Vivan Beck and Rebecca McMahan

Marriage Record

Know all men by these presents: that Vivan Beck as principal and John        
Harmanson as security are held and firmly bound unto Henry Johnson, Governor 
of the State of Louisiana and his successors in office, for the time being   
in the sum of Two hundred dollars, to the payment whereof we bind ourselves, 
our heirs &c., firmly by these presents dated this 4th of July in the year   
1825; the condition of the above obligation is such that: whereas a Marriage 
is about to take place between the said Vivan Beck and Rebecca McMahan. Now  
if there exists no legal impediment to the said intended Marriage, the this  
bond to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.                    
                                Vivan Beck                                   
                             John H. Harmanson                               
State of Louisiana,                                                          
Parish of Ouachita,                                                          
Be it Remembered, that I, Oliver J. Morgan, Parish Judge in and for the      
Parish aforesaid, have this day solemnized a Marriage between Mr. Vivan Beck 
and Rebecca McMahan both of said Parish, according to the solemnities        
required by Law.                                                             
                                Vivan Beck                                   
                              Rebecca McMahan                                
                             John H. Harmanson                               
                               B.H. Johnson                                  
                               G.W. __eller                                  
                             Oliver J. Morgan                                
                               Parish Judge                                  
Ouachita Parish, Louisiana Deed Book F, page 434.                            
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