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                            Pike Co. Ancestors

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                         Subject: Message Posting

     Please feel free to share your research with others. As more of
     you post messages here, others will follow your lead, building a
     better resource for all of us!
                               Joseph O'Neal

         Posted by Stacey Poe (spoe@up-link.net) Tue, 17 Aug 1999

                    Surname: O'Neal, Nelson, Brown, Todd

     Researching Joseph O'Neal (b.1840 GA) who came from Greenville,
     Meriweather Co., Georgia to Pike Co., Arkansas before 1880. Wife
     was Nancy Elizabeth Brown.

     Also researching Enoch R. Nelson (b.1827) and William A. Todd
     (b.1817) families, both from Georgia.

     Please contact me for additional info. on above families.

         Posted by Jim Lee (thelees@3-cities.com) Tue, 14 Sep 1999

                              Surname: Purtell

     I would like to find out any information on Samuel J. Purtell's
     family. Thanks, Jim Lee

     Descendants of Samuel J. Purtell

     1 Samuel J. Purtell 1847 - 1935 b: September 13, 1847 d: March 
       18, 1935 in Murfreesboro, Arkansas
       + Nancy Eleanor (Nanie) Price 1849 - 1908 b: February 22, 
         1849 in Louisiana d: July 24, 1908 in Murfreesboro, 
         Arkansas m: Aft. 1875

     2 Peter Oliver Purtell 1883 - 1969 b: September 15, 1883 in 
       Farmerville, Louisiana d: May 23, 1969 in Dallas, Texas
       + Verna May Geiser 1888 - 1965 b: August 22, 1888 d: February 
         18, 1965 m: October 16, 1910 in Delight, Pike County, 

     3 Jefferson Dwight Purtell 1912 - 1985 b: September 18, 1912 
       in Delight, Arkansas d: March 14, 1985 in Duncanville, Texas
       + Verda Lucille Russell 1917 - b: November 28, 1917
                            Lackey William SELF

       Posted by Morris Myers  Wed, 13 Oct 1999

                               Surname: SELF

     I am looking for information on Lackey William SELF and
     descendants. He arrived in Pike County AR before 1930. There is a
     lot of information about the family in Pike County online records
     but there is not much about the immediate family of Lackey. I am
     seeking the name of his spouse and information on the children. I
     have organized most of the Pike County information on SELF and am
     willing to share.

        * Lackey William Self : David Kelley -- Sun, 17 Oct 1999
                            George Newton Myers

       Posted by Morris Myers  Wed, 13 Oct 1999

                           Surname: MYERS MCMENIS

     Looking for information on George Newton Myers (parents,
     siblings) and Catherine Isabel McMenis, his wife. I have more
     information on Catherine than I do George. George was born
     6/19/1878 in Pike County (I think). He died in 1968 in Hot
     Springs. I am also interested in information on their children.

     Posted by Cindy Scott (shadowtwoNOSPAM@mindspring.com) Wed, 13 Oct 
     1999, in response to Purtell, posted by Jim Lee, Tue, 14 Sep 1999

                             Surname: Purtell

     Sam & Nancy + children Peter & Ella on 1900 census. Samuel buried
     in Murfreesboro Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Pike County, AR. The 1986
     Pike County Cemetery book shows Nancy buried at Murfreesboro in
     an unmarked grave. We did not find a marker for her when reading
     cemeteries for the new cemetery book due out later this year.
     Lots of Price's buried here. I'll look if you can supply any
     other names.

     Don't know if there is a relationship, but there is a Pauline
     Purtell, b 1 Nov 1891, d 18 Aug 1980, buried at Ebenezer
     Cemetery. She was married to Henry Lawrence Orrick 12 Sep 1912 in
     Pike Co. (Pike County Marriage Book D, page 285). She married
     Frank Warren after Henry died. Her parents were George & J.
     (Butler) Purtell.

     Didn't find anything else in my files, other than name possibly
     spelled Purtle as well as Purtell. Check http:\\www.themyers.org
     for possibility of other info. There are links there to censuses,
     land purchase info which shows land bought by George L. Purtell,
     possibly other things ...

     Remove NOSPAM from address to reply.

                         An Arkansas Connection...
                      Lillian Alford Sorrells Gregory

       Posted by Morris Myers Sat, 16 Oct 1999

                      Surname: ALFORD SORRELLS GREGORY

     I am looking for information about Lillian Sorrells Gregory, her
     parents, her husbands, Warren E. Sorrells and _____ Gregory, and
     her children.

        * Gregory research : Lee Ann Turner -- Mon, 01 Nov 1999
          Surname: GREGORY, JOHNSON
                            Lackey William Self

     Posted by David Kelley (a0009792@airmail.net) Sun, 17 Oct 1999, in 
       response to Lackey William SELF, posted by Morris Myers on Wed, 
                                13 Oct 1999

                               Surname: Self

                            William Lackey Self

     Previous to his settlement within the three forks of the
     Little Missouri river of Pike County, Arkansas at
     Murfressboro, William Lackey (Lackey William) Self lived
     in Missouri. As early as 1806 he was in the Bellevue valley
     at Bellevue, Missouri in then St. Genevieve District of Upper
     Louisiana thereafter Washington County, Missouri. He signs
     a petition, Section 26, to Congress concerned about the
     appointment of a successor to General Wilkinson as the new
     Territorial Governor of Louisiana. The proposed successor
     according to the citizens and expressed in their petition
     would not be one (as they believed) for their best interest.
     Other signers of the same section of this petition living
     at Bellevue and later in Clark and Hempstead County,
     Arkansas personally or having family relations living there
     were: George Ashbrook, Elijah Baker, Elisha Baker, Benjamin
     Crow, Walter Crow, Solomon Huitt, Robert Reed, Thomas Reed,
     William Reed senior, William Reed junior, Salmon Ruggles
     and Lewis Self.

     William Lackey Self arrived in Arkansas prior 1830. The
     exact place he selected for his improvement is not known
     but the 1830 census indicates in his vicinity were Sion
     Bradley Dickson, Gabriel Brown, Joseph Wheat, Rice Stringer
     and the Hughes: James, John, Nathaniel and William. All of
     these men (based on land entry records) lived at or near
     Murfreesboro and in what became Thompson Township, Pike
     County in 1834. William Lackey Self later lived (1840
     census) in Missouri Township. The Self family in Pike

     David Self married Catherine Brown on March 24, 1833 in
     Clark, now Pike County, Arkansas. Lewis Self married, wife
     unidentified, about 1838 in Pike County, Arkansas. Fergus
     (Forgus) Self born about 1818 in Missouri married Mariah
     Jenkins daughter of Thomas Jenkins and Elizabeth O'Neal
     about 1840 in Pike County, Arkansas. Their children: Vincent
     Self, Thomas Self, Elizabeth Self, Joseph D. Self, William
     L. Self, Sarah A.M. Self, David A. Self, Cooper Self, and
     Robert A. Self. William Daniel Self born about 1823 in
     Clark, now Pike County, Arkansas married first Rebecca Cocke
     on May 12, 1842 in Clark County, Arkansas. They had a son
     Baldwin Self born in 1844. He married second Arcadia Jane
     Edwards daughter of Lewis Edwards on April 23, 1848 in Clark
     County, Arkansas. They had a son William A. Self born in
     1849. Nancy Self born March 1, 1828 in Clark, now Pike,
     County, Arkansas married Seaborn Reed on January 23, 1845
     in Clark County, Arkansas died on October 21, 1900 at
     Carbon, Texas buried in the Carbon Restland Cemetery. Their
     children: William Joel Reed and Asa Bren Reed. Seaborn Reed
     died during the Civil War at Little Rock, Arkansas on
     January 8, 1864.

     William Lackey (Lackey William) Self died in Pike County,
     Arkansas, Missouri Township about 1842.
                            Wood, Jefferson T.

     Posted by Cindy Scott (shadowtwo@mindspring.com) Mon, 18 Oct 1999
                          Surname: WOOD, CARPENTER

     Looking for parents/siblings/birthplace &c. of Jefferson T. WOOD
     [poss Jr.] b c1810-12 in TN or KY, d c1865 Pike Co AR; m Susannah
     CARPENTER bef 4/1/1833 prob AL/AR [Susannah b c1812, d c1875, dau
     of John]; their children were: John Henry b 5/20/1834 AL, Eliza
     Jane b c1836 AL, Leroy M. b c1840 TX, James C. b 1842 Pike Co AR,
     Jefferson T. Jr. b 11/10/1844 Pike Co AR, Robert K.(or H.) b 1849
     Pike Co AR, Green Berry b 6/17/1851 Pike Co AR, William D. b
     2/25/1853 Pike Co AR, Elias Jackson b 7/8/1856 Pike Co AR. The
     information I have on Jefferson T. WOOD and his descendants can
     be found in the Pike County Database, located at "An Arkansas
     Connection ..."

                         An Arkansas Connection...

        Posted by William Kell (wmkell@wcnet.net) Thu, 21 Oct 1999

                              Surname: Blocker

     I am searching for any information concerning my gg grandfather,
     John Blocker, Jr., who left Pike Co. AR in the late 1840s for
     Texas. He was born in KY, m. Michael Reynolds in MO and was
     briefly in Poinsett Co. AR.

         Posted by Rhonda (texasfamily@yahoo.com) Thu, 28 Oct 1999

                          Surname: BIGGS, TWEEDLE

     My William Biggs was married to Peggy. He was born about 1817 in
     IL. Peggy is from VA (or so the 1850 Pike Co,.ARK census says).

     Their oldest son is Nathaniel A. BIGGS. He was born about 1830
     and married Eliza TWEEDLE. They lived in Pike County all their
     married life. After Nathan died, Eliza moved on to Indian
     Territory (OKLA). I'd love to chat with anyone who knows of this
     family even if you are not related. thanks for reading.
                                Pike Church

        Posted by M.keene (athomeatkiowa@ntin.net) Sat, 30 Oct 1999

                 Subject: Methodist Episcopal Church South

     Methodist Episcopal Church South of Pike County. Any infomation
     would be appreciated. Location, Is there a branch from this
     Church that is still active. Was there a cemetary located with
     the church. Do any early records exist. Thanks, M.K.

        * Pike Church : Cindy Scott -- Sat, 30 Oct 1999
                                Pike Church

      Posted by Cindy Scott (shadowtwo@mindspring.com) Sat, 30 Oct 1999, 
      in response to Pike Church, posted by M.keene on Sat, 30 Oct 1999

                 Subject: Methodist Episcopal Church South

     Go to URL shown and use CTRL-F to search for Methodist Episcopal.
     There are several churches listed there that are Methodist
     Episcopal South. If you figure out which one you are looking for,
     let me know. As far as still being active, you could check
     internet yellow pages search engines for churches in Pike County.

                      GEMS of Pike County Vol III No 1
                             Gregory research

      Posted by Lee Ann Turner (leeturner6@windstream.net) Mon, 01 Nov 1999, 
      in response to Lillian Alford Sorrells Gregory, posted by Morris 
                         Myers on Sat, 16 Oct 1999

                         Surname: GREGORY, JOHNSON

     Levina Houston Gregory (aka Houstie Johnson) was born in TX and
     lived there before coming to Arkansas about 1895. She married
     John Edward Johnson in TX Sept. 25, 1885 and their first three
     children were born in TX, the last four in Pike County, AR.
     According to her death certificate, her mother was May Gregory,
     father (unknown). Is this May Gregory the same May Gidden that
     married J. R. Gregory in Red River Co. TX on Dec. 17, 1872? Is
     she related to Morris's Gregory?
                           Charles Basket Family

      Posted by Gary Cooper (garlin@foxinternet.net) Thu, 04 Nov 1999

             Surname: BASKET, BASKETT, TAYLOR, MURRAY, MURRY, 
                            GARRISON, GARRISSON

     I have been trying to research Pike Co. AR for several years.
     Many years ago I received some unsourced and undocumented
     information about a Charles BASKET, b. 1780 unknown location. He
     was married to Mary Ann "Polly" TAYLOR b. 1794 unknown location.
     Allegedly, they had 7 sons, all names unknown, and one daughter.
     The daughter, Malinda Jane, or Mitilda BASKET, b. 29 Feb 1824
     possibly in Corinth, AR area.

     The unconfirmed part of this story is, in 1828, about 5 years
     before Pike County was formed, Charles BASKET was the Sheriff of
     Corinth, AR. He had several prisoners in jail, and there was a
     breakout of the jail. Six of BASKET'S seven sons were allegedly
     killed in the breakout. The killers allegedly fled to Texas. The
     Sheriff was allegedly killed in the breakout.

     The seventh son allegedly went into Texas looking for the killers
     and was never heard from again.

     The daughter, Malinda Jane or Matilda BASKET survived and married
     Isaac MURRY b. 1822. They were married in 1844. On 25 Mar 1845,
     the first of 8 children were born at Corinth. Their children's
     names were: Mary Elizabeth b. 25 Mar 1845; John Christopher b. 1
     Oct 1847; Susan D. b. 3 Apr 1850; Florrie A. b. 1852; Charles
     Rice b. 11 Jun 1854; Eliza Jane b. 11 Aug 1859; Franklin Dedrick
     b. 1860. There was also a boy named Nettie, b. unknown year. It
     is not known if all the children were born in Corinth.

     Their daughter, Mary Elizabeth married James Henry GARRISSON or
     GARRISON, in Corinth on 22 Oct 1872. Records show James Henry
     Garrison, was in the Civil War and served with his father-in-law,
     Isaac Murry.

     The record shows Pvt. James Garrison (spelling James Garrisson)
     was present for the Company Muster Roll of Company B, 1 Regiment
     Arkansas Cavalry. This is listed as Gordon's Regiment Cavalry
     (Confederate). He enlisted on April 3, 1863.

     He was captured and held prisoner in Maryland.

     In 1911, James Henry Garrison was being interviewed for the
     Arkansas Census of Confederate Veterans, and was quoted as
     saying, "He was married on October 22, 1872 at Corinth, Arkansas
     to MARY ELIZABETH MURRAY, daughter of Isaac and Malinda Murray of
     Corinth, Arkansas".

     On 16 Aug 1873, they had a son, Charles Baxter GARRISON. They had
     four more children, John T., Dave M., Isaac "Ike" and Rice B.
     (possibly Price B.). They moved to Howard County, near the town
     of Athens between 1873 and 1895.

     Parts of this story occurred prior to the formation of Pike
     County. Attempts to verify the parts about the Sheriff and the
     town of Corinth have been unsuccessful. Any assistance

                       "Tracing Our Roots" Home Page

        * Corinth and Baskets, etc. : Morris Myers -- Sun, 02 Jan 2000

          Surname: MURRAY, GARRISON

       Posted by Sheila (slcg@gte.net) on Sat, 06 Nov 1999, in response
               to BIGGS, posted by Rhonda on Thu, 28 Oct 1999

                               Surname: BIGGS

     Hello, my name is Sheila and I'm also researching Biggs families.
     Mine were in Logan Co., Arkansas, Brunswick, Va., Fort Wayne,
     Indiana, Gentry Co., Missouri, Otoe, Nebraska. Mine start with 
     Joseph Willis Biggs and Mary Williams. They had a son named James 
     Biggs ... (he) and Mary Gwin ... had a son named Preston Biggs who 
     lived in Arkansas. Lets chat maybe we can find a connection. Sheila
                              LOUIS RAY OWENS

        Posted by Jan Morrison (jmoor@swbell.net) Wed, 10 Nov 1999

                          Surname: SUDDUTH, PULLEN

     Mr. Owens: I'd like to discuss the Sudduth and Pullen families
     with you - would you please let me know how to get in touch with
     you? Thanks.

       Posted by EDITH DAY (edithday1999@yahoo.com) Thu, 11 Nov 1999

                              Surname: STORMES

     I'm lookinf for info on GREGORY STORMES born 1850 in Iowa.
     In 1910 and 1920 he was in Pike co with a wife and daughter.
     He would have been about 70 then. Any help will be much
     appreciated. edithday1999@yahoo.com
                              McMillan Family

      Posted by Russell Baker (gobgob3@mindspring.com) Fri, 12 Nov 1999

               Surname: McMillan, Adair, White, Hughes, Baker

     I am working on early settlers at old Rock Creek (Glenwood),
     especially the McMillan Family and interrelated familes: Adiar,
     White, Hughes, Baker, etc.
                             GRIFFIN families

      Posted by John H. Griffin (jhg60@hotmail.com) Sun, 14 Nov 1999


     Looking for information on Rufus M. Griffin family and how they
     relate to Wade Griffin family (1860 Census, Pike Co. AR). Rufus
     later moved to Texas where his son William Thomas Griffin married
     Emma Jane Griffin (D: of L.F. Griffin-A. Haygood). John H. Griffin, 
     1108 S. Stanley, Stillwater, OK 74074. jhg60@hotmail.com

        * How do you connect to ORRICK, BREWER, SORRELS? : Morris
          Myers -- Sun, 14 Nov 1999
              How do you connect to ORRICK, BREWER, SORRELS?

     Posted by Morris Myers  Sun, 14 Nov 1999, in 
      response to GRIFFIN families, posted by John H. Griffin on Sun, 
                                14 Nov 1999

                  Surname: ORRICK, BREWER, SORRELS, ALFORD

     John I notice you list ORRICK, BREWER and SORRELS as related
     surnames. Which ORRICK, BREWER and SORRELS are you connect with?
     Several of my relatives married ORRICK'S. I have another family
     that is connected to Warren SORRELS, I don't know if they are
     related to me yet tho'. I am also interested in the BREWER'S
     because of Rebecca, who married A.B. ORRICK and his sister Nancy
     ORRICK married into my ALFORD line.
                           Money Anna from N.C.

       Posted by M.Keene (athomeatkiowa@ntin.net) Thu, 16 Dec 1999

                       Surname: Meeks, Money, Mauney

     Looking for info on Anna or Mary Anna Money, or Mauney. Listed as
     a Native of Arkansas and also from N.C. Married a John D. Meeks in 
     Oct of 1869 in Pike County, Ark. Would love to find Parents of Anna, 
     they could have lived in Clark County, Ark.

        * M.A. Meeks : Morris Myers -- Sun, 02 Jan 2000
          Surname: MEEKS, MAUNEY, MOONEY
                     POLK Family--Muddy Fork Township

      Posted by Pamela Johnson (pjohnson@frozen.com) Fri, 24 Dec 1999

                          Surname: POLK, BILLINGS

     My great grandmother was Lucinda Tennessee POLK (b: Sep 1867, AR)
     and lived in Muddy Fork Township, Howard (previously Pike)
     county, AR. Her father was Jefferson A. (or A. Jefferson) POLK;
     we do not know her mother (she died between 1876-1880).

     Lucinda POLK married ?David? BILLINGS c. 1888/89 and had three
     children (Oscar, Homer, Eunice) then married Isaac JOHNSON (my
     great grandfather) in TX in 1898.

     The 1880 Howard Co census, Muddy Fork Township lists the following:

     Jefferson POLK (45) -- widower, born in TN, father born in NC,
     mother born in TN

     --Charles J. (17) born in AR
     --Mary B. (15) born in AR
     --Lucinda T. (13) born in AR
     --Ada M. (11) born in MS [married James A Floyd]
     --Martha B. (9) born in AR
     --Rosa (4) born in AR

     I have reason to believe that Jefferson POLK had a brother
     William C. POLK. Both men were granted nearby land patents 01 Feb
     1861 in Muddy Fork Township, Pike Co. According to the 1860 Pike
     Co census, one C.M. (Charles) POLK was born in NC, his wife
     R.B. (Rebecca) was born in TN and their children A.J. (Allen) and
     W.C. (William) were also born in TN. Thus, based on approximate
     ages, birthplaces and geographic location, it seems plausible
     that Jefferson A. POLK could indeed be the same person as Allen
     J. POLK.

     Allen J. Polk served in Co. K, 24th Arkansas Infantry from 1862
     to 1865. He married Mary Jane BILLINGS in 1882, and we suspect
     this to be a second marriage for A.J. POLK. He died in 1888.

     I am trying to either confirm or refute the possibility that
     A.J. Polk, Allen J. Polk and Jefferson A. Polk are the same man.


     --Can anyone connect or disconnect A.J., Allen J. and Jefferson
       A. POLK?
     --Does anyone know anything about the other POLK children listed
       with Jefferson in 1880?
     --Can anyone connect the BILLINGS family in Pike county to this
       POLK family?
     --Does anyone know Jefferson or Allen J. POLK's first wife's

        * Allen Jefferson POLK, Mary Jane BILLINGS : David Kelley --
          Fri, 24 Dec 1999
          Surname: Billings, Polk
                 Allen Jefferson POLK, Mary Jane BILLINGS

     Posted by David Kelley  on Fri, 24 Dec 1999, 
     in response to POLK Family--Muddy Fork Township, posted by Pamela 
                        Johnson on Fri, 24 Dec 1999

                          Surname: Billings, Polk

     Pam ... family information and contact ... David

     David Crockett Billings, born December 27, 1808 in Rowan County,
     North Carolina; died April 05, 1887 in Howard County, Arkansas.
     He was the son of Benjamin Billing and Magdalena A. Shoaf. He
     married Harriet Burns, October 24, 1835, in Tennessee or

     Harriet Burns, born 1823 in Tennessee; died 1888; buried in
     Corinth Cemetary.

     Children of David Billings and Harriet Burns are:

     Benjamin Franklin Billings, born October 14, 1837 in Yalobusha
     County Mississippi; died March 04, 1919 in Umpire, buried in
     Davis Cemetary, no marker, Howard County, Arkansas; married Eliza
     Jane Ingraham, October 24, 1859 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas.

     Mary Jane Billings, born 1843 in Yalobusha County, Mississippi;
     died 1938; married A. Jefferson Polk, January 19, 1882 in Howard
     County, Arkansas; born 1833; died unknown.

     John Burns Billings, born 1845; died unknown; married Catherine
     Draper abt. 1869 in Pike County, Arkansas; died unknown.

     Elizabeth A. Billings, born 1848; died unknown.

     George Henry Billings, born February 20, 1849 in Corinth, Pike
     County, Arkansas; died January 26, 1934 in Mineral Wells, Texas;
     married Eliza Tennessee Draper, September 11, 1870; born January
     14, 1853 in Corinth, Pike County, Arkansas ; died July 05, 1935
     in Mineral Wells, Texas.

     Rosalie Margaret Caroline Billings, born 1852; died 1928, buried
     in Columbus Cemetery, Hempstead County, Arkansas; married (1)
     J.H. Sharp; born abt. 1850; died unknown, buried in Columbus
     Cemetery, Hempstead County, Arkansas; married (2) .......
     Hutchins; died unknown.

     David Billings, born 1858; died unknown.

     Daniel Tennessee Billings, born October 21, 1859; died unknown in
     Antlers, Oklahoma; married (1) Sallie Harden; born abt. 1860;
     died unknown; married (2) Sallie Papkane in Lamar County, Texas;
     died unknown.

     Rebecca Fannie Billings, born 1862; died unknown; married Robert
     F. Holt, September 05, 1878; born 1858; died unknown.

     Wiley Billings, born 1866; died unknown.

     The John Harding Home Page, John Charles Harding, 329 S. Denver,
     Russellville, AR 72801, 501-967-6020, enterpri@cswnet.com
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