Isaac Ward and Polly McMahan

Marriage Record

Be it known, that I, Oliver J. Morgan, Parish Judge in and for the Parish of 
Ouachita, Do by these presents dispence with the publication of the marriage 
now about to take place between Isaac Ward & Polly McMahan, minors,          
residents of this Parish, by privilege of the Statutes in such cased         
presented. Given under my hand this 13th day of November.                    
                             Oliver J. Morgan                                
                                 P. Judge                                    
State of Louisiana,                                                          
Parish of Ouachita,                                                          
By virtue of the foregoing proceedings before me, Oliver J. Morgan, the      
Judge aforesaid, duly authorized by law to Celebrate marriages, personally   
came Isaac Ward and Polly McMahan, minors, residents of the parish           
aforesaid: Whereupon, Be it Known that I have Celebrated the Rites of        
Matrimony Between Isaac Ward and Polly McMahan according to the Solemnities  
required by law in the presence of James McMahan, Jane McMahan, Elizabeth    
Steward & George Steward, the friends of the said Polly McMahan, and David   
Powell, Abr. Dehart, John Morrison, the friends and witnesses of the said    
Isaac Ward, who have attained the age of Majority.                           
In Testimony Whereof, the parties, friends, and witnesses in my presence     
have signed the present & I, the said parish Judge, hereto subscribed my     
name and affixed my seal of office this 13th day of November 1813.           
                                Isaac Ward                                   
                        Polly (her x mark) McMahan                           
                        James (his x mark) McMahan                           
                         Jane (her x mark) McMahan                           
                      Elizabeth (her x mark) Steward                         
                        George (his x mark) Steward                          
                               David Powell                                  
                                Abr. Dehart                                  
                               John Morrison                                 
Ouachita Parish, Louisiana Deed Book C, page 15.                             
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