni Thomasson         
Joyce Couch             Oma Miller                  Lois Thornton          
Una Crabtree            Orene Merchant Moore        E.A. Wentrcek          
Ruth M. Duckworth       Howard & Lois New           Ray Whisenhunt         
Georgia Evans           L.S. (Stan) Orrick          Kathryn H. Widder      
Sue Ferguson            Ardith L. Orr                                      
Emma Jean Fleming       Wanda Parish                                       

The first set of marriage records for Pike County, Arkansas 1834-1855 were 
destroyed by fire with all the county records in the county clerk's office 
on Tuesday evening February 13, 1855. Also destroyed was the law library   
of Abner Bryson Williams attorney "which had but a few days previous been  
moved into" the county clerk's office. William R. McFarlin was the Pike    
County clerk. The second set of marriage records 1855-1895 were lost with  
all the county records during the entire destruction of the Pike County    
courthouse and Pike County Courier newspaper office by fire in March 1895. 
J.C. Hughes was the Pike County clerk. Both fires are believed to have     
been by arson.                                                             

Combined with the records provided by those listed above are submissions   
since 1993 and records gathered by David Kelley since 1973. Marriages of   
Pike County, Arkansas residents solemnized in other counties are included. 

- K -
Additions to these Reconstructed Marriage Records with Sources and         
or the Correction of Names and Dates may be sent by email to PCAHS         
Keen, Isley Milberry            Virgil Richard Reed                    1889
Keen, James Washington          Liza Delana Pasley              31 Aug 1879
Keen, Mary Elizabeth            David Paslay                       Abt 1880
Keepke or Kupke, Fritz          Sallie .......                     Abt 1894
Keer or Kerr, William B.        Thersia P. Gillam               22 Jan 1855
Keith, Edward Young             Alice .......                      Abt 1877
Kelley, Abner Hall              Mary E. Davenport               19 Oct 1872
Kelley, Alice Jane              Zachary Taylor Power               Abt 1877
Kelley, Amanda (Evans)          William Jacob Wisener              Abt 1888
Kelley, Amanda Frances          John Buck Cloud                 28 Aug 1856
Kelley, Amanda Franklin         Joseph Ford Lomax               27 Dec 1891
Kelley, Ann Rebecca E.          Samuel H. Williamson               Abt 1894
Kelley, Clement Anderson        Laura Jane Hardie               30 Dec 1880
Kelley, Daniel Webster          Louisa Lynn                     07 Feb 1860
Kelley, David L.                Emma Harris                     22 Sep 1885
Kelley, Elba or L.B.            James E. Griffin                14 Sep 1865
Kelley, Elias Wade              Susan Josephine Kelley          26 Sep 1869
Kelley, Elijah                  Elizabeth (Sherfield) Brinley      Abt 1841
Kelley, Elijah Jr.              Priscilla Dickson                      1847
Kelley, Elijah Sampson          Lydia Gracelder Welch           14 Jan 1895
Kelley, Elijah W.               Elizabeth McDaniel              14 Apr 1843
Kelley, Elizabeth               William White Mansell           04 Aug 1889
Kelley, Emily                   William Finley McLaughlin          Abt 1846
Kelley, George                  Lou Ella Copeland                      1895
Kelley, Giles Augustus          Nancy Elizabeth Hunter East     07 Feb 1869
Kelley, Giles Newton            Ann Mariah Mobley               03 Jun 1860
Kelley, Harriet A.              Robert J. Wesson                   Abt 1883
Kelley, James Ashley            Landon Zenell Wilson            08 Feb 1866
Kelley, James William           Sarah E. Calley                 08 Nov 1888
Kelley, John J.                 Cordelia Alice Kirkham             Abt 1886
Kelley, John S.                 Amanda L. Davis                        1878
Kelley, Julia Franklin          Zemeriah Franklin Thomas        15 Nov 1880
Kelley, Louvisa Ann             William Jackson Sellers                1873
Kelley, Lydia M.                Thomas H. Allison                  Abt 1872
Kelley, Lydia Mary E.           George Washington Barker        21 Mar 1883
Kelley, Lydia Rosa              Fairwick Fraizer Carter         18 Dec 1884
Kelley, Margaret                Willis Hopwood Doss             31 Aug 1853
Kelley, Margeurite              John Clint Craig                22 Feb 1882
Kelley, Margret Farris          Milas Bagwell                      Abt 1839
Kelley, Martha Anne             Elmore B. Wingfield             31 Oct 1889
Kelley, Martha Elizabeth        Lewis Johnson Lamb Jr.          24 Mar 1881
Kelley, Martha Elvira           Andrew Armstrong Stell          25 Jul 1861
Kelley, Martha Mallie           William Robert Dossey              Abt 1889
Kelley, Martin Andrew           Sarah Adaline Mitchell          08 Apr 1884
Kelley, Mary or Polly           John Crow McLaughlin               Abt 1837
Kelley, Mary Elizabeth          Dennis Houston Parsons                 1892
Kelley, Milas Richmond          Sarah Antinette Jane Pierce            1890
Kelley, Nancy                   William G. Dossey                  Abt 1839
Kelley, Nancy                   Andrew Jackson Ward                Abt 1846
Kelley, Nancy Elizabeth         Luther McCoy                        By 1895
Kelley, Nancy Emoline           Joel Saunders Wingfield         16 Dec 1875
Kelley, Nancy N. (Scott)        J.C. McKethan                      Abt 1873
Kelley, Quincey Lewis           Leona Jones                     03 Jul 1890
Kelley, Rebecca C.              John Wagner                        Abt 1874
Kelley, Rebecca Isabella        Nesbit J. Trout                 16 Jan 1873
Kelley, Rena                    Charles W. Elkins                  Abt 1880
Kelley, Robert McMahan          Sarah Adaline Carpenter            Abt 1839
Kelley, Samantha Arminda        T.P. Adams                      31 Jul 1884
Kelley, Samuel                  Nancy (Bullock) Horton          27 Jul 1876
Kelley, Samuel Jesse            Annie Caldone Griffin           06 Oct 1887
Kelley, Sarah Jane              John A. Lamb                       Abt 1880
Kelley, Stephen N.C.            Cordelia Frances Oliver            Abt 1874
Kelley, Susan Elizabeth         J.M. or Joe Mike Nash           29 Nov 1891
Kelley, Susan (Kelley)          Joshua Franklin Wisener            Abt 1878
Kelley, Susan Josephine         Elias Wade Kelley               26 Sep 1869
Kelley, Texella Adaisy          William Jackson Wisener         09 Oct 1892
Kelley, Warren Francis          Cordelia Mobley                 11 Feb 1886
Kelley, Wesley                  Catherine R. .......               Abt 1843
Kelley, Wesley                  Jane D. (Wesson) Patterson         Abt 1857
Kelley, William Jackson         Nancy N. Scott                  24 Jun 1852
Kelley, William Robert          Leticia Jane Wingfield          17 Jan 1879
Kemp, Eliza Jane                James Lacy Chapel               08 Jan 1872
Kemp, Nancy E.                  John H. Raines                  12 Oct 1879
Kendrick, Neacy Rilla           James Mathew Hubbard                   1883
Kennedy, Charles Raleigh        Louisa Jane Stuart or Steuart      Abt 1860
Kennedy, Charles Raleigh        Eudora E. (Wilson) Chandler     19 Dec 1876
Kennedy, Jacob Thomas           Mary Frances Rogers                Abt 1851
Kennedy, Jacob T. Jr.           Nancy Cornelia Hunt                Abt 1881
Kennedy, James Lee              Harriet Henrietta McLaughlin    25 Sep 1867
Kennedy, Mary (Rogers)          William M. Stewart                     1860
Kennedy, Mary Martela           John Rodgers Cooley             03 Apr 1892
Kennedy, Nancy Parthenia        Andrew Mace                        Bef 1895
Kennedy, Parthenia Ann          Isaac McDonald Cooley           19 Dec 1865
Kennedy, Rhoda Angeline         Elias P. Hawkins                16 Jun 1861
Kennedy, Robert                 America Ann Henry               09 Aug 1849
Kennedy, Sarah Anne E.          Matthew Alonzo or Lonzo Cox        Oct 1869
Kennedy, William Paschal        Mary Epheps Scott               27 Jan 1875
Kent, John                      Josie .......                      Abt 1893
Kesterson, C.P. (male)          S.C. Townsend (female)          28 Jan 1877
Kesterson, Fannie               T.J. Townsend                   07 Jun 1885
Kesterson, James P.             C.M. (unknown) Murph            23 Aug 1883
Kesterson, Lucinda              William Ashbrook                12 Jul 1855
Kesterson, Mary M.              John Riley Townsend                    1870
Kesterson, S.W. (male)          L.J. Row (female)               29 Jan 1882
Keys, James Thomas              Mattie Alfred Gentry                   1882
Keys, Margaret                  Woodson Jasper Huddleston          Abt 1872
Keys, Mary E.                   Samuel Jasper Hoover               Abt 1878
Keys, Rebecca                   John A. Mitchell                   Abt 1873
Keys, Sarah A.                  John Wesley Huddleston                 1887
Keys, Sarah Ann                 John D. Hutson                  10 Jan 1878
Kidd, Fanny L.                  Isaac Taylor Fugitt             02 Feb 1872
Kidd, Jesse Stockstill          Catherine Delina Bradley        04 Jan 1883
Kidd, Patsy Cornelia            William Taylor Oliver           08 Jun 1882
Kidd, Thomas O.                 Sarah Jane Westerman               Abt 1850
Kidd, William Benjamin or Bunk  Martha Isabella Oliver          24 Jul 1892
Killian, Ephriam Louis          Martha A. Eastwood              03 Jun 1874
Killian, Ephriam Louis          Mary Angeline Lefevers          01 Dec 1886
Killian, Henry                  Josie Lee Riddle                13 Nov 1887
Killian, John Robert            Celia Ann Henry                 17 Dec 1893
Killian, Lou Elizabeth          Thomas William Henry            19 Nov 1893
Killian, Nancy M.               William E. Cantrell                Abt 1876
Killian, Sarah Adaline          Hiram B. Eastwood               15 Oct 1886
King, Belle                     William Caleb Lingo             02 Dec 1894
Kinzy, Florence                 Daniel Perry                    02 Apr 1893
Kirby, Idella C.                James Patrick Preston                  1865
Kirby, James Walton             Mary Ann Lightsey                  Abt 1861
Kirby, Joseph Lytal             Emeline (unknown) Reeves           Abt 1858
Kirby, Mary Jane                Morgan Cryer Mobley                Abt 1857
Kirk, Allen C.                  Alice (unknown) Foster             Abt 1894
Kirkham, Cordelia Alice         John J. Kelley                     Abt 1886
Kirkham, Elijah M.              Elizabeth or Betsy Ann Trout       Abt 1858
Kirkham, Emily F.P. (Wesson)    William A. Buckner              04 Nov 1884
Kirkham, Grandison D.R.         Mattie Belden or Beldin            Abt 1895
Kirkham, Henry H.               Mary Horton                        Abt 1875
Kirkham, James David            Alice Copeland                     Abt 1881
Kirkham, James David            Theodocia Allison                  Abt 1887
Kirkham, James Edward           Nora Lee Wingfield              08 Aug 1889
Kirkham, James Franklin         Emily F.P. (Wesson) Wingfield   14 Aug 1874
Kirkham, John                   Mary Jane Bottoms               04 Aug 1890
Kirkham, Mary E.                William P. Copeland                Abt 1875
Kirkham, Rebecca A.             Joseph Wingfield                   Abt 1862
Kirkham, Rosalie                Wat Watson                          By 1895
Kirkham, Samuel T.              Eliza Angeline Trout            12 Oct 1865
Kirkham, Sarah A.               John W. Bottoms                 08 Jul 1894
Kirkham, William Hopkins        Julia Ann Mobley                   Abt 1860
Kizer, Benjamin Wuell           Martha or Mattie A. Deaton      21 Aug 1884
Kizzia, Cynthia                 John S. Daniel                     Abt 1839
Kizzia, Elizabeth               David Henderson                    Abt 1849
Kizzia, Jerome or Joe M.        Elizabeth S. Flagherty             Abt 1889
Kizzia, Lorinda                 Alfred M. Taylor                   Abt 1849
Kizzia, Mary or Polly           David Richardson Campbell          Abt 1852
Kizzia, Nancy                   Cyrus M. Henthorn                  Abt 1837
Kizzia, Nathan                  Isabella Clementine Gould       30 Apr 1857
Kizzia, Sarah A.                Henry Harrison Hewitt              Abt 1851
Kizzia, Sarah Isabelle          John Samuel Flaherty               Abt 1894
Kizzia, William Martin          Amanda Elizabeth Burkett           Abt 1878
Kizziar, James                  Sarah (unknown) Burns              Abt 1838
Kizziar, Sarah Emaline          James Franklin Burks            13 Oct 1870
Kizziar, Thomas Jefferson       Sarah Ellen Huett or Huitt             1844
Kizziar, Thomas Jefferson       Amy Brock                          Abt 1857
Kizziar, Thomas Jefferson       Matilda .......                    Abt 1861
Kolb, Elizabeth C.              Andrew J. Cannon                26 May 1881
Kuykendall, James Monroe        Elizabeth Susan Woodall            Abt 1880
Kuykendall, William B.          Delila E. Hill                     Abt 1875
- L -
Additions to these Reconstructed Marriage Records with Sources and         
or the Correction of Names and Dates may be sent by email to PCAHS         
Lacefield, Jacob L.             Amanda A. .......                  Abt 1889
Lafayette, Joseph D.            Jane .......                       Abt 1847
Laird, Patrick                  Lucinda Brewer                     Abt 1850
Lakey or Lokey, Angeline        Charles Wesley Yates               Abt 1849
Lakey or Lokey, Dennis H.       May F. .......                     Abt 1859
Lamb, Archibald                 Florenda Conway                    Abt 1874
Lamb, Archibald                 Mary Abigail Hamilton           10 Dec 1893
Lamb, Cynthia or Sally          John A. Bolding                 02 Aug 1894
Lamb, Eva                       Joel Dickinson Jr.              16 Mar 1890
Lamb, George W.                 Isadora .......                    Abt 1874
Lamb, Hannah or Myra            James Edward Lee                   Abt 1885
Lamb, James                     Rilza Carpenter                    Abt 1892
Lamb, Jane Amelia               Jacob Jasper Wingfield          01 Aug 1867
Lamb, Joe Barden                Martha Ellender Edge               Abt 1889
Lamb, John A.                   Sarah Jane Kelley                  Abt 1880
Lamb, John D.                   Cintha .......                     Abt 1893
Lamb, John Doak                 Martha Horton                   01 May 1870
Lamb, Josephine C.              William Cryer Wingfield            Feb 1882
Lamb, Lewis Johnson             Mary Jane Brown                    Abt 1859
Lamb, Lewis Johnson Jr.         Martha Elizabeth Kelley         24 Mar 1881
Lamb, Mary Savannah             Green Berry Wood                18 Apr 1880
Lamb, Thomas                    Martha A. Story                 31 Dec 1857
Lamb, William Elaxander         Carrie Eldora Dossey            21 Apr 1889
Landrum, Thomas                 Helen Elizabeth Beall                  1866
Langdon, Angeline P.J.          John Wesley Sorrels                Abt 1858
Langdon, Emily                  Andrew Armstrong Stell          30 Dec 1847
Langdon, Robert M.              Emily Wingfield                 13 Apr 1840
Langley, A.B.                   Mary S.E. Gray                  04 Mar 1877
Langley, John                   Cora .......                        By 1895
Langley, M.C.                   George A. Obaugh                20 Nov 1877
Langley, Mary Ann               Charles B. Bush                 08 Aug 1869
Langley, Permelia               William Moses Conatser             Abt 1879
Langley, Robert T.              Etta Calhoun                    27 Dec 1892
Langley, Sarah H.               Thomas B. Gilleylen             17 Nov 1878
Larance, Montie C.T.            M.E. Sutton                     23 Jul 1894
Larson, William                 Mary .......                       Abt 1891
Latimer, Isham Prewitt          Mary A.J. (unknown) Meers       02 Jan 1849
Latimer, Samuel M.              Lizzie A. Locke                 13 Nov 1878
Latimer, William Ross           Nancy Ann McCown                23 Sep 1866
Lavender, John T.               Matilda E. Griffin                 Abt 1865
Lawless, James T.               Becca C. .......                    By 1895
Lawless, John                   Malinda A. .......                 Abt 1881
Lawrence, Belle Z.              William M. Mobley               17 Feb 1878
Lawrence, William               I.A. .......                       Abt 1891
Lawrence, Willie                J.M. Sparks                     07 Dec 1890
Lay, George Washington          Minerva Golden                     Abt 1875
Lay, Harrison P.                Nancy W. Hagood                    Jan 1867
Leaper, Annis                   Perry Furlow                    19 Mar 1895
Lebo or Lebow, Henry T.         Magie .......                       By 1895
Lee, Alice                      Francis Johnson                    Abt 1875
Lee, George S.                  Leila L. Lee                    20 Nov 1887
Lee, Green Berry                Florence Berry                  11 Jul 1867
Lee, J.L. (female)              K.W. Cothren (female)           03 Mar 1887
Lee, James Edward               Hannah or Myra Lamb                Abt 1885
Lee, Leila L.                   George S. Lee                   20 Nov 1887
Lee, Mary                       John W. Gentry                  10 Sep 1885
Lee, Mary E.                    William Rhodes                     Abt 1859
Lee, Rilda                      Wylie Capels                    21 Oct 1893
Lee, Robert E.                  Lucy A. Reed                    18 Dec 1884
Leek, Martha                    Anthony J. Hale                    Abt 1872
Leeth, J.S.                     Nannie Thomas                   15 Dec 1884
Lefevers, Eady (Bullock)        R.D. Smith                      26 Apr 1891
Lefevers, Isaac                 Edah Halcombe                      Abt 1852
Lefevers, Isaac                 Eady Bullock                    29 Jun 1859
Lefevers, Isaac P.              Susan E. .......                   Abt 1872
Lefevers, Mary Angeline         Ephriam Louis Killian           01 Dec 1886
Lefevers, Nancy                 S.P. Adams                      14 Nov 1893
Lefevers, Susan                 William Bell                       Abt 1867
Lefevers, William D.            Nancy A. Holcombe                  Abt 1867
Leslie, Mary W.                 Lewis Fielding Huddleston       04 Dec 1879
Lewis, Calvin L.                Rhoda E. Campbell              02 Febr 1873
Lewis, Charity Adaline          Vincent or Vinson H. Shelton       Abt 1868
Lewis, Martha                   John C. Barnes                         1854
Lewis, William M.               Rachel S. Brooks                   Abt 1893
Lightfoot, Dilly Ann            George Taylor                   16 Oct 1853
Lightfoot, Eliza P.             George McDonald Adams              Abt 1881
Lightfoot, John A.              Susanah or Susanna C. Osborn    25 Oct 1867
Lightsey, Jacob H.              Thercey Mercer                  23 Jan 1868
Lightsey, Mary Ann              James Walton Kirby                 Abt 1861
Ligon, Hattie L.                William B. Florence             23 Aug 1888
Ligon, W.P. (male)              L.F. Parker (female)            12 Dec 1885
Ligon, William S.               Maggie Lillian Florence         03 Nov 1887
Lingo, Elijah                   Sarah .......                      Abt 1870
Lingo, John                     Amanda J. .......                  Abt 1864
Lingo, Milton G.                Sarah J. .......                   Abt 1857
Lingo, Nancy J.                 George Stephenson                  Abt 1876
Lingo, Thomas R.                Levisa Louisa Ray               16 Oct 1871
Lingo, William Caleb            Belle King                      02 Dec 1894
Lingo, William S.               Sarah .......                      Abt 1863
Lingo, William Y.               Margie Anderson Oliver             Abt 1887
Lingo, Zachary Taylor           Sarah Minerva Holcombe             Abt 1870
Lintz, Charles E.               Connie E. Massey                03 Jul 1893
Lintz, Henry                    Eunize .......                      By 1895
Linville, Bryce M.              Frances C. May                  26 Sep 1880
Linville, Delaware D.           Martha Johnson                  17 May 1889
Linzy, William B.               Lizzie .......                     Abt 1894
Lisenby, Adaline                Lewis K. Frier                  18 Nov 1856
Locke, Lizza A.                 Samuel M. Latimer               13 Nov 1878
Lockwood, James P.              Mary Ballard                       Abt 1891
Logan, Darius A.                Elizabeth Carpenter                Abt 1868
Logan, George W.                Mariel Theressa McLaughlin      14 Jul 1858
Logan, M.C.                     Mary Jane Gentry                09 Dec 1858
Logan, Mary L.                  John Lewis Pruitt Eastwood      01 Jan 1874
Lomax, A.A. (male)              Forest A. Nelson (female)       19 Dec 1878
Lomax, Emma A.                  R.A. Dillard                    18 Jan 1878
Lomax, Ida J.                   Thomas L. Gardner               20 Nov 1878
Lomax, Joseph Ford              Amanda Franklin Kelley          27 Dec 1891
Long, Angeline                  John Robertson Doss             05 Oct 1879
Long, James M.                  Fanny or Frances E. Buckley        Jul 1869
Long, James S.                  Nancy E. Hoover                 03 Oct 1884
Long, Joseph H.                 Rebecca A. (Kirkham) Wingfield     Aft 1870
Loudermilk, Nancy               Daniel Enoch McGraw                    1866
Lovelace, Elmore                Dora S. Gentry                         1891
Lowe, Frances Arabella          Lewis Leonard Griffin           01 Oct 1865
Lowe, Sarah D.                  Hiram B. Eastwood               16 Mar 1884
Lowery, Isaac Thomas C.         Elizabeth De Neshia Cross       13 Dec 1877
Lowery, John N.                 Haseltine .......                  Abt 1893
Lowery, Raleigh                 L.E. or Visa Morrow             25 Jan 1880
Lowrence, Adaline E.            Joseph L. Brown                 24 Oct 1867
Lyda, Jacob                     Lucinda Brock                      Abt 1869
Lyda, Jacob                     Malissa .......                    Abt 1873
Lyda, Jacob                     Nancy Whisenhunt                   Abt 1894
Lynn, America                   David Dickens Jones Reese          Abt 1877
Lynn, Edwin                     America Vanetta Bittick            Abt 1860
Lynn, Henry                     S.E. .......                       Abt 1860
Lynn, Louisa                    Daniel Webster Kelley           07 Feb 1860
- M -
Additions to these Reconstructed Marriage Records with Sources and         
or the Correction of Names and Dates may be sent by email to PCAHS         
Mace, Andrew                    Nancy Parthenia Kennedy            Bef 1895
Magby, Joel                     Emily Tull                      22 Dec 1853
Magby, Marley                   Ann Tull                        07 Dec 1854
Mainard or Maynard, Letha       William Jasper Stafford         14 Sep 1869
Majors, Mary Emma               James Rufus Cooley                 Abt 1894
Malone, Lucy Ella (Merrell)     Francis Marion Ferguson         28 Dec 1865
Mansell, William White          Elizabeth Kelley                04 Aug 1889
Mansfield, Alice Ann            Clarence Pennington McGraw      22 Dec 1886
Mansfield, Amanda I.E.          Booker Conatser                 01 Aug 1889
Mansfield, Amanda S.A.          Booker Dyer Brock               05 Jul 1855
Mansfield, James W.D.           Sarah Saprhonia Gould           16 Jan 1867
Mansfield, Susannah O.          Andrew Jackson Watson           18 Oct 1891
Marberry, William G.            Mary Cooper                     23 Feb 1858
Markham, Elbert Carter          Elizabeth (unknown) Stanley        Abt 1869
Markham, Elbert Carter          Martha E.F. (Kuykendall) Moss      Abt 1879
Markham, James                  Sarah Neighbors                 30 May 1869
Markham, John Thompson          Nancy Jane Coffman                 Abt 1868
Markham, Thomas                 Mary Ann .......                   Abt 1875
Markham, W.A.                   Lucinda C. Putman               18 Sep 1892
Markham, William B.             Martha J. (Ralls) Young         17 Oct 1887
Marsh, John                     Nancy Walston                      Abt 1877
Marsh, Tursey Jane              Isham or Isom L. Barentine         Abt 1877
Martin, J.T.                    M.F. .......                       Abt 1891
Martin, Lula                    A.R. Hughes                     03 Sep 1885
Martin, Nannie                  R.N. Craig                      25 Dec 1890
Mason, Luke                     Mary .......                       Abt 1848
Masoncup, Julia                 William Thomas Cogdill             Abt 1893
Masoncup, Susan Alice           James Albert Sandford              Abt 1887
Massey, Connie E.               Charles E. Lintz                03 Jul 1893
Mathews, Burgess A.             Sarah C. Brock                  26 Oct 1861
Mathews, Thomas L.              Fannie E. .......                  Abt 1894
Matlock, Ed or Edward           Ella Pope                       07 Feb 1890
Matlock, Francis Marion         Nancy Jane Chenney                 Abt 1878
Mauldin, Cora L.                Thomas D. Dotson                02 Aug 1891
Mauney, George R.               Sarah Ann White                    Abt 1851
Mauney, George R.               Mary A. Harris                  29 Sep 1859
Mauney, Mary Anna               John D. Meeks                      Oct 1869
Mauney, Millard Morehead        Bettie or Elizabeth L. Owens    21 Jul 1875
Mauney, Roxanna                 Joel Henry Conway                  Jul 1873
Mauney, Virginia A.             William D. Evans                       1886
Maxwell, William                Mary .......                       Abt 1890
May, Emily A. (Sorrels)         Dan W. Hill                        Abt 1892
May, Frances C.                 Bryce M. Linville               26 Sep 1880
May, Jack                       Emily A. Sorrels                   Abt 1880
May, John T.                    Mary Roundtree                     Abt 1884
Mayben, Mary                    John William Roberts            10 Sep 1886
Mayberry, David                 Roanna Gibbins                  12 Apr 1841
Mays, Susan H.                  Thomas Garner                   14 May 1893
McAllister, William M.          Narcissa Elizabeth Parsons      07 Jun 1887
McBay, General Marion           Lucinda Brewer                  13 Dec 1855
McBay, Mary Isabel              Thomas Henry Carter                Abt 1881
McCarty, Cloid                  Mary Lue Yeargan or Yeargin     14 Feb 1889
McCarty, Javan McVey            Roseann or Rose Ann E. McElroy     Abt 1868
McCarty, William J.             Philia Ann .......                 Abt 1866
McCauley, Mary A.               C.W. Sparks                     05 Feb 1882
McClure, Elijah F.              Margaret E. .......                Abt 1869
McClure, Elijah Forester        Eliza Jane .......              09 Sep 1889
McClure, Frances J.             William Rowlett Watson          19 Feb 1874
McClure, Malvina A.             John F. Brawley                    Abt 1854
McClure, Martha A.              Joseph M. Scott                 16 Nov 1864
McClure, Thomas William         Nancy Ann Cranford                 Dec 1886
McClure, Wiley                  Virginia Henderson              31 Dec 1874
McClure, Wiley Newman           Eliza J. Hale                   12 Jul 1866
McClure, Wiley Newman           Mary E. Strawn                     Sep 1881
McComac, Elizabeth              James Fox                       14 Oct 1877
McCormic, John Anderson         Susan E. Woodall                   Abt 1877
McCown, Nancy Ann               William Ross Latimer            23 Sep 1866
McCoy, Luther                   Nancy Elizabeth Kelley              By 1895
McCray or McRay, Leanna         John Hensley                       Abt 1854
McCray or McRay, Massey         Zerilda Hensley                    Abt 1854
McCray or McRay, William        Martha .......                     Abt 1849
McDaniel, Alabama J.            James Daniel Boothe             30 Jun 1892
McDaniel, Eliza A.              Thomas Franklin Dossey             Abt 1869
McDaniel, Elizabeth             Elijah W. Kelley                14 Apr 1843
McDaniel  Jane                  Martin Guest                    18 Jul 1836
McDaniel, Leroy                 Rachel .......                     Abt 1837
McDowell, James Wilford         Luvisa Elvy Griffin                Abt 1857
McDowell, John T.               Mary Eliza Cornish              24 Jul 1890
McElroy, George G.              Caroline Willis                 18 Nov 1880
McElroy, Minerva                Alex or Alexander Bishop        19 Oct 1876
McElroy, Rose Ann E.            Javan McVey McCarty                Abt 1868
McFadden, Emma Alice            Horace Edgar                    01 Dec 1892
McFadden, Tennessee             Thomas J. Clement               30 Dec 1894
McFarland, Martha Ann           Robert Fletcher Roberson           Abt 1855
McFarland, Miram                T.J. Porter                     20 Feb 1895
McFarland, Sarah                William Harrison Womack            Abt 1851
McFee, Eliza                    James M. Hancock                01 Apr 1852
McGraw, Clarence P.             Alice Ann Mansfield             22 Dec 1886
McGraw, Daniel Enoch            Nancy Loudermilk                       1866
McGuire, Isaac                  Susannah Jane Sullivan                 1859
McIntire, Martha                Henry Harrison Hewitt           23 Aug 1867
McKenzie, Nancy Lemon           William Lemuel Huddleston          Abt 1838
McKethan, J.C.                  Nancy N. (Scott) Kelley            Abt 1873
McKinnon, Evander               Eula Ione Horton                02 Dec 1894
McKinnon, Hector T.             Sarah Sutton                    10 Sep 1874
McKinnon, M.C. (female)         R.E. Ellis (male)               03 Jan 1889
McKinnon, William               Susan Cross                        Bef 1870
McLain, Silas M.                Emily D. Thompson               10 Mar 1895
McLaughlin, Alice J.            Matthew T. Cooper               13 Aug 1890
McLaughlin, Amanda Jane         Jackson Wingfield               16 Aug 1876
McLaughlin, Amanda J.A.         John Green Stewart                 Abt 1880
McLaughlin, Elijah B.           Addie N. .......                   Abt 1878
McLaughlin, Elijah Kelley       Sarah F. Cooley                        1869
McLaughlin, Elizabeth A.        James M. Harris                    Abt 1860
McLaughlin, Harriet H.          James Lee Kennedy               25 Sep 1867
McLaughlin, James A.            Nancy C. .......                   Abt 1865
McLaughlin, John A.             Nancy P. .......                   Abt 1879
McLaughlin, John Crow           Mary or Polly Kelley               Abt 1837
McLaughlin, Mallie A.           Charles or Charley Harris          Dec 1886
McLaughlin, Mariel T.           George W. Logan                 14 Jul 1858
McLaughlin, Mary Jane           John Neland                        Aft 1870
McLaughlin, Rebecca A.          James P. Higgins                   Abt 1873
McLaughlin, Sarah Ann           Thomas S. Bassett               08 May 1837
McLaughlin, Thomas B.           Sabina Emeline Suddeth          27 Apr 1870
McLaughlin, Thomas C.           Arminda C. Holcombe             03 Jan 1875
McLaughlin, William F.          Emily Kelley                       Abt 1846
McMahan, Francis M.             Ann Eliza Griffin                  Abt 1848
McMahan, Permelia Candice       John Wesley Patterson           24 Jul 1872
McMenis, James Abner            Trifinia Jane Stone                Abt 1872
McMenis, John Burton            Rebecca D. Fullerton            22 Feb 1877
McMenis, Mary Ann               David Winston Alford            04 Jan 1841
McMenis, Sarah Elizabeth        Columbus Reno Stone             21 Sep 1871
McMenis, Susan Melinda          Joseph David Self                  Abt 1870
McMillan, Angus                 Addie D. White                     Abt 1878
McMillan, Elizabeth Jane        Patrick Henry Baker             07 Oct 1875
McMillan, Sarah                 Levi L. Forester                21 Jul 1870
McMillan, Virginia (Jenny Ann)  George Washington Henthorn         Abt 1878
McRae, Silas                    Leitha White                       Abt 1871
McRae, Thomas R.                Fannie or Frances Dowdy         10 Mar 1895
McRay, William J.               Margaret E. .......                Abt 1893
McVey, Jane                     Jacob Crump                     13 Aug 1857
McWha, Amanda (Buchanan)        James A. Tolleson                  Abt 1869
McWha, James                    Amanda M. Buchanan                 Abt 1853
Means, Joseph O.                Caroline .......                   Abt 1892
Meeks, Allen                    Nancy E. Jones                         1858
Meeks, Amanda V.                J.G. Pate                       21 Feb 1892
Meeks, Amanda Victoria          Augustus Marion Blevins         03 Apr 1892
Meeks, Benetta                  William H. Rogers                   No Date
Meeks, Jesse L.                 Rebecca .......                    Abt 1860
Meeks, Jesse Littleton          Amanda W. Jones                 08 Mar 1863
Meeks, John D.                  Mary Anna Mauney                   Oct 1869
Meeks, Tessora D.               Charles H. Willett                     1889
Meeks, W.M.                     Nettie Richmond                 21 Oct 1894
Meers, Mary A.E.                C.R. Snoddy                        Abt 1860
Meers, Mary A.J.                Isham Prewitt Latimer           02 Jan 1849
Melson, Lucinda                 Chesley Hughes Rogers              Abt 1836
Melson, Mary (Wingfield)        John Jackson Wingfield             Abt 1865
Melton, John                    Rhoda A. (unknown) Parsons      29 Dec 1880
Mercer, Thercey                 Jacob H. Lightsey               23 Jan 1868
Meredith, Charles C.            Mary L. .......                     By 1870
Meredith, Ella C.               William A. Bright               29 Jun 1882
Meredith, Emeline               Henry J. Walston                   Abt 1850
Meredith, Martha Corrie         William B. or Brad Scott        18 Oct 1877
Meredith, Sarah E.F.            A. Douglass                        Abt 1868
Messer, Nancy                   Benjamin Jefferson Roberson        Abt 1834
Michael, Louiza                 Henry H. Corbell                09 Aug 1855
Miller, America A.              Isaac Webb Thornton                Abt 1874
Miller, Andrew J.               Henrietta .......                  Abt 1880
Miller, Charles P.              Luiena N. .......                  Abt 1894
Miller, Dicie Ellen             James W. Moses                     Abt 1892
Miller, James T.                Nancy J. .......                   Abt 1887
Miller, John                    Martha White                           1850
Miller, O.P.                    Sarah Coffman                   29 Dec 1859
Miller, Samuel P.               Rebecca White                          1855
Milton, J.C.                    Sally Swader                    19 Jan 1888
Mitchell, Emma Josephine        John Thomas Welch               16 Jul 1885
Mitchell, John A.               Rebecca Keys                       Abt 1873
Mitchell, John C.               Sarah Jane Whisenhunt              Abt 1893
Mitchell, Mary                  John E. Pannell                 30 May 1875
Mitchell, Riccie                Isaac Duncan                        By 1855
Mitchell, Sarah Adaline         Martin Andrew Kelley            08 Apr 1884
Mitchell, William C.            Mary Elizabeth White               Abt 1894
Mize, Soloman F.                Martha A. .......                  Abt 1892
Mizzles, James E.               Luallice E. (Walden) Pate       10 Jan 1895
Mobley, Amanda                  John Warren Dean                   Abt 1890
Mobley, Amanda Jane             Columbus Landrum Bowen             Abt 1873
Mobley, Ann Mariah              Giles Newton Kelley             03 Jun 1860
Mobley, Cordelia                Warren Francis Kelley           11 Feb 1886
Mobley, Cornelia                John L. Smith                      Aft 1880
Mobley, David Jr.               Martha W. .......                  Abt 1846
Mobley, Elijah                  Martha Fenter                      Abt 1878
Mobley, James Edward            Mary Jane Pittman                  Abt 1880
Mobley, John Buckner            Mary J. (uncertain)                Abt 1885
Mobley, Jonathan                Lucy Ann Brock                  30 Oct 1867
Mobley, Julia Ann               William Hopkins Kirkham            Abt 1860
Mobley, Leanna                  Granville Whitfield Tarpley        Abt 1857
Mobley or Morbly, Martha        Paul Allen                      07 Dec 1894
Mobley, Mary Ann                William H. Herron                  Abt 1875
Mobley, Mary Jane (Kirby)       William Harrison Preston           Abt 1867
Mobley, Milas                   Paralee Wright                  28 Mar 1886
Mobley, Morgan Cryer            Mary Jane Kirby                    Abt 1857
Mobley, Sarah Ann               Samuel Hopson Wingfield         05 Oct 1852
Mobley, William                 Margaret Jane Gilmer            13 Apr 1843
Mobley, William M.              Belle Z. Lawrence               17 Feb 1878
Mobley, William Martin          Nancy E. Brock                  11 Dec 1867
Mohon, Martha A.                John D. Brewer                     Abt 1879
Moody, George A.                Elizabeth Jones                 16 Sep 1879
Moon, Hettie                    Lewis Franklin Setliff          01 Nov 1888
Moon, John                      Virginia .......                   Abt 1891
Moore, David                    Narcissa Chandler                  Abt 1858
Moore, George W.                Margaret A. Brock               17 Feb 1886
Moore, Isaac Newton             Zelphia Pierce                  14 Aug 1884
Moore, Isabella                 William W. Nelson               05 Sep 1878
Moore, Jane E.                  William A. Tweedle              18 Feb 1864
Moore, Julia                    Thomas Rud                      06 Sep 1886
Moore, Lizzie                   James Thompson                  16 Aug 1880
Moore, William                  Rebecca Galbreath               23 Oct 1831
Moorman or Morman, W.M.S.       Alice Gentry                    20 May 1883
Morable, Carrie L.              John H. Ward                    22 Dec 1892
Moran, Ada Palmyria             Henry Elias Babbit                 Abt 1882
Moran, Almina F.                Asberry B. Henthorn                Abt 1881
Moran, Green                    Elizabeth Deacon                19 Nov 1874
Moran, John H.                  Katie B. .......                   Abt 1893
Moran, Lucinda Frances          James Alford Self                      1890
Moran, William J.               Sallie .......                     Abt 1877
Morphew, Daniel S.              Nancy M.J. Sturdivant           12 Oct 1884
Morphew, Ganer Prince           Catherine Cantrell              02 Feb 1865
Morphew, John Riley             Virginia E. Rockmore               Abt 1887
Morphew, Nancy Jane             Lewis C. Horn                   14 Aug 1870
Morphew, Seaborn                L.E. .......                       Abt 1889
Morphew, William Thomas         Priscilla Ann Horn                 Abt 1874
Morris, Laura Josephine         Henry Wesley Oliver                Abt 1880
Morrison, William               Mary M. Griffin                    Abt 1869
Morrison, William M.            Mattie .......                     Abt 1891
Morrow, L.E. or Visa            Raleigh Lowery                  25 Jan 1880
Morrow, Mary A.                 Lewis Jackson Huddleston        17 Mar 1881
Moses, James W.                 Dicie Ellen Miller                 Abt 1892
Moses, Lucinda                  John Webb                          Abt 1886
Moss, John M.                   Mary Jane Ashbrook              24 Dec 1846
Moss, M.E.F.                    Elbert Carter Markham              Abt 1879
Mourthon, Sarah E.              W.H. Pate                       27 Jun 1881
Murph, C.M.                     James P. Kesterson              23 Aug 1883
Murray, Charles Rice            Mary Eliza Bullock              23 Jan 1877
Murray, Eliza Jane              Joel Adolphus Hendrix           24 Jul 1879
Murray, F.D. (male)             M.E. Stallens (female)          27 Dec 1891
Murray, Mary Elizabeth          James Henry Garrison            22 Oct 1872
Musgraves, Mary A.              Jonah B. Corbell                04 Aug 1875
Musgrove, William James         Amanda or Arminda Carroll          Abt 1867
Myers, Elijah                   Nancy Jane Wall                    Abt 1878
Myers, Martin                   Maranda .......                    Abt 1872
Myers, William                  Frances A. .......                 Abt 1868
Myers, William                  Etta Hendricks                  13 Nov 1892
- N -
Additions to these Reconstructed Marriage Records with Sources and         
or the Correction of Names and Dates may be sent by email to PCAHS         
Nale, Alexander                 F.F.M. or Mary Crawford         12 Oct 1873
Nance, Mary Jane                John Speer Jr.                  13 Dec 1849
Nanny, Thomas David             Lucinda L. Cooley               03 Aug 1853
Nash, J.M. or Joe Mike          Susan Elizabeth Kelley          29 Nov 1891
Nash, Joseph T.                 Susan A. Reid                   15 Feb 1877
Nash, Lillian                   Dudley J. Oldham                       1877
Neal, Fannie                    Charles M. Anderson             13 Mar 1895
Neal, Lura                      M.T. Porter                     27 Nov 1890
Neel, James R.                   D.A. Yeager                    07 Jan 1892
Neighbors, Mary Rebecca         James Leander Adams             09 Jun 1867
Neighbors, Sarah                James Markham                   30 May 1869
Neighbors, Susan (unknown)      Cyrus M. Henthorn               06 Jan 1850
Neighbors, Susan C.             William J. Holcombe             24 Dec 1865
Neighbors, William              Susannah Halcomb                24 Oct 1865
Neland, John                    Mary Jane McLaughlin               Aft 1870
Nelson, Ellen                   Henry J. Walston                03 Sep 1865
Nelson, Forest (female)         A.A. Lomax (male)               19 Dec 1878
Nelson, James W.                Amanda or Mandie Parsons        13 Mar 1894
Nelson, John                    Sarah Charlotte Whisenhunt      16 Oct 1864
Nelson, Julia F.                George W. Whisenhunt            21 Nov 1878
Nelson, Martha Jane             Robert Marion Walston               No Date
Nelson, Mary Jane               William David Henry Duggan      20 Dec 1885
Nelson, Robert W.               Rebecca .......                    Abt 1878
Nelson, William W.              Isabella Moore                  05 Sep 1878
Nesbit, Margaret Sarah          Phillip Henry Wink              15 Aug 1865
Nichols, Pink                   Ella .......                        By 1895
Noland, Benjamin                Mary Frances .......               Abt 1872
Noland, James M.                Mary D. Owens                   21 Nov 1852
Nolen, Bettie                   John H. Tate                    25 Dec 1892
Nolen, James M.                 Adella or Adellah Hill          03 Nov 1859
Nolen, Louisa                   John Wilkes Wilson              23 Dec 1865
Nolen, William                  Mary .......                       Abt 1865
Nolls, Nancy Eleanor            Andrew Blackwood                15 Feb 1855
Norman, Eula A.                 Henry B. Yeager                 24 Mar 1894
- O -
Additions to these Reconstructed Marriage Records with Sources and         
or the Correction of Names and Dates may be sent by email to PCAHS         
O'Neal, John T. or Gordon       Nancy Texella Holcomb              Abt 1875
O'Neil, Amanda                  George W. Ray                      Abt 1879
Obaugh, George A.               M.C. Langley                    20 Nov 1877
Oden, John S.                   Dora .......                       Abt 1894
Oden, Joseph M.                 Mattie J. Adams                    Abt 1894
Oldham, Dudley J.               Lillian Nash                           1877
Oldham, Joseph G.               Rebecca Williams                16 Sep 1880
Oliver, Cordelia Frances        Stephen N.C. Kelley                Abt 1874
Oliver, George W.               Eliza Etta Henderson            17 Nov 1889
Oliver, Henry Wesley            Laura Josephine Morris             Abt 1880
Oliver, John W.                 Lucinda J. Coker                   Abt 1854
Oliver, Lydia Charlottia        Joel Embry Buckley                 Abt 1888
Oliver, Margie Anderson         William Y. Lingo                   Abt 1887
Oliver, Martha Isabella         William Benjamin or Bunk Kidd   24 Jul 1892
Oliver, Mary Adelle             James W. Gresham                19 Jul 1885
Oliver, Newton T.               Sarah Glover                       Abt 1863
Oliver, William Asa             Elizabeth Jane Coe              01 Feb 1865
Oliver, William Taylor          Patsy Cornelia Kidd             08 Jun 1882
Orrick, Andrew B.               Rebecca (Brewer) Griffin           Abt 1850
Orrick, Belinda Paralee         William M. Chastain                Abt 1857
Orrick, Bedford W.              Mary E. .......                    Abt 1886
Orrick, Celia Ann               Lovett Abijah Barentine         28 Dec 1870
Orrick, Ephriam M.              Emeline Freeman                 22 Jul 1852
Orrick, Grace Della             William Jefferson Ray              Abt 1890
Orrick, Henry Monroe            Josie F. Williams               23 Dec 1891
Orrick, Henry Monroe            Rachel Ann Simmons              21 Aug 1892
Orrick, James H.                Mary Jane Harkness              12 May 1862
Orrick, Lottie Palestine        Gaylord Oscar Ward              31 Jan 1894
Orrick, Mary Elizabeth          Robert J. Alford                17 Dec 1882
Orrick, Melvina C.              Calvin Monroe Barentine         17 Dec 1882
Orrick, Patrick Henry           Lucinda Rebecca Stokes          24 Sep 1876
Orrick, Rebecca (Brewer)        Alexander Barentine             28 Sep 1879
Orrick, Saint Patrick           Emma Pearl Fox                     Bef 1889
Orrick, Saint Patrick           Zedy or Zenobia Henry           20 Sep 1891
Orrick, Thomas Lorenzo          Polly Ann Yarboro                  Abt 1847
Orrick, Virginia N.             William Isaac Pounds                   1893
Orrick, William Preston         Cordelia Adaline Walston           Abt 1879
Osborn, Arelsa Ann Beda         Michael M. Coker                05 Sep 1877
Osborn, Belinda Caroline        William Erwin Sparks            07 Dec 1854
Osborn, Ellen                   James H. Franks                 09 Mar 1876
Osborn, John W.                 Rhoda C. Brown                  24 Jan 1878
Osborn, Marilza A.              Henry Widener                      Abt 1871
Osborn, Martin V.               Sarah Ann Bankston              06 Mar 1862
Osborn, Sarah Caroline          Russell Jones Sparks            14 Dec 1852
Osborn, Susanah                 John A. Lightfoot               25 Oct 1867
Osment, Martha                  Robert Franklin Smedley            Aft 1890
Owens, Elizabeth                Millard Morehead Mauney         21 Jul 1875
Owens, Gabriel A.               Martha .......                     Abt 1865
Owens, John Slaughter           Rosanna Brewer                  10 Oct 1850
Owens, Margaret E.              William Joseph Alford              Sep 1885
Owens, Mary D.                  James M. Noland                 21 Nov 1852
Owens, Mary J.                  Isaac N. Pate                   12 Feb 1893
Owens, Matilda                  Benjamin F. Eastwood            12 Feb 1893
Owens, Owen Brewer              Katie Perkins                   09 Oct 1888
Owensby, William Thomas         Nancy Ann White                 26 Nov 1871
Owensby, Winnie Casinder Ellon  Abram Franklin H. Chaney        20 Feb 1879
Owings, Melissa Eveline         George W. Friend                11 Aug 1876
- P -
Additions to these Reconstructed Marriage Records with Sources and         
or the Correction of Names and Dates may be sent by email to PCAHS         
Page, John                      Martha .......                     Abt 1877
Palmer, Marietta or Mary        Willis S. Watson                07 Mar 1883
Palmer, Mattie Jane             Jacob Harrison Bankston         06 Mar 1883
Pannell, John E.                Mary (Williams) Mitchell        30 May 1875
Pannell, Pleasant A.            Elizabeth .......                  Abt 1880
Parker, Alexander Wilson        Florinda Adeline Buchanan       17 Mar 1867
Parker, Andrew C.               Nora Ella .......                  Abt 1893
Parker, Belle Zora              George Washington Fagan         29 May 1881
Parker, Clementine              Samuel Babbit                      Abt 1877
Parker, Ellen or Ellindar       Francis Marion Fagan               Feb 1870
Parker, Frances                 Cooper Self                        Abt 1883
Parker, J.H. (male)             L.E. ....... (female)              Abt 1860
Parker, Jamima Ellen            William L. Self                    Abt 1874
Parker, John F.                 Mary Elizabeth Power            19 May 1872
Parker, L.F. (female)           W.P. Ligon (male)               12 Dec 1885
Parker, Mary Elizabeth          Vincent Daniel Self             06 Jan 1867
Parker, Samuel                  Margaret .......                   Abt 1873
Parker, Sarah B.                Nathan B. Yarbrough             15 Aug 1854
Parker, Sevilla                 James Wilson Welch                 Abt 1888
Parker, Thomas                  Rebecca (unknown) Rogers           Abt 1875
Parker, William                 Martha .......                     Abt 1878
Parman, Amy Melissa             Edward Joseph Wesson            02 Sep 1869
Parr, John William              Lucinda (Wesson) Barrong        14 Mar 1878
Parslay, Mary E.                Benjamin Turner Clement         12 Oct 1886
Parsons, Amanda or Mandie       James W. Nelson                 13 Mar 1894
Parsons, Dennis Houston         Mary Elizabeth Kelley                  1892
Parsons, Edmund Alonzo          Lydia Jane Witt                 13 Nov 1887
Parsons, James Thomas           Mary Ann Davis                  15 Dec 1853
Parsons, Joe or Joseph          Jane .......                       Abt 1893
Parsons, Joseph B.              Ella or Ellen Tarpley              Aft 1892
Parsons, Joseph Lemuel          Mary Caledonia W. Tarpley          Abt 1880
Parsons, Louisa Marenda         Goodwin Abraham Wisener         08 Sep 1881
Parsons, Narcissa E.            William M. McAllister           07 Jun 1887
Parsons, Rhoda A.               John Melton                     29 Dec 1880
Parsons, Richard L.             Melinda Elizabeth White         10 Nov 1881
Parsons, Tarissa Ann            John Berry Wall                 12 Sep 1890
Parsons, Thomas J.              Lillie Ann Tarpley              29 Jun 1889
Paslay, David                   Mary Elizabeth Keen                Abt 1880
Paslay, David Levi              Nancy G. .......                   Abt 1874
Pasley, Liza Delana             James Washington Keen           31 Aug 1879
Pasley, Prudiance V.            James Albert Horn               23 Nov 1893
Pate, Alice E.                  J.E. Mizzle or Mizzles          10 Jan 1895
Pate, Eliza Jane                George Washington Hill          17 Jul 1879
Pate, Isaac N.                  Mary J. Owens                   12 Feb 1893
Pate, J.G.                      Amanda V. Meeks                 21 Feb 1892
Pate, John M.                   Cynthia J. .......                 Mar 1870
Pate, John W.                   Sarah E. .......                   Abt 1873
Pate, Lafayette                 Martha Catherine Huey           13 Jan 1876
Pate, Luallice E. (Walden)      James E. Mizzles                10 Jan 1895
Pate, Pernecia                  Granville Dempsey Hil      Abt 1877 or 1880
Pate, Robert                    Louisiana E. .......               Abt 1878
Pate, W.H.                      Sarah E. Mourthon               27 Jun 1881
Patterson, Jane D. (Wesson)     Wesley Kelley                      Abt 1857
Patterson, Jim F.               Mary .......                       Abt 1894
Patterson, John Wesley          Permelia Candice McMahan        24 Jul 1872
Patterson, Robert O.            Alsie Ann E. Henderson       08/09 Mar 1886
Pearson, Sarah C.               Jonas Burkett                      Abt 1859
Pennington, Jim                 Jennie .......                     Abt 1893
Perkins, Katie                  Owen Brewer Owens               08 Oct 1888
Perrin, Robert B.               Josephine Bell                     Abt 1878
Perry, Arnold                   Martha Emma East                    No Date
Perry, Daniel                   Florence Kinzy                  02 Apr 1893
Perry, Martha E. (East)         John William Covington          04 Sep 1887
Pettit, Zachariah               Margaret A. .......                Abt 1868
Petty, Mary Ann Elizabeth       Taylor Polk Jr.                 20 Aug 1858
Phillips, James O.              Rosie H. .......                    By 1895
Phillips, John B.               Cora M. Hewett                  19 Oct 1887
Phillips, Martha                Joseph Crews                       Abt 1876
Pierce, Julia A.                Elisha P. Bagwell                  Abt 1891
Pierce, Nettie Anna S.J.        Milas Richmond Kelley                  1890
Pierce, Zelphia                 Isaac Newton Moore              14 Aug 1884
Pinkerton, John W.              Paralee Bell                    18 Oct 1890
Pinkerton, M.E.                 Benjamin Jefferson Roberson     15 Mar 1888
Pipkin, Ella                    James Franklin Gentry           21 Dec 1887
Pittman, Mary Jane              James Edward Mobley                Abt 1880
Plemens, Thomas                 Bettie .......                     Abt 1890
Polk, Allen J.                  Mary Jane Billings              19 Jan 1882
Polk, Alfred                    Sarah Irene Chandler                   1840
Polk, Anderson                  Eliza Epperson                  21 Dec 1848
Polk, Cumberland                Almeda Blackwood                09 Mar 1851
Polk, Eleanor or Ellen          Daniel McKinley Huddleston      15 Jul 1838
Polk, Frank                     Jane Wright                     20 Nov 1879
Polk, Henry Clay                Mary Ann Dickson                18 Sep 1854
Polk, Henry Dickson             Lavida Ann Gould                   Abt 1876
Polk, Mary Alice                George B. Green                 22 Feb 1881
Polk, Sarah Delana or Delaney   George T. Epperson              14 Sep 1851
Polk, Taylor                    Martha Evaline (James) Cearley  28 Aug 1864
Polk, Taylor                    Jane (unknown) Johnson          26 Oct 1866
Polk, Taylor Jr.                Mary Ann Elizabeth Petty        20 Aug 1858
Polk, W.T.                      Ellen Greggs                    20 Feb 1879
Pollick, B.O.                   Nancy Butler                    24 Mar 1894
Ponder, White                   Meley or Miley .......             Abt 1894
Pope, Ella                      Ed or Edward Matlock            07 Feb 1890
Porter, Elizabeth               W.J. Hill                       30 Jan 1894
Porter, M.T.                    Lura Neal                       27 Nov 1890
Porter, Robert E.               Addie Whisenhunt                29 Jul 1888
Porter, T.J.                    Miram McFarland                 20 Feb 1895
Pounds, William Isaac           Virginia N. Orrick                     1893
Powell, Parmelia                Aaron Brooks                    20 Oct 1873
Power, Charles T.               Julia or Julie E. Roundtree     21 Jun 1894
Power, Mary Elizabeth           John F. Parker                  19 May 1872
Power, Mary O.                  Thomas N. Jacks                 06 Nov 1881
Power, Nancy Eliza              John B. Thompson                16 Dec 1875
Power, Stephen W.               Nancy Leona Thompson            04 Jan 1870
Power, Zachary Taylor           Alice Jane Kelley                  Abt 1877
Prater, Elizabeth               Edmond or Edmund T. Gatlin             1842
Preston, Henry                  Sarah .......                          1848
Preston, James Patrick          Idella C. Kirby                        1865
Preston, William H.             Levisa Brewer                   29 May 1842
Preston, William H.             Mary Jane (Kirby) Mobley           Abt 1867
Price, Andrew M.                Mary Ann (Langley) Bush            Abt 1883
Price, B.L.                     Emma Cain                       04 Mar 1883
Price, Jesse G.                 Lena (Clary) Dowd                  Abt 1887
Price, Lori                     Robert Castle                   17 Mar 1895
Prince, Berry S.                Mary Ann Howerton                      1886
Prince, Eliga Paskel            Mary Lorenda Jane Woodall              1887
Prince, John                    Eliza Phemey Green                 Bef 1886
Prince, Mary A.                 Paschal Marion Woodall             Aft 1886
Prince, Peter Elijah            Mary Jane Williams              23 Dec 1855
Prince, Simon Peter             Ann Virginia Greeson                By 1895
Pritchard, Wesley               Mary Lurena Dillard             10 Dec 1891
Procter, James E.               Fannie Willis                   01 Nov 1891
Props, Elizabeth                Alexander Graves                04 Oct 1848
Putman, Elijah C.               Millie Melinda White               Abt 1860
Putman, Lucinda C.              W.A. Markham                    18 Sep 1892
Pyburn, Elizabeth               Joseph David Alford                Abt 1875
Pyburn, John W.                 Elizabeth Jordan                   Abt 1857
Pyle, Frank P.                  Lorena Sarena E. Conway            Abt 1869
- R -
Additions to these Reconstructed Marriage Records with Sources and         
or the Correction of Names and Dates may be sent by email to PCAHS         
Rabjohn, Benjamin F.            Martha Wilder                   29 Nov 1877
Ragsdale, Jess R.               Sallie .......                     Abt 1894
Raines, Alfred H.               Sarah J. .......                   Abt 1877
Raines, John H.                 Nancy E. Kemp                   12 Oct 1879
Ramage, John B.                 Nancy Chesshir                  28 Jan 1880
Raney, David                    Mahala .......                     Abt 1859
Raney, Rebecca                  Buck Wheat                         Abt 1857
Raney, William                  Sarah Clawson                      Aft 1860
Rattikin, John Wesley           Delilah Ann or Annie Bradley           1890
Rattikin, Lucy                  Thomas Conway Hutson            11 Aug 1887
Ray, George W.                  Amanda O'Neil                      Abt 1879
Ray, John A.                    Lualice .......                    Abt 1889
Ray, Levisa Louisa              Thomas R. Lingo                 16 Oct 1871
Ray, Mannie or Minnie           J.C. James                      30 Jul 1893
Ray, Quincey Albert             Mary Alford                        Abt 1881
Ray, Telitha J.                 J.G. Boyd                       05 Apr 1893
Ray, William                    Emeline Jenkins                 23 Dec 1847
Ray, William Jefferson          Grace Della Orrick                 Abt 1890
Ray, William R.                 Lucinda J. .......                 Abt 1873
Reece, Samuel Wesley            Nancy W. Hale                      Abt 1868
Reed, Asa Bren                  Matilda Candice Carpenter          Abt 1869
Reed, Lucy A.                   Robert E. Lee                   18 Dec 1884
Reed, Martha A.                 ....... Hancock                    Abt 1878
Reed, Mary Ann Malissa          Mason Stennet or Stinnet           Abt 1878
Reed, Seaborn                   Nancy Self                      23 Jan 1845
Reed, Virgil Richard            Isley Milberry Keen                    1889
Reed, William Joel              Sarah Catherine Davis           10 Feb 1869
Reeder, Micajah                 Isafena Davis                      Abt 1835
Reese, Catherine W.             John Melvin Bacon                  Abt 1872
Reese, David Dickens J.         America Lynn                       Abt 1877
Reese, John Wiley               Susan C. Farley                    Abt 1873
Reese, Nancy C.                 John Hood Watson                   Abt 1850
Reese, Rebecca E.               Jesse James Bacon               05 Apr 1868
Reese, Sarah C.                 William T. Allen                   Abt 1867
Reese, Tacy Viola               James Osgood Andrew Bush        10 Feb 1889
Reeves, Andrew J.               Ann .......                        Abt 1877
Reeves, Emeline (unknown)       Joseph Lytal Kirby                 Abt 1858
Reeves, Willis                  Emeline .......                    Abt 1841
Reid, Charles W.                Princess Elizabeth Duvall       01 Jan 1878
Reid, G.H. (male)               M.F. ....... (female)              Abt 1894
Reid, George W.                 Josephine Wingfield                Abt 1867
Reid, George W.                 Sarah Elizabeth Doss                   1889
Reid, George Washington         Nancy Lourinda Bell             18 Jan 1883
Reid, Giles Levi                Mary Ellen Yeargen              24 Dec 1884
Reid, John William              Mary Caroline Eastwood             Abt 1872
Reid, Martha Ann                Thomas A. Hill                     Abt 1878
Reid, Mary Jane                 Balaam Bullock                     Abt 1857
Reid, Phebe Caroline            Moses (Mose) White                 Abt 1879
Reid, Robert                    Alice J. .......                   Abt 1888
Reid, Sarah Jane                Moses Kilbern Brock             25 Oct 1865
Reid, Sarah Marilda             Isaac White                        Abt 1875
Reid, Sidney A. (Huddleston)    Henry William Carter            23 May 1869
Reid, Susan A.                  Joseph T. Nash                  15 Feb 1877
Reid, W.D.                      Sidney A. Huddleston               Abt 1854
Reid, William                   Martha Calhoun                  02 Jan 1884
Reno, John C.                   Minnie Florence Wood            31 Mar 1888
Rhodes, Harriet                 David Huddleston                   Abt 1860
Rhodes, Henry                   Georgiana .......                  Abt 1893
Rhodes, J.W.                    Annie Fuller                    28 Jan 1881
Rhodes, Martha E.               Henry C. Daniel                 10 Feb 1876
Rhodes, Mattie F.               William Carroll Huddleston      06 Nov 1879
Rhodes, Samuel                  M.J. .......                       Abt 1858
Rhodes, William                 Mary E. Lee                        Abt 1859
Rhodes, William                 Mary E. (Huddleston) Ross       13 May 1874
Rice, Mary Susan                James Ashley Dickson               Abt 1850
Richardson, Mary Frances        John Chesshir                   15 Mar 1874
Richardson, N.P.                Mattie Watson                   12 Feb 1891
Richmond, Fannie                William F. Beene                       1885
Richmond, Nettie                W.M. Meeks                      21 Oct 1894
Riddle, Josie Lee               Henry Killian                   13 Nov 1887
Riddle, Samuel Bosman           Martha Ann (Reid) Hill                 1883
Riddle, Samuel Bosman           Tinsley E. Ayler or Aylor       24 Nov 1889
Ridge, Sarah Mynerva            Austin Strawn                      Abt 1872
Ridge, William G.               Mary .......                       Abt 1872
Riley, John J.                  Leana or Lena Robertson         22 Jan 1891
Riley, Marion Wesley            Amanda Roxie Huddleston            Abt 1881
Riley, Rosie                    I.D. Cupit                      10 Sep 1893
Riley, Siney                    Isaac Golden                    24 Jul 1887
Risener, Sallie                 James Jones                     28 Jan 1894
Risner, Arilly or Lillie        George Marion Welch                Abt 1892
Roberson, Benjamin Jefferson    Nancy Messer                       Abt 1834
Roberson, Benjamin J.           M.E. (unknown) Pinkerton        15 Mar 1888
Roberson, Elizabeth             John Wesley Carroll                Aft 1860
Roberson, Frances Ann           Charles William Jones              Abt 1866
Roberson, James Henry           Adatha C. Hutchinson            20 Sep 1866
Roberson, Louisa Jane           David Samuel Floyd                 Abt 1859
Roberson, Martha                William V. Simpson              07 Sep 1858
Roberson, Robert F.             Martha Ann McFarland               Abt 1855
Roberson, Robert F.             Rebecca E. Hancock                 Abt 1859
Roberson, Robert F.             Sarah J. Scott                     Aft 1860
Roberson, Robert F.             Elizabeth (Blevins) Stamps      07 Oct 1869
Roberson, William Ackers        Frances Angeline Womack         23 Dec 1874
Roberts, John William           Mary Mayben                     10 Sep 1886
Roberts, Sarah Alice            John E. Brock                      Abt 1881
Robertson, James                Susan Sevier                       Abt 1877
Robertson, John R.              Martha .......                     Abt 1877
Robertson, Leana or Lena        John J. Riley                   22 Jan 1891
Rockett, Molly                  James Thomas Harris             14 May 1882
Rockmore, Virginia E.           John Riley Morphew                 Abt 1887
Rodden, John Alexander          Mary A. Cross                      Abt 1871
Rodden, Joseph L.               Mary A.E. .......                  Abt 1875
Rodgers, Jane Leanna            Samuel Tinsley                         1872
Rodgers, Lewis or Louis         Martha Saphronia Cheatham          Abt 1886
Rodgers, Mary F.                Bailey Whisenhunt                  Abt 1866
Rodgers, Nancy Elizabeth        Jasper Newton White                Feb 1867
Rodgers, Willis M.              Margaret A.S. Stevens                  1887
Rogers, Chesley Hughes          Lucinda Melson                     Abt 1838
Rogers, Harmon Ephriam          Lucinda Cooley                  14 Sep 1848
Rogers, James                   Elvira .......                     Abt 1849
Rogers, Julia B.                Thomas H. Harris                    By 1870
Rogers, Linnie E.D.             Isaac Cooley                           1848
Rogers, Mary Frances            Jacob Thomas Kennedy               Abt 1851
Rogers, Nancy R.                Benjamin A. Royse               25 Jul 1869
Rogers, Noah Blevins            Margaret Ann Doss               22 Jul 1886
Rogers, Rebecca                 Thomas Parker                      Abt 1875
Rogers, Sarah Jane              William James Scott             12 Aug 1847
Rogers, Sarah                   Moses W. Chesshir                  Abt 1859
Rogers, Thomas                  Barbara .......                    Abt 1893
Rogers, William H.              Benetta Meeks                       No Date
Roling, George                  Sarah E. .......                   Abt 1887
Roper, Robert C.                Narcissa E. .......                Abt 1877
Rose, Nancy Ann                 Pleasant White                  28 Feb 1847
Rose, Samuel                    Nancy Winn                         Abt 1850
Ross, Celia A.                  Charles W. Chadwick             28 Aug 1879
Ross, George F.                 Sarah Ann Jacobs                11 Nov 1860
Ross, Isaac White               Mary E. (Bryant) Huddleston        Abt 1877
Ross, Mary Deline               Richard Cile Cox                   Abt 1867
Ross, Mary E. (Huddleston)      William Rhodes                  13 May 1874
Roundtree, Ellen Sarah          Jonathan Samuel Harris             Abt 1887
Roundtree, Julia or Julie       Charles T. Power                21 Jun 1894
Roundtree, Mary                 John T. May                        Abt 1884
Row, L.J. (female)              S.W. Kesterson (male)           29 Jan 1882
Royse, Benjamin A.              Nancy R. Rogers                 25 Jul 1869
Rud, Thomas                     Julia Moore                     06 Sep 1886
Rush, Arbella                   David L. Holcombe               06 Oct 1881
Russell, Jamie Elizabeth        James D. Huddleston                Abt 1877
Rutherford, Richard H.L.        Mary Eugenia Stell              07 Apr 1875
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