The Gems

                   of Pike County Arkansas

 Vol. I  No. 4         Publication of the Pike County         October 1990 
                        Archives and History Society                       
                   Box 238, Murfreesboro, Arkansas 71958                   
                               COMING EVENT

                           "A LOOK AT THE PAST:

In the mid 1980's the Pike County Heritage Club started a sesquicentennial
project. This project was a "picture" book with the working title "A Look
at the Past: A Pike County Arkansas History in Pictures". The Heritage Club
was unable to complete this worthwhile undertaking and kindly allowed Pike
County Archives and History Society the privilege of completing this work.
Many of our new members are unaware of this forth coming book so PCAHS has
extended the dead line until November 1990 to give everyone a chance to
submit their photographs of early Pike County, Arkansas people or places.
Please trust us with your pictures. Send good CLEAR photographs suitable
for copying and briefly state who is in the photograph, what, where and
when it was taken and the name and address of the submitter. PCAHS will
return all photographs to submitters, if postage is included and you wish
your photos returned otherwise the copies of the photographs become the
property of PCAHS. You may mail your pictures to Pike County Archives and
History Society, P.O. Box 238, Murfreesboro, AR 71958 or contact any of the
PCAHS officers listed in this newsletter for more information about this
PCAHS project.

                       YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS BOOK

                              BITS OF HISTORY
                           Diamonds in Arkansas

The world of cartels and high finance was far removed from the experience
of John Wesley Huddleston in August of 1906 when he found a 4 1/2 and a 3
carat white diamond in one afternoon on his farm in Pike County, Arkansas.
Prior to that time, a few scattered single stones possibly distributed by
ancient glaciers had been found on the North American continent. The
Arkansas discovery, however, was the first locality, not only in the United
States, but also in the Western Hemisphere where diamonds were found in
their original matrix. It was startling world news. (The above is an
excerpt from "Crater of Diamonds: Jewel of Arkansas" page 6, by Bobbie Lou
Hendrix, copyright 1989). "The Gems" would like to thank PCAHS vice
president Bobbie Hendrix for allowing us to reprint this from her book.

                          NOTES FROM YOUR EDITORS
               Co-Editors:  Jan McGalliard & Dorothy Partain
                     Contributing Editor: Dee Baggett

                     "THE GEMS WILL CONTINUE IN 1991"

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We are very pleased to announce that PCAHS will be able to continue "THE
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We have been very encouraged with the response regarding our purposed
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the donations which were sent to "The Gems" by concerned members and
officers, we were able to make this, our last issue of 1990, a little
"bigger and better" and were able to include several extra pages of
information. We hope that 1991 will be a great year for PCAHS and look
forward to hearing from our members who have suggestions about what you
would like to see in future publications. Would you like more history,
family histories, census records, queries, marriage records, or exactly
what? This is your publication and we want to try and publish what is of
interest to you. Let us hear from you! We love hearing from our members.

                     1991 ANNUAL PCAHS MEMBERSHIP DUES
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Please make check or money order payable to Linda Wilson, Treasurer of
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Regular annual membership rate is $7.00, Senior Citizens annual membership
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                             PIKE COUNTY FAIR

The Pike County Fair was held September 17-21, 1990 at the Pike County
fairgrounds in Glenwood, Arkansas. PCAHS treasurer Linda Wilson is to be
congratulated on her outstanding contribution with the decorating of the
fair booth. Linda Wilson and Dee Baggett were in charge of decorating the
booth for the fair but due to family illness Dee Baggett was unable to help
with this project. Linda had no one to help her but undaunted she did the
work totally alone!! The theme of the fair and also the PCAHS booth was
"New Horizons - Featuring Pike County's Very Own". Linda painted the
background of the 4x4 booth pale blue and added a smiley face sun with a
pastel rainbow ... very soft and fluffy with muted tones. The background
alone was lovely but Linda enhanced the booth by displaying publications
and books on Pike County written by Pike County natives and residents. All
of the decorating was done by Linda and her talents and work were rewarded
when the PCAHS fair booth won the SECOND PLACE ribbon in the competition!!

                             GREAT JOB LINDA!!

PCAHS does appreciate your time and efforts and are delighted to have a
member and officer who is so willing to "go the extra mile" for the
society. Our thanks must also go to Dorothy Partain for helping Linda
dismantle the booth and return the books and other articles to the PCAHS


                     "SO YOU WANT TO FIND YOUR ROOTS"
                            with guest speaker
                     Russell P. Baker, Deputy Director
                                  of the
                        Arkansas History Commission

Saturday, September 8, 1990 the Glenwood City Hall became a "class room"
when PCAHS sponsored a beginners workshop for genealogists and family
historians. Mr. Russell P. Baker, a noted genealogical and historical
author and lecturer, taught the 3 hour course. Mr. Baker, a native of
Glenwood, is Deputy Director of the Arkansas History Commission in Little
Rock and the author of a number of books on Arkansas. His lectures on
genealogical research have been given in several states and in many
locations across Arkansas. PCAHS would like to take this opportunity to
publicly thank Mr. Baker for conducting the workshop and also enlightening
the beginners as well as the more "seasoned" researchers with his well
prepared and interesting facts and myths regarding finding your "roots".
PCAHS provided family group sheets and pedigree charts to the 35 plus
people who attended the seminar. Coffee, cola and doughnuts, compliments of
PCAHS, were served during the morning break.

Following the lecture, there was a question and answer session and a
wonderful "get acquainted" time.

PCAHS members who were able to attend the Seminar, included, Retha Adams,
Dee Baggett, June Blackmon, Joyce Couch, Sherry Cowart, Myrl Dyer, Chester
Gage, Odessa Lindsey, Dorothy Partain, Alice Shirley, Raymond Vaughn,
Maury and Norma Watkins, and Linda Wilson. Also in attendance were many
interested researchers from other parts of the county, state and even one
out of state guest, Lila Garner of Nebraska.

Although the early morning rain may have prevented some people from
attending the workshop, PCAHS was very pleased with the response from those
who "braved" the weather and would like to thank them for their support of
the seminar and their generous donations to the Pike County Archives and
History Society. We would like to welcome the new members who joined PCAHS
on the day of the Seminar.

A very special thank you must go to Mr. Russell Baker for giving up his
Saturday morning and donating his time and energy to PCAHS. Our thanks must
also go to Paul and Ena Mae Miller and the other Glenwood patrons for their
help. We appreciate the many Arkansas newspapers who published our seminar.
We would be remiss if we did not mention the excellent job Dorothy Partain
did in organizing the seminar. PCAHS secretary Linda Wilson even defied the
rain to pick up the doughnuts. Our thanks to all the PCAHS members and
guests who attended.

                              ARCHIVES UPDATE

Arkansas, An Index to the 1840 Census by Bobbie J. McLane and Inez E.
Cline, 1967.

Arkansas Township Atlas: A History of the Minor Civil Divisions and Each
Arkansas County by Russell P. Baker, published 1987.

From Memdag to Norsk: A Historical Directory of Arkansas Post Offices
1832-1971 by Russell Pierce Baker, published 1988.

Genealogist's Arkansas Address Book, published by Professional Genealogists
of Arkansas, Inc., Conway, Arkansas.

Guide to Microfilmed County Records at the Arkansas History Commission,
published by Professional Genealogists of Arkansas, Inc., Conway, Arkansas.

Index to Obituaries from the Southern Standard for 1869-1936 by Allen B.
Syler. (Thank you Mr. Syler for donating this to our Archives - Review of
this work will be in a future issue of "The Gems").

1870 Hempstead County Arkansas Census, published by the Hempstead County
Historical Society.

1880 Hempstead County Arkansas Census, published by the Hempstead County
Historical Society.

Volume I of the Hempstead County Arkansas Cemetery Records, published by
the Hempstead County Historical Society.


Thank you to everyone who has submitted their surnames to PCAHS. Our family
history files have reached over 100 and the surnames are too numerous to
count!! As of October 1, 1990 Dorothy Partain has brought the surname files
up to date. The files have been very instrumental in helping connect many
of our members with others researching the same Pike County Arkansas
families. Please submit your surnames if you have not taken the time to do
so because it is very possible that one of our members is also researching
the same families that you are researching and has information which is
unknown to you.


                         EARLY PIKE COUNTY WILLS

PCAHS would like to thank the Arkansas Genealogical Society for allowing
"The Gems" to reprint the following article which appeared in Vol. 16, #2,
pg. 87-88 of "The Arkansas Family Historian", a publication of the Arkansas
Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 908, Hot Springs, AR 71902-0908. Our thanks
and appreciation must also go to Mr. Russell P. Baker and the Guaranty
Abstract & Title Company of Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Mr. Featherston of
Guaranty Abstract & Title Company of Murfreesboro, Arkansas would like to
inform the readership that a cost of $10.00 will be charged to view the
original "Burnt Record Book". The "Burnt Record Book" has been microfilmed
and is available at the Arkansas History Commission, One Capitol Mall,
Little Rock, AR 72201. A microfilm copy is also located in the Murfreesboro
Public Library, Murfreesboro, Arkansas.


Pike County was created on November 1, 1833 from portions of Clark and
Hempstad Counties. It was named for Zebulon M. Pike. A log court-house and
a small frame building for a clerk's office were erected soon thereafter
at Zebulon, the county seat, which became Murfreesboro in 1851. In the
spring of 1855, the Pike County clerk's office was destroyed by fire and
all of the county records were burned. A new two-story courthouse was built
in 1856, and continued in existence until it, too, was burned in the spring
of 1895, again destroying all county records, with the exception of one
small tax book.

The volume entitled "Burnt Records of Pike County" was copied from the Pike
County records by a Prescott abstract firm about 1890. It contains a
summary of many of the records that were destroyed in the 1895 fire. It was
microfilmed by the Arkansas History Commission, with the permission of the
present owner, Guaranty Abstract & Title Company, Murfreesboro, Arkansas.

The following is a list of Pike County Wills copied from the above
mentioned source. When available, both the date of the Will and the date of
filing are given. This gives an indication as to the date of death of the
individual concerned. It is reprinted with the permission of the Guaranty
Abstract & Title Company.

                                R.P. Baker


ADAMS, Simpson                                LOMAX, A.
   dated 10 Oct 1884                             dated 10 Oct 1875

BACON, William T.                             LOMAX, C.H.
   dated 11 Oct 1869                             no dates

BAKER, Stephen P.                             McFARLING, Thomas
   dated 23 Jul 1885                             dated 07 Nov 1861
   filed 28 Sept 1885                            filed 05 Dec 1861

BREWER Henry                                  McMILLAN, John
   dated 26 May 1875                             dated 06 Feb 1879
   filed 06 Jun 1876                             filed 02 Jun 1879

BROCK, Moses                                  McMILLAN, R.C.
   dated 06 Aug 1883                             dated 22 Jul 1884
   filed 11 Dec 1888
                                              McNeil or McNeal, James
COGBOURN, James                                  dated 01 May 1883
   dated 28 Jun 1871
                                              MARKS, N.M. of
DAVIS, Abijah                                    of Bossier Parish, LA
   dated 05 Jun 1873                             dated 09 Aug 1866
   filed 25 May 1875                             filed 22 Oct 1866

DICKSON, John                                 MOBLEY, David
   dated 13 Oct 1867                             dated 09 Feb 1839
                                                 filed 04 May 1859
   dated 01 Dec 1883                          NEWTON, Isaac A.
   filed 17 Feb 1887                             dated 23 Mar 1857
                                                 filed 01 Jun 1857
   dated 03 Aug 1885                          OSBURN, Priscilla
   filed 24 Oct 1885                             dated 11 Oct 1867

FLOYD, Anthony                                REEVES, Willis
   dated 07 Sept 1871                            dated 15 Aug 1857
                                                 filed 31 Aug 1857
GRAY, Nathaniel
   dated 06 Feb 1869                          ROLING, W.A.
                                                 dated 20 Sept 1882
HAGOOD, T.C.                                     filed 11 Jun 1888
   dated 18 Mar 1885
   filed 16 Nov 1885                          SCOTT, Joseph M.
                                                 dated 27 Sept 1885
HAGOOD, William B.                               filed 02 Jan 1886
   dated 02 May 1876
                                              SMITH, C.H.
HALCOMBE, David                                  no dates
   dated 11 Jul 1861
   filed 05 Dec 1862                          SPEER, William B.
                                                 dated 23 Oct 1862
JACKSON, William Jasper                          filed 13 Dec 1862
   dated 23 May 1887
   filed 03 Aug 1887                          START, Benjamin
                                                 dated 30 Jul 1877
JOHNSON, Micajah
   dated 21 Aug 1859                          VICKERY, Albert of
   filed 10 Sept 1859                            Sevier County
                                                 dated 30 Aug 1871
KELLEY, Elijah W.
   dated 07 May 1877                          WALL, I.B.H.
   filed 16 Feb 1878                             dated 06 Apr 1876

KELLEY, William                               WHITE, Isaac
   dated 05 Jan 1869                             dated 06 Aug 1859
   filed -- --- 1869                             filed 26 Apr 1865

KIRBY, Joseph L.                              WHITE, William J.
   no dates                                      dated 11 May 1870
                                                 filed 25 Oct 1884
   dated 01 Feb 1873                          WINGFIELD, E.
   filed -- --- ----                             dated 19 Mar 1879

                                BOOK REVIEWS

The Pike County Archives and History Society will review any book which is
donated to our Archives. These books may be used for reference only and may
not be removed from the PCAHS library. Books are reviewed by Dorothy
Kennedy Partain and Dee Hensley Baggett. PCAHS would like to express our
thanks and appreciation to everyone who has donated books, family histories
and other historical and genealogical materials. Any book or material which
has been donated and is for sale from PCAHS will appear on our
"Publications for Sale" list in this newsletter. All proceeds of book
sales go to fund projects of the society.

"SWEET REMEMBRANCE" by Karen Cosby Roy, Box 53, Mt. Ida, AR 71957. Ms. Roy
has generously donated a dozen of her books "SWEET REMEMBRANCE" to PCAHS.
People of the Kirby area who connect ot the HORN, TUCKER, ADAMS, KEEN,
PASLEY, STURDIVANT, NEIGHBORS, BANKSTON families, to name a few, this is a
must! The book gives a vivid history of what life was like in that area at
the turn of the century plus charts. "SWEET REMEMBRANCE" is available for
sale from PCAHS or you may purchase the book directly from Karen Cosby Roy
at the above address. DKP

"A WILSON FAMILY HISTORY" by Mildred W. Goodlet was donated by Mr. and Mrs.
Woodrow Dickson. This hardcover book contains 179 pages and records the
descendants and some histgory of the Irish immigrant, Thomas Wilson and his
wife, Mary Wilson of Newberry and the Ninety-sixth District of South
Carolina. The book follows the Wilson family and their descendants from
South Carolina on into Pike County, Arkansas and other places, through
their son, John who married Jane Caldwell. The WILSONS, CALDWELLS, REIDS
and BOOZERS are the major names listed. DKP

"1890" CENSUS OF PIKE COUNTY ARKANSAS by Russell Pierce Baker - $15.00
postpaid available from PCAHS (see publication s for sale in this issue),
soft-bound, 89 pages, alphabetical order - published by the Pike County
Archives and History Society, 1990. This book, a gift to PCAHS from Mr.
Baker, is a much needed research tool for Pike County, Arkansas because of
the many records which have been destroyed due to fires. Most researchers
are aware that the greater part of the 1890 U.S. Census was destroyed by
fire in Washington, D.C. in 1921. Pike County Arkansas 1890 census
enumeration was one of the records destroyed in this 1921 fire. Pike County
Courthouse burned in 1895 so this book will provide a great service to
anyone researching Pike County, Arkansas. This book is a "reconstruction"
of the 1890 Census and was derived from the 1893 Tax Receipt book (these
taxes were paid in early 1895 after the courthouse fire) and contains the
name of the tax payer, the legal description of his or her property
(section, township, range) and the number of males in the household over 21
years of age who were paying poll tax. Those paying poll tax were county
residents. Women could not vote at this time therefore did not pay poll
tax. This listing also contains the names of people owning land in Pike
County but living elsewhere. This reviewer highly recommends this book. DKP

published 1978 by the Pike County Heritage Club - reprinted with permission
in 1989 by PCAHS, $12.00 postpaid, available from PCAHS (see publications
for sale in this issue), hardbound, 262 pages, photographs, everyname
index, index to places, roads, highways, games, songs, cemeteries, schools,
churches, businesses, buildings, and miscellaneous. Also contains
corrections of the 1979 printing. Although this book has previously been
reviewd in PCAHS it is being included on the BOOK REVIEW page to bring to
your attention the fact that PCAHS has ONLY 200 COPIES LEFT and we have no
plans at this time to reprint this book so if you have not purchased a copy
get your order in TODAY!! DHB

SOCIETY published by PCAHS - $3.00 postpaid will be available soon and will
include addresses and the surnames each member is researching, if
available. This little leaflet will be a great help when trying to locate a
specific name in the 1990 issues of "THE GEMS". As an added bonus you will
have the names and addresses of all PCAHS 1990 members and some of the
surnames they research. If you do not wish to have your name and address
included in this leaflet PLEASE LET US KNOW!! DHB

Frances M. Graves, P.O. Box 736, Mt. Pine, AR 71956 has donated her soft
bound family charts and history depicting hundres of families. The Pike
County, AR names are McLAIN, DYER, and RAY. The Montgomery and Garland
County, AR names are in multitude but I will attempt to name a few - BAIN,
GABLE, DILLARD, SCOTT and WATKINS. I am sure I missed many names listed in
these three counties. Mrs. Graves has done a professional job on this well
documented compilation. She has also included a selection of Thomas GEURIN,
the French Huguenot - more late about this researcher's dream. DKP

PCAHS members, Kathleen Cooley Smith and Dorothy Kennedy Partain have
dontaed a four volume set of their family history. This work is well
indexed and contains over 900 pages of charts. Andy Cooley, a professional
genealogist, along with Dorothy Partain has been the compilers of these
well documented charts. This was put together for the
STEWART/KENNEDY/COOLEY Family Circle Association. These surnames have not
as yet been added to the surname file of PCAHS because there are literally
thousands of names. Major family names of Pike County, AR and outlying
Arkansas counties are STEWART and the many various spellings, WISDOM,
hundreds of others. For more information contact William A. Cooley, 7105
Terry Lane, Falls Church, VA 66215 or Dorothy Kennedy Partain, Box 238,
Murfreesboro, AR 71958 - telephone 501-285-3528. DKP

Georgia Evans, 212 North Jones, Nashville, AR 71852 has donated a large
file on the Pike County, AR HUDDLESTON families. Recall that one John W.
HUDDLESTON discovered our Pike County Arkasnas Diamond Mine. Ms. Evans also
donated a copy of Hempstead Co., AR Ozan Cemetery book to PCAHS. Contact
Ms. Evans for more info about this book. DKP


                        PCAHS HAS ONLY 200 COPIES
                      "THE FIRST ONE HUNDRED YEARS"
                               LEFT TO SELL

       PCAHS has no plans to reprint this book in the near future
              Order your copy today before we are sold out.
       This would make a great Christmas present for someone who
          has an interest in the early history of Pike County,


Following is the officer and membership list of the Masonic Lodge Pike
County, Arkansas for 1881 and 1884. This list was submitted by PCAHS member
Otis Dyer, P.O Box 53, Umpire, Arkansas 71971. PCAHS would like to thank
Mr. Dyer for sharing this valuable and interesting material.

                             PIKE LODGE NO. 91
                          Murfreesboro, Arkansas


W.J. Jackson, W.M.                              W.J. Reed, Secretary
W.D. Alford, S.W.                               W.J. Smedley, S.D.
L.S. Corbell, J.W.                              John Braanch, J.D.
W.J. Scott, Treasurer                           L.M. Henderson, Tyler


W.D. Alford, John Branch, L.S. Corbell, L.M. Henderson, W.J. Jackson, W.J.
Reed, W.J. Scott, W.J. Smedley.

                             PIKE LODGE NO. 91
                          Murfreesboro, Arkansas

William J. Jackson, W.M.                        J.A. Shott, S.W.
R.R. James, J.W.                                Robert C. Lynch, Secretary


W.D. Alford, B.D. Brock, Frederick Ball, George W. Brock, John W. Brock,
John M. Ball, A.J. Ball, Michael Carroll, Thomas H. Carer, J.H. Conway,
L.S. Corbell, J.W. Chapel, John F. Davis, J.H. Evans, William B. Gould, A.A
Gentry, William H. Hutson, Pleasant H. Hutson, L.M. Henderson, William P.
Henderson, W.J. Jackson, Elijah Kelley, Thomas Kidd, G.W. Logan, P.H.
Lewis, J.C. McLaughlin, J.D. Mansfield, R.F. Robinson, W.J. Read, R.A.
Stringer, W.J. Scott, W.J. Smedley, J.A. Shott, W.B. Thomason, James
Umphrey, W.J. White, Michael Wagner, M.L. Westerman, C.N. Westerman.


Pike Co., Arkansas 1860 Census - Microfilm M 653 - Roll # 47 Antoine

Household #504                            Household #511
CANTRELL, L.D.      37 m  SC              ALFORD, D.W.       36 m  AL
  Elisabeth         36 f  GA                M.A.             35 f  TN
  J.R.              16 m  AL                David            18 m  AR
  Rebecca           15 f  AL                L.L.              8 f  AR
  Catharine         10 f  AL                W.M.              4 m  AR
  Wm.                7 m  AL                C.L.              2 m  AR
  Sousan             4 f  AR                M.E.           3/12 f  AR
  Mary               2 f  AR              BIXBY, Elisabeth   63 f  MO
                                            Margaret         20 f  AR
Household #505
McKELROY, Jacob     74 m  TN              Household #512
  L.D.C.            42 f  SC              SMITH, E.          45 m  KY
  G.R.L.            15 m  MS                W.H.             18 m  AL
  R.E.              11 f  AL                Frances          16 f  AL
  M.C.              10 f  AL
  A.C.               7 f  AL              Household #513
                                          BROCK, G.R.        41 m  AL
Household #506                              E.A.             41 f  TN
JORDAN, J.D.        72 m  NC              WHITE, A.B.        14 m  AR
  Delila            30 f  SC                A.H.             12 m  AR
  M.M.F.            20 f  AL                S.A.             10 f  AR
  W.R.              19 m  AL                E.A.              7 f  AR
  J.C.              17 m  AL              BROCK, Elisabeth   11 f  AL
  Delila            16 f  AL                Louisa            7 f  AL
  C.C.              15 m  AL
  M.E.              12 f  AL              Household #514
                                          COSBY, G.D.        48 m  NC
Household #507                              Mary             46 f  NC
STANDLEE, T.J.      21 m  AR                T.J.             21 m  TN
  Elisabeth         17 f  MS                E.J.             18 f  TN
                                            S.G.             13 f  TN
Household #508                              Samule            7 m  TN
PYBURN, J.W.        26 m  TN                A.A.              5 f  TN
  S.E.              18 f  AL
  Anner              2 f  AR              Household #515
  N.D.               1 f  AR              ALFORD, Madison    44 m  AL
                                            Nancy            44 f  SC
Household #509                              J.M.             28 m  AR
FLEMENS, A.P.       26 m  AR                J.H.             21 m  TX
  M.A.              22 f  GA                A.J.             18 m  AR
  N.A.               7 f  AR                M.L.             16 f  AR
  M.D.               5 m  AR                M.J.             14 f  AR
  Jas. D.            4 m  AR                S.A.             11 f  AR
  J.E.               2 m  AR                A.A.              6 m  AR
  Jordan          5/12 m  AR                J.W.              3 m  AR
                                            F.E.           1/12 m  AR
Household #510
STANDLEE, Abraham   71 m  TN              Household #516
  Elisabeth         69 f  TN              DAVIS, J.W.      28 m  TN
  L.D.              19 m  AR                M.A.           20 f  AL
  Elisabeth         13 f  AR                W.D.            4 m  AR
  Frances           11 f  AR                M.E.            3 m  AR
  C.B.               5 m  AR                Mary E.         1 f  AR

        The 1860 Pike County Arkansas Census has been published by
       Arkansas Ancestors, 222 McMahan Drive, Hot Springs, AR 71913


                        All Queries FREE to Members

We try to publish queries on a "first come first serve" basis. If your
query has not appeared it will be published as space allows in upcoming
issues. Try to be specific when writing your query regarding names, dates,
places, and what information you are seeking:

KISSIAR        Debra Treadway Collins, 7906 Bradshaw, Lenexa, KS 66215
KIZZIA         seeking info on these Pike Co., AR surnames. Many of these
HANEY          surnames were found in the Abstract of Title records of Pike
ALFORD         Co., AR ("Burnt Records Book" prior to 1890) *See list from
HENDERSON      "Burnt Records Book" in this issue of "The Gems" regarding
HEWITT         the "Burnt Records Book".

DYER           Mary Dyer Bond, 3004, West 50th Terrace, Westwood, KS 73112
ROCKETT        is interested in correspoinding with anyone researching
HOLCOMBE       these surnames in Pike and surrounding counties.

McLAIN         Frances M. Graves, P.O. Box 236, Mt. Pine, AR 71956 is
DYER           seeking info on the McLAIN, DYER and RAY families.

HARRIS         Winfred and Betty Harris, 619 Jefferson St., Centralia, WA
AVERY          98531 is interest in corresponding with anyone with these
SLATTON        with these family names. Especially interested in
NEELEY         corresponding with others doing HARRIS research in Pike Co.,
ROUNDTREE      AR area.

LA GROAN       Otis Dyer, Box 53, Umpire, AR 71971 would like to obtain
LAGONE         more information about William H. La GROAN b. 1816 in TN and
BISSELL        wife Martha (maiden name unknown) La GOAN b. in SC. Believed
HOSKINS        to be of French descent, removed to Carthage, Panola Co., TX
DYER           before 1836? John b. 1835 in New Hope, Pike Co., AR son of
PINKERTON      John Alford and Martha Matilda (HOSKINS) BISSELL, married
               Elizabeth Christine La GRONE b. 1836? in TX. In Pike Co., AR
before 1860. Arkie BISSELL b. 1893 (daughter of Thomas J. BISSELL b. 1862
and Mary J. PINKERTON BISSELL b. 1859) maried Hubert Otis DYER b. 1884.

FAULKNER       Myrl Faulkner Dyer, Box 53, Umpire AR 71971: Hiram J.
BROWN          FAULKNER b. 1812 in KY d. 1892 Umpire, Howard Co., AR
               married Levena BROWN. By 1870, Hiram J. Faulkner b. 1812 in
KY is listed in records in what is now North Howard Co., AR. Another Hiram
FAULKNER is listed in the 1840 Pike Co., AR census. Were these two men

CHANEY         Carolyn Chaney Griffin, Star Rt. 1, Box 386, Dierks, AR
ALLEN          71833 would like to hear from others researching these
WILSON         surnames. Would like information regarding "CHANEY TRACE".

HENSLEY        Roserma Arnold, 1808 Baldwin Ave N, Lawton, OK 73507 needs
KENNEDY        info regarding W.H. HENSLEY age 14 on 1860 Pike Co., AR
STRINGER       census living in W.S. KENNEDY household. What was
DAVIS          relationship to W.H. HENSLEY and W.S. KENNEDY? Also seek
               info on Rice STRINGER and wife Rachel DAVIS, one of their
daughters, Lousinda b. 1844, Isadora b. 1847 or Mary A. b 1849 married
William HENSLEY. Will appreciate ANY help with above to try and determine
which of the DAVIS daughters married William HENSLEY.

BREWER         Mrs. Ronald L. Brewer, 7009 190th Street Southwest, Lynwood,
ALEXANDER      WA 98036 seeking infor regarding these Pike Co., AR
DIXON          STEPHENS/STEVENS. Appreciate any help with these families.
WHITE          Barbara Rewis, 213 Suzanne Dr., Shreveport, LA 71115
ROGERS         researching the WHITE, ROGERS and BROWDER families of Pike
BROWDER        Co., AR. Ms. Rewis's ancestors lived near Nathan, Pike Co.,
               AR in the early 1800's and her WHITE's moved to Texas
sometime during the 1870's. Will appreciate hearing from others researching
these surnames. Where was Walker Station, AR?

BURKETT        Teresa Harris, Rt. 5, Box 630, Camden, AR 71701 seeks info
DAVIS          on Martha Ann Burkett wife of William David DAVIS. Martha b.
McCLENNAHAN    ca. 1859 believed to be daughter of David BURKETT and sister
BURNHAM        of Frances Carlana BURKETT. Died ca. 1895/98?? Also needs
               info on Nancy Leeanner McCLENNAHAN wife of Benjamin Franklin
BURNHAM. Nancy b. 14 Jun 1848 in MS, moved to AR ca 1892, died 1910. What
happened to her siblings, Beverly, Martha and Mary E.? Did they move to
Pike Co., AR also? Does anyone have knowledge of who is buried in the old
sandstone covered graves in the Saline Cemetery? Believe these to be DAVIS
gravesites and need confirmation. Appreciate any help.

DYER           Mrs. Charles G. Bowen, 4885 Academy Street, San Diego, CA
BROCK          92109 seeking info: Moses Brock and wife Mahala (Dyer) Brock
               arrived in Pike Co., AR in December 1850. The BROCKS
remained in Pike Co., AR but Jack DYER and family went on to Washington
Co., AR to settle. Need help with Callaway DYER and family who was with the
arriving party in 1850 from Grainger Co., TN and who apparently settled
elsewhere after he arrived or died before the 1860 Census.

CARRUTHERS     Bill J. Crouthers, 43 Neale Dr., Crystal City, MO 63019 is
COPELAND       researching CARRUTHERS any spelling. Minerva CARUTHERS
               married James "Jim" P. Copeland and moved to Pike Co., AR.
Mr. Crouthers is interested in the J.P. Copeland family of Pike Co., AR.
J.P. "Jim" and Minerva CARUTHERS COPELAND had eleven children. Does anyone
have knowledge of what happened to these children and their descendants?

CAIN           Wilma Price, P.O. Box 42, Antoine AR 71922 needs info on
GARRETT        Andrew L. CAIN who married Charity Rachel LONG, daughter of
               A.T.W. and Mary LONG. William W. CAIN who married Mary A.
GARRETT, daughter of P.R. GARRETT. William W. and Mary A. (GARRETT) CAIN
had a son, Alonzo CAIN. All of the above people were residents of Clark
Co., AR as listed on the later 1800's census records.

EPPERSON       Lois New, 1905 Regency, Moore, OK 73160 has written to
JACOBS         request that we clarify her query which appeared in Vol. I
WINGFIELD      #3 - July 1990 "The Gems". Ms. New writes ... "George T.
               EPPERSON written about in "The Early Pike County" History
Book was my great-grandfather. His daughter, Elizabeth Isabella EPPERSON
married George W. JACOBS who was the son of Thomas Van Buren JACOBS. Ms.
New would appreciate an EPPERSON contact and would also like to contact
anyone who might be working on the JACOBS/WINGFIELD lines.

ADAMS          Brances A. Beck, 511 Lakeside Drive, Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455
HARP           seeking info on James Crow ADAMS b. 1830 GA d. 1898 in Pike
DINGLER        Co., AR married Albina Catherine HARP b. 1836 GA d. 1891
WILLINGHAM     Pike Co., AR - both buried Coker Cemetery, Pike Co., AR.
YARBROUGH      Their son, Ruben Rowell ADAMS b. 1869 GA married Emma Lee
HARDY          DINGLER b 1871 GA (daughter of James Madison DINGLER and
AYTON          Lucy Catherine WILLINGHAM - both buried Salem Cemetery, Pike
ODDEN          Co., AR) Pike Co. , AR. Probate record of James Crow ADAMS
BRUNSON        b. 1830 d. 1898 lists children: sons, R.R., A.A. and W.W.,
MADDOX         daughters, Mary YARBROUGH, Sena HARDY, Dora AYTON, Mattie
               ODDEN, Salley BRUNSON and Albina MADDOX. Are there any
connections to this ADAMS family and other Pike Co., AR ADAMS families?
Also need help from anyone with knowledge of unmarked graves in Coker

McLAUGHLIN     Jimmy D. Higgins, 2128 Duncan, Conway, AR 72032 would like
CROW           to correspond with others working on these surnames and also
               HOLEMAN, FITZGERALD. ** PCAHS Surname file was very
instrumental in locating contacts for Mr. Higgins.

FULLER         Mrs. Gerry Wilson, Rt. 1, Box 816, Idabel, OK 74745 seeking
CALLEY         info on Stephen A. FULLER b. 15 Mar 184- was granted land in
PATTERSON      1890 Pike Co., AR believed to have come to Pike Co., AR from
BYERS          Summerville, Chatooga Co., GA married Phoeby or Phebe CALLEY
GILBERT        in GA prior to coming to AR. Their children were James Young
GENTRY         FULLER b. 12 Aug 1875 d. 05 Dec 1956 and Della Hardy
               PATTERSON b. 04 Sept 1870 d. 24 Aug 1927. Would also like
help with Elder J.J. BYERS and Ellen (GILBERT) BYERS and their children,
(places and dates of birth, etc). One of J.J. BYERS and Ellen (GILBERT)
BYERS' daughters, Lelia O. (BYERS) GENTRY was the grandmother of Mrs. Gerry
Wilson, Appreciate any help.

VAN DYKE       Robert C. Van Dyke, 2008 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock, AR
HORN           72207-2902 is researching these surnames.

CROSS          Wynelle Lowrey Mitchell, 108 N. Johnson Street,
LOWERY         Farmersviile, TX 75031 needs help on Hiram C. CROSS b. ca.
RUNYON         1820 in TN married Martha J. ? (b. ca. 1832 VA) lived Pike
               Co., Missouri Twp., AR. Issue: R.F. married T.J. SIMPSON,
Susan J., M.W., Mary A., Matthew C., Lydia, Hiram B., Elizabeth DeNeshia
b. 15 Aug 1859 d. 23 Nov 1909 in OK? married in Pike Co., AR on 13 Dec 1877
Isaac Thomas LOWERY b. Jun 1851 in AL. (possibly the son of John and Mary
RUNYON LOWERY), Thomas, Eudora. Isaac and Elizabeth (CROSS) LOWERY had the
following children: (1) John Robert b. 1878 married Annie ? (2) Lee Allen
b. 13 Jul 1885 near Gurdon, AR  AR d. 1956 Dallas, TX married on 07 Dec
1907 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX Nettie Mae EWER (3) Ida b. 1893 d. ca. 1966
in CA married ca. 1910/1912 Gano COMPERE. They were later divorced.
Appreciate any help.

PATE           Herma (Pate) Watson, 10118 Hanover, Shreveport, LA 71115
WATSON         researching these Pike Co., AR families.

BAKER          Barbara Smith, 1036 Gregory Court, St. Louis, MO 63128 would
TAYLOR         to correspond with others researching BAKER and TAYLOR of MO
               and AR.

KEEN           Sarah Keen, 908 E. Cammack, Shawnee, OK 74801 would like to
PASLEY         correspond with anyone who is interested in exchanging
ROSS           information about these surnames. Also BRYANT, JACKSON,
HORN           PARSONS and WHITE.

TIDWELL        W.A. Monk, Jr., Route 7, Box 162, Tyler, TX 75707 would like
FLOYD          info regarding Benjamin Houston TIDWELL b. 05 May 1860 in
               Pike Co., AR d. 1890 (son of William Alcania TIDWELL and
Nancy Matilda - maiden name unknown TIDWELL) married on 04 Feb 1883 in
Howard Co., AR Florence Alice FLOYD b. 05 Jan 1860 near Corinth, AR
(daughter of Jasper FLOYD and Elizabeth - maiden name unknown) FLOYD.

WHITE          Mrs. Jack H. Powell, Box 236, Quanah, TX 79252 researching
ROSE           the John WHITE family who came to Pike Co. AR in 1829. Mrs.
               Powell has a list of the sons and daughters of John WHITE
which includes here ancestor, Pleasant WHITE b. 25 Jun 1818 in TN who
married Nancy Ann ROSE. Any help with the above families will be
appreciated and would especially like help with Nancy Ann (ROSE) WHITE.

                          WITH ALL CORRESPONDENCE

BURLESON       Erma Burleson Carmack, 400 N. Oak, Ponca City, OK 74601 Ms.
LASTER?        Carmack's great-grandfather, Jonathan Aaron BURLESON b. 08
CRAWFORD       Aug 1830 Howerton, TN d. 06 Mar 1891 Bolivar, MO was in 1st
ALLRED         Reg Ark. Cav., is said to have come from TN to AR at age
CARMACK        ten, that his parents were Jonathan Aaron BURLESON, b. 1789
CLARK          NC & Jane BURLESON, (nee LASTER?) b. 13 Aug 1791 NC.
RUDD           Jonathan and sister, Rebecca possibly reared by "Uncle Joe"
RUSSUM         and "Aunt Becky" BURLESON who went over the Boston Mountains
               to TX. At age 19 he was listed in 1850 census Carroll Co.,
AR in HH (household) of Moses CRAWFORD, a neighbor of Laban ALLRED. There
are known family ties in these families. Will appreciate any info re him,
his parents, uncle, and sister. Have been stalled at this point in research
for past ten years. Also would like information re these Pike Co., AR
families. CARMACK, BURLESON, CLARK, RUDD, and RUSSUM. Appreciate any help.

PULLEN         Jan Morrison Maples, 5836 Hefner Village Circle, Oklahoma
SEDDETH        City, OK 73162: Seeking info on J.P. PULLEN who married on
SUDDETH        05 Feb 1865 in Clark Co., AR Roady SEDDETH. Were J.P. and
SUDDUTH        Roady (maiden name unknown) SEDDETH PULLEN the parents of
               Henry Benjamin PULLEN b. 1867 in AR? 1870 Pike Co. AR
(census) lists Rhoda SUDDETH age 44 with son David D. age 15 and other
children. 1880 Rusk Co., TX (census) lists David D. SUDDUTH as head of
household with his mother Rhodi and brother Henry. David D. SUDDUTH living
in Gurdon, AR 1909.

STINNETT       Marie Boggs, 2509 N.W. 55th Place, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
HERNDON        is interested in corresponding with anyone on these Pike
KIRBY          Co., AR families.

NELSON         Charlotte Welch Perry, Rt. 1, Box 346-A, Noble, OK 73068
DUGGAN         seeking information on Mary Jane NELSON DUGGAN born 27 Oct
WELCH          1865 in Pike Co., AR wife of William David Henry DUGGAN born
LEADER         23 Apr 1863 in Pike Co., AR. Also wishes to correspond with
FAGAN          others researching any of these Pike Co., AR families.

ADAMS          Karen Cosby Roy, Box 953, Mount Ida, AR 71957 has written
BANKSTON       "Sweet Remembrance" which covers Caney Valley, Pike Co., AR
GREESON        and surrounding area and would like to hear from anyone who
COSBY          is researching this area of Pike Co., AR. Any new info will
HORN           be appreciated. Will gladly share. Also resarching these
MINOR          GATLIN, and many others. *Editor's Note* PCAHS has Ms. Roy's
NEIGHBORS      book, "Sweet Rememberance" for sale and we would like to
WOMACK         thank Ms. Roy for donating copies of her book to PCAHS for
PASLEY         fund-raising purposes.

CARPENTER      Charlotte Carpenter Smith, 1791 Walker Lee Drive, Los
SIDWELL        Alamitos, CA 90720 seeking info regarding: Thomas CARPENTER,
               son of Jesse CARPENTER and Polly A. SIDWELL, from
Cumberland Co., KY to Jackson Co., AL then to St. Francis Co., AR about
1830 and were on 1840 census - then gone. 1850 Pike Co., AR census lists
John CARPENTER b. ca. 1786 in VA married Sarah ?.

KENNEDY        Shawn H. Potter, 5421 Willoughby St., Columbust, OH 43235
CORBELL        seeking  descendants of any of the following families: Nancy
               H. POTTER b. ca. 1820 Spartanburg Co., SC (daughter of
Thomas G. POTTER and Elizabeth HOLLAND), married George R. KENNEDY in SC
and moved along with their children: (1)  Moses A. KENNEDY married Sallie
E. ? their children: (a) Lillian, (b) Lula D., (c) Charles D. and (d)
Claude KENNEDY. (2) Eunice P. (3) Elizabeth T. (4) Rebecca R. (5) William
P. (6) Thomas Glenn KENNEDY married Mary C. CORBELL their children: Joseph
R., Emily E., Mary K., James A., Phenie F., and William A. John A. married
Mary ? their children included Katie KENNEDY b. ca. 1907 and Alnice KENNEDY
b. ca. 1909. This KENNEDY family was in Pike Co., AR ca. 1858.
HOLCOMB        Paula J. Amos, 2922 21st Street, Rockford, IL 61109 is
               researching Felix Johnson HOLCOMB b. 1842-1847 in AR died in
Ripley MO in 1927 lived in Randolph County, AR at one time. Please help.

SELF           Jean Thomas, 530 McKinley, Pocatello, ID 83201. Need info
CHASTAIN       on Elizabeth SELF b. ca. 1817 married John Nicholson
               CHASTAIN 1834 in Walker County, GA. Between 1837 and 1857
John and Elizabeth (SELF) CHASTAIN had 11 children, 10 who were born in
Walker Co., GA and the last one born in Saline Co., AR. 1860 AR Census
lists this CHASTAIN family living in Saline Co., Brewer Twp., AR.
Appreciate any help.

CLINGMAN       Lila Garner, 211 North F Street, Route 1, Milford, NE
ROBINSON       68405-9606 is looking for Dr. Alexander B. Clingman's son in
CROSS          law Dr. John B. Robinson. Dr. Robinson's widow Elizabeth Ann
               Clingman Robinson later married Dr. Joshua H. Cross and
believe there were children. Would like to contact any descendants.
*Editor's Note* See July 1990 issue of PCAHS "The Gems" for more complete
info regarding the CLINGMAN family as to dates, etc. Also thank you to Lila
for sending other articles regarding this family to PCAHS.

HUGHS          Gilmer E. Hughes, Rt. 1, Baird, TX 79504 seeking info
HUGHES         regarding: William HUGHS, Nathaniel HUGHS, John HUGHS and
               James HUGHS. It is believed that some of the above men and
their families are buried in the Pike Co., AR area. James HUGHES b. 1801 in
Missouri, mentioned above, came to Goliad, TX about 1844 and died at old
age there. All of the other brothers are presumed to have stayed in


The following is an excerpt from the HISTORICAL REPORT OF THE SECRETARY OF
THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, C.G. Hall - 1958. Copyright 1958 by the State of

                          PIKE COUNTY, ARKANSAS
            Murfreesboro, County Seat, formed November 1, 1833

County Judge, W. Sorrels, County Clerk, D.S. Dickson, Sheriff, John Hughes,
Coroner, J.M. Dickson

County Judge, W. Kelley, County Clerk, D.S. Dickson, Sheriff, Isaac White,
Coroner, J.H. Kirkham, Surveyor, E.K. Williams

County Judge, W. Kelley, County Clerk, D.S. Dickson, Sheriff, Isaac White,
Coroner, Henry Brewer, Surveyor, J.H. Kirkham

County Judge, W. Kelley, County Clerk, D.S. Dickson, Sheriff, Isaac White,
Treasurer, John Hughes, Coroner, Henry Brewer

County Judge, D. Huddleston, County Clerk, D.S. Dickson, Sheriff, H.
Brewer, Treasurer, H. Kizzia, Coroner, W.T. Atkins, Surveyor, William

County Judge, D. Huddleston, County Clerk, D.S. Dickson, Sheriff, L.
Huddleston, Treasurer, R. Stringer, Coroner, B. Scott, Surveyor, T. Scott

County Judge, William Kelley, County Clerk, D.S. Dickson, Sheriff, L.
Huddleston, Treasurer, R. Stringer, Coroner, Isaac Hay

County Judge, William Kelley, County Clerk, D.S. Dickson, Sheriff, L.
Huddleston, Treasurer, R. Stringer, Coroner, W.B. Speer, Surveyor, J.H.

County Judge, James Scott, County Clerk, W.H. Preston, Sheriff, L.
Huddleston, Treasurer, R. Stringer, Coroner, T.J. Conway

County Judge, Isaac White, County Clerk, T.K. Dossey, Sheriff, L.
Huddleston, Treasurer, R. Stringer, Coroner, S.S. Thompson, Surveyor,
William Johnson

County Judge, James McDowell, County Clerk, J.S. Owens, Sheriff, L.
Huddleston, Treasurer, R. Stringer, Coroner, W. Huddleston, Surveyor, W.R.

                                "GEM DIGGERS"

The "GEM DIGGERS" we are discussing here are not to be confused with the
people who dig for diamonds at the Crater of Diamonds State Park, the only
diamond mine (field) in North America, but are often members of PCAHS who
come to our archives to dig for "GEMS of the PAST". Dorothy Partain has
spent many happy hours visiting with some of the "GEM DIGGERS" who made the
trek to PCAHS this summer and with the help of our surname files, family
histories and Dorothy's enthusiasm, all of these travelers were able to
learn something new about their ancestors. Following are a few of the "GEM
DIGGERS" who signed our guest register this past year.

Gerry Fuller Wilson, President of McCurtain County Oklahoma Genealogical
Society and Wanda Gilbert, Editor of the "INTIKBA", the newsletter of the
society, came from Idabel, Oklahoma to research in the PCAHS archives.
PCAHS exchanges newsletters with their society. A few weeks later, Dorothy
Partain and Dee Baggett were able to drive to Idabel, OK and visit the
McCurtain Co., archives. Dorothy and Dee were very impressed with their
extensive genealogical and historical collection and were warmly welcomed
by Gerry Wilson, Wanda Gilbert and librarian, Mrs. Ida Mae Burney.

Howard and Lois New of Moore, OK members of PCAHS visited our archives this
fall and Dorothy Partain was able to thank Lois in person for her recent
help in promoting PCAHS. Mrs. New decided, rightly, that others would like
to know about our PCAHS newsletter, "THE GEMS" and submitted information
about our newsletter, to The OKLAHOMAN, Box 25215, Oklahoma City, OK 73125.
The OKLAHOMAN, a widely read newspaper, publishes a genealogical column
titled "We the People" written by Mary Goddard. Due to the article which
was published in "We the People", PCAHS has received over a dozen letters,
sold several of our publications and gained many new members. PCAHS would
like to challenge our other members to share the news about "THE GEMS" with
other newspapers, genealogical and history societies or anyone who might
have interest in Pike County, Arkansas.

PCAHS had many other out of town visitors this past year, Ruby Puckette,
Dallas, TX, Winfred & Betty Harris, Centralia, WA, Martha Treadway,
Arkadelphia, AR, Debra Treadway Collins, Lenexa, KS, Frances Beck, Mt.
Pleasant, TX, Merle Hartness Morphew, New Hope, AR, Carolyn Chaney
Griffith, Dierks, AR and Lee Ann Turner, Whitter, AK.


                               JUST ARRIVED

PCAHS member, David L. Kelley, 12903 Wheatland Way, Brandywine, MD 20613
presented PCAHS with a preview copy of his new publication "JOURNAL OF PIKE
COUNTY ARKANSAS" which will feature the first one hundred families of Pike
County, Arkansas. This well documented quarterly, which will be published
beginning in the fall of 1990, may be ordered directly from Mr. Kelley at a
cost of $8.00 annually and will be invaluable to anyone interested in Pike
County genealogy or history. "THE GEMS" will tell our readers more about
this great new publication in our next issue.

                       PCAHS PUBLICATIONS FOR SALE

"THE EARLY HISTORY OF PIKE COUNTY ARKANSAS"                       $12.00
       "The First One Hundred Years"
published 1978 by the Pike County Heritage
Club - Reprinted with permission in 1989
by PCAHS. New printing includes Index and

 PCAHS does not plan to reprint this book.

1870 PIKE COUNTY ARKANSAS PRINTED US CENSUS                        15.00
by Dorothy Kennedy Partain - indexed

"THE DAIRY" (Family History) by Carlton                             3.00
Denny of Delight, Arkansas

"CRATER OF DIAMONDS - JEWEL OF ARKANSAS"                            6.00
by Bobbie Hendrix - published 1989

published and edited by Karren Cox               per issue          2.00

"1890" CENSUS OF PIKE COUNTY ARKANSAS by                           15.00
Russell Pierce Baker - a "reconstruction"
has been made using the 1893 Pike County
Tax Receipt Book

"SWEET REMEMBRANCE - Caney Valley Childhood                        10.00
Memories of Flora Adella Adams Cosby"
compiled by Karen Cosby Roy, published 1984

CEMETERY RECORDS of PIKE COUNTY, ARKANSAS                          10.00
compiled by the Pike County Extension
Homemakers Council - copyright 1986

INDEX TO VOLUME I NUMBERS 1, 2, 3 and 4                             3.00
01 Dec 1990 (See BOOK REVIEW section
in this newsletter for more information
about this little leaflet).

Vol I #1 - Jan 1990                                                 2.00
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If PCAHS receives your 1990 membership dues before December 31, 1990 you
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President               Dewayne Gray, Rt. 2 Box 43
                        Murfreesboro, AR  71958

Vice President          Bobbie Hendrix, Box 41
                        Antoine, AR  71922

Secretary               Jan Jackson McGalliard
and Co-Editor           P.O. Box 96
                        Delight, AR  71940

Treasurer               Linda Wilson, P.O. Box 147, Delight, AR  71940

Co-Editor               Dorothy Kennedy Partain
                        P.O. Box 238
                        Murfreesboro, AR 71958

Contributing            Dee Hensley Baggett
Editor                  Rt. 3, Box 336-C
                        Amity, AR  91921


The Pike County Archives and History Society meets the first Monday night
of each month from 6:30 p.m. until 9:30 pm in the Murfreesboro Municipal
Building. The 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. time period is set aside for members and
guests to discuss and exchange ideas on history, genealogy, and effective
ways to do research. Business metting is held from 7:30 p.m. until 9:30
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