Clerk's Office Burned

13 February 1855

                          Wednesday, Feb. 21, 1855                           
                            Clerk's Office Burned                            
The Clerk's office at Murfreesboro, Pike county, was destroyed by fire on    
the night of Tuesday, the 13th inst. All records of the county, together     
with the law library of A.B. Williams, Esq., which had, but a few days       
previous, been moved into it, were destroyed. The fire is supposed to have   
been the work of an incendiary, as there was no fire in the offices on the   
evening previous the destruction.                                            
The loss of the records is irreparable, and should admonish us of the        
absolute necessity of having a fire-proof building for the protection of the 
archives of this county. It has been but a short time since the clerk's      
office, and all the records of Prairie county, were destroyed in the same    
manner. Indeed, fire-proof buildings for the protection of the records are   
essential in every county, and we would respectfully urge the importance of  
the erection of a building of this character in this (Hempstead) county, to  
the earnest consideration of our County Court. The sooner it is done the     
Washington Telegraph, Volume XV, Washington, Arkansas, February 21, 1855,    
No. 8, page 2, column 1.                                                     
David Kelley 1997