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"The Early History of Pike County, Arkansas"                         $12.00
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 Pike Conty Heritage Club - reprinted with                                 
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 Index and corrections.                                                    
"1870 Pike County Arkansas Printed U.S. Census"                       15.00
 by Dorothy Kennedy Partain                                                
"The Diary" (Family History) - Carlton Denny of                        3.00
"Crater of Diamonds" Jewel of Arkansas published                       6.00
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The Pike County Archives and History Society will review any book which is 
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not be removed from the PCAHS office. We would like to express our thanks  
and appreciation to the following people for their recent donations.       
Robert E. Walston, P.O. Box 206, Flint TX 75762 editor of "WALSTON WORLD   
WIDE". PCAHS received a copy of the March 1988 issue of this publication.  
This book which is spiral bound and contains 36 pages plus an every name   
Index is dedicated to Jery and Frances (Smith) Walston the parents of      
Robert E. Walston. Photocopies of marriage records, Family Group Sheets,   
Ancestor Charts and Census Records regarding the Walston surname are also  
included in this book. Although it has only 36 pages it is "packed" full of
information which would be of interest to many who are looking for         
WALSTONS. Information regarding availability and price of "WALSTON WORLD   
WIDE" may be obtained by writing to Mr. Robert E. Walston, Flint, TX at the
above address. Please include a SASE with correspondence.                  
                               SURNAME FILE                                
Dorothy Partain has spent many hours updating our surname file and as of   
June 1990 she has entered all surnames which have been submitted to PCAHS. 
If you have not as yet submitte your surnames, pedigree charts and family  
group records to PCAHS, you are missing an opportunity to possibly make    
contact with someone researching your family lines. Please take the time   
to forward your material to our Archives. This will be to your benefit as  
much as ours and will also perserve all your research for future           
generations of historians and genealogists.                                
PCAHS member Orene Merchant Moore has written to correct information       
regarding the SPARKS CEMETERY which was featured in our January 1990 issue 
of "The Gems'. *Please Note* Jane SPARKS BROWN was the daughter of David   
and Roda SPARKS not the daughter of HENRY SPARKS. We appreciate Orene      
bringing this to our attention and would like to encourage everyone to help
us locate our mistakes so that they may be corrected in future issues of   
"The Gems".                                                                
Henry Brewer of Pike County and Joseph McCraven of Sevier County, Arkansas 
were appointed commissioners by an act of the Territorial Legislature to   
define the boundary between Pike and Sevier counties. Elijah Kelley, Rice  
Stringer and John Dickson were elected commissioners to find a seat of     
justice for the newly formed county. (This election was held at the house  
of Paschal C. Sorrels, Monday January 6, 1834 and the commissioners were   
certified by Isaac Ward, Clerk of Clark County, Arkansas.)                 
Asa Thompson was one of several living in the area at this time and a post 
office had been set up in the Thompson home with Mr. Thompson as it's first
postmaster and given the name Zebulon. The Zebulon post office was moved   
to the county court house after it was completed. (Zebulon was never the   
name of the county seat or town, it was the name of the post office. The   
commissioners to locate the county seat provided the name of Murfreesboro  
in 1834). The post office name was changed to Murfreesboro on October 8,   
*Note from the Editors* The above "Bits of History" was submitted by David 
L. Kelley, Brandwine, MD. This information will be included in the         
forthcoming quarterly "Pike County Arkansas 1815-1899" copyright by David  
L. Kelley. PCAHS would like to thank Mr. Kelley for allowing us to print   
the above. The following article was also submitted by Mr. Kelley regarding
the Oliver Brewer Sr. family of Pike County, Arkansas.                     
               FOCUS ON FAMILY - Oliver Brewer Sr. Family                  
                      compiled by David L. Kelley                          
One of the early settlers of Pike County, Arkansas was Oliver Brewer Sr. He
came to Arkansas in 1818 or 1819 from Missouri and first located in        
Hempstead (now Pike) County. In 1826 he moved to Clark (now Pike) County,  
Arkansas and settled on the Clear Fork of the Little Missouri River and    
remained there until his death on October 13, 1834.                        
Oliver BREWER Sr. born Hillsboro District, Chatham County, North Carolina  
married first (wife unknown) in North Carolina. Their children:            
    (1)  John BREWER born ca. 1793 died 09 Apr 1845; married Elvira        
         ALEXANDER, 07 Sept 1815, Washington Co., MO.                      
    (2)  Oliver BREWER Jr. born ca. 1795 died 1832; married Elizabeth      
         L. (maiden name unknown); further research required.              
    (3)  Rosanna BREWER born ca. 1797 died prior 1840 leaving children;    
         married (unknown) HUGHITT (HUITT); evidence suggests Roland       
         Hughitt (Huitt).                                                  
    (4)  Henry BREWER born 30 Oct 1799 died 30 Apr 1876; married           
         Elizabeth HUGHITT (HEWITT or HUITT), 18 July 1829.                
Oliver Brewer Sr. born Hillsboro District, Chatham County, North Carolina  
married second (marriage bond issued 10 January 1804, Knox County,         
Tennessee), Mary HENDERSON, daughter of Samuel HENDERSON and Lucy RYCKMAN. 
Their children:                                                            
    (1)  Henderson BREWER born 15 Dec 1804 married first Berthena          
         (Bertha) WHITE; married second Elizabeth (maiden name             
    (2)  William Lewis BREWER born 03 Oct 1809 died 01 Mar 1871            
         married Elizabeth SORRELS daughter of George Washington           
         SORRELS and Mary B. CHALMERS/CHAMBERS.                            
    (3)  James Stephenson BREWER born 26 Jul 1811 died 12 Sept 1886        
         married Zerilda (Serilda) WHITE daughter of Absalom WHITE         
         03 Mar 1833 in Clark County, Arkansas.                            
    (4)  Lucinda BREWER born 13 Dec 1813 died 12 Dec 1886 married          
         first John M. DICKSON (murdered by Ezekial Williams Kerr          
         alias E.K. Williams, 02 Jul 1836, at Murfreesboro, Pike           
         County, Arkansas); married second Abijah DAVIS about 1839         
         in Pike County, Arkansas.                                         
    (5)  Rebecca BREWER born 12 Jan 1815 died 01 Jul 1899 married          
         first Paschal (Pascal) C. SORRELS son of George Washington        
         SORRELS and Mary B. CHALMERS/CHAMBERS; married second             
         James Erwin GRIFFIN about 1838 in Pike County, Arknasas;          
         married third Andrew B. ORRICK about 1850 in Pike County,         
         Arkansas; married fourth Alexander BARENTINE 28 Sept 1879         
         in Pike County, Arkansas.                                         
    (6)  Mary BREWER born 15 Mar 1820 died 31 Mar 1841.                    
    (7)  Mathilda (Matilda) BREWER born 03 Apr 1823 died 31 Mar 1841.      
    (8)  Luvisa BREWER born 07 Dec 1825 married William Harrison           
         PRESTON 29 May 1842 in Pike County, Arkansas.                     
An affidavit dated January 13, 1840 of John Brewer and his half-brother    
James Stephenson Brewer says: "... the same being the TWELVE CHILDREN of   
the said Oliver Brewer and the heirs of such of those of the twelve as     
have dec'd leaving children .." (Witnesses: John Hughes, James Hughes,     
Rice Stringer).                                                            
David L. Kelley, 12903 Wheatland Way, Brandywine, MD 20613-8895 requests   
the above information be shared with others and will welcome corrections   
and additions regarding any of these Pike County, Arkansas families.       
PCAHS would like to thank Mr. Kelley for sharing the above with PCAHS.     
                         "HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE"                           
If you have a "Coming Event" which would be of interest to our members,    
please write or call and let us know so that we may publish the details in 
our next Newsletter. REMEMBER - we will need to have the dates, time, place
and person to contact at least three months in advance for your "Event" to 
appear in the next newsletter.                                             
PIKE COUNTY FAIR - September 17-22, 1990 at the Pike County Fair Grounds,  
Glenwood, Arkansas. For more information contact Sue Baker, President of   
the Pike County Fair Association, Glenwood, Arkansas.                      
DIAMOND CITY GEM & MINERAL SHOW - September 21-23, 1990 - Pike County      
Municipal Building, Murfreesboro, Arkansas. The Municipal Building is      
located across the street from the Murfreesboro Post Office.               
and 3 November 1990, Holiday Inn Lake Hamilton (Highway 7 at Lake Hamilton)
- Hot Springs, Arkansas. For additional information you may write to       
Carolyn Earle Billingsley, 2301 Billingsley Lane, Alexander, Arkansas      
ADAMS/HORN REUNION - The descendants of Warren Lee ADAMS and Martha Ellen  
(HORN) ADAMS will be held the second Sunday in October 1990 in Glenwood,   
Arkansas. For more information contact Retha Adams, P.O. Box 65, Kirby,    
Arkansas 71950.                                                            
The DELIGHT HOMECOMING FESTIVAL which was sponsored by the Delight Chamber 
of Commerce was a great success. The Chamber was able to raise almost      
$1700.00 from events of the festival. All the proceeds will be used to     
help the community. According to an article printed in the May 9, 1990     
issue of the "Murfreesboro Diamond" the Delight Chamber of Commerce plans  
to make the HOMECOMING FESTIVAL an annual event. The Delight Museum which  
was located in the "Sunshine Corner" was in my opinion the highlight of the
festival. Billy and Karron Cox with daughters Kim and Kristie were in      
charge of the museum. Several items were on loan from the community. Over  
400 people signed the museum guest list. Jan Campbell provided a display   
about Delight native Glen Campbell and his family. Beth Hendrix provided a 
display about the Senator Olen Hendrix family. Also on display were many   
pictures of Southeast Pike County, Arkansas: old tools, quilts, toys,      
furniture, period clothing, and household items. Items were on loan from   
Beth Hendrix, Carlton Denny, Winfrey Reed, Grace Ann Riley, Mrs. Ed Lee and
Linda Wilson and many others.                                              
MURFREESBORO DIAMOND FESTIVAL which was held June 7-9, 1990 at the         
Murfreesboro Municipal Park was slated a success. PCAHS displayed our      
publications for sale on the side porch of the Bumgarner log cabin. This   
building was "rescued" and moved from its original site. "The Heritage     
Club" was instrumental in saving the log cabin. Our thanks to Bobbie       
Hendrix, Dorothy Partain and Dee Baggett for devoting their time to        
working at the Diamond Festival for PCAHS.                                 
                             ORAL HISTORIES                                
Special Collections, Riley-Hickingbotham Library, Ouachita Baptist         
University, recently received the Center for Rural Studies from the Joint  
Educational Consortium of Arkadelphia. The Center for Rural Studies was a  
project of the JEC, which is a cooperative association of Henderson State  
University, Ouachita Baptist University, and the Ross Foundation. The CRS  
initiated an oral history project in July 1980 focusing on the theme of    
rural families in transition. The recorded interviews supply a wealth of   
information on and insights into rural family life, religion, education,   
farming, the timber industry, and race relations. The collections include  
over 600 cassette tapes (most of which have been transcribed), 500 slides, 
photographs and negatives, and six cubic feet of related materials. For    
further information contact Wendy Richter, Archivist, Riley-Hickingbotham  
Library, Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71923.         
Telephone (501) 246-4531, Ext. 332.                                        
*PCAHS EDITOR'S NOTE* The Riley-Hickingbotham Library is also an           
outstanding library if searching for a Baptist minister or other           
information regarding the Baptists in the United States with special       
emphasis on Arkansas. "Special Collections" has many old church records on 
microfilm and often these records will contain genealogical information,   
obituaries and interesting historical descriptions. OBU also houses the    
Clark County Historical Association's printed and microfilmed material.    
OBU and Henderson University (with Methodist background) are excellent     
sources for church related research.                                       
PIKE COUNTY, ARKANSAS 1860 CENSUS                                          
Microcopy Publication M653 Roll 47                                         
ANTOINE Township                                                           
Household #485                                                             
STINNETT, Mason     46 m TN               Household #494
   Cyrene           39 f TN               BIGGS, A.           59 m SC
   Hugh             19 m MS                  M.A.             40 f TN
   P.A.             17 f MS                  W.H.             19 m TN
   David            14 m MS                  Virginia         16 f TN
   Eva               7 f AR                  A.C.             14 m TN
   John              5 m AR                  J.A.              9 m AR
   Rufus             1 m AR                  Molley A.         1 f AR
   Mason             1 m AR
                                          Household #495
Household #486                            KIRBY, W.L.         28 m AL
MOFFETT, E.F.       35 m TN                  S.C.             26 f TN
   Catharine        28 f TN                  A.J.              5 m AR
   James A.         10 m TN                  E.C               3 m AR
   E.F.              8 m AR                  E.R.              1 f AR
   N.J.              5 f AR                  James            21 m AL
   M.L.              3 f AR
   Luticia          19 f TN               Household #496
                                          WALTON, H.J.        21 m MS
Household #487                               S.A.             21 f SC
LIGHTSEY, Solomon   52 m SC                  M.D.           4/12 f AR
   Malinda          46 f SC               McCARTY, Wm.        21 m MS
   M.A.             20 f AL
   J.H.             17 m AL               Household #497
   L.A.             15 m MS               KIRBY, J.L.         58 m TN
   P.A.             14 f AL                  Emaline          38 f TN
   L.E.             12 f AL                  J.M.             19 m AL
   H.F.              7 m AL                  E.E.             17 f MS
   E.D.              5 f AL                  S.C.             15 f MS
                                             J.C.             12 f MS
Household #488                            REEVES, J.A.        12 m AR
BUCHANAN, Hiram     60 m VA                  Mary              8 f AR
   Mary             21 f TN               MOBLEY, M.J.        23 f AL
   Frances          18 f TN                  M.A.              2 f AR
   Florinda         13 f TN
   Alen              6 m AR               Household #498
SIMMONS, Jane       18 f AR               WALTON, M.W.        42 f AL
   Arabella         13 f AR                  J.S.             21 m MS
                                             Emoline          19 f MS
Household #489                               Louisa           17 f MS
CROW, Isaac         35 m GA                  David            15 m MS
   Jane             22 f TN                  Silas            12 m MS
   A.A.             12 m TX                  Raford            8 m AR
   J.M.             11 m TX                  Virginia          6 f AR
   M.A.             10 f TX                  Anna              4 f AR
   Catharine         5 f TX                  Millissia         2 f AR
   J.T.              4 m AR
   M.J.              1 f AR               Household #499
                                          PARKER, T.C.        32 m AL
Household #490                               M.S.             24 f MS
BUCHANAN, J.E.      33 m TN                  Lydia             2 f AR
   Elisabeth        23 f AR                  Ciccero        1/12 m AR
   G.H.              6 m AR
   E.C.              4 f AR               Household #500
   M.J.              1 f AR               JORDAN, James       25 m MS
SIMMONS, S.A.       12 f AR                  Jane             23 f AR
                                             D.E.              4 f AR
Household #491                               M.J.              2 f AR
McWHA, James        41 m IRE                 J.J.           7/12 m AR
   M.A.             25 f TN
   William           6 m AR               Household #501
   John              2 m AR               RIGGS, H.E.         30 m AL
   A.J.              1 f AR                  Sarah            31 f AL
                                             J.J.              6 m AL
Household #492                               M.J.              3 f AL
LEARD, D.R.         35 m NC                  W.E.          11/12 m AL
   Rebecca          31 f AL
   William V.       11 m AL               Household #502
   J.G.              9 m AL               GRAVES, L.A.        42 m TN
   D.E.           1/12 m AR                  Margret          29 f TN
                                             Wm.               9 m AR
Household #493                               M.E.              7 f AR
CARROLL, David      49 m SC                  Sterling          5 m AR
   Martha           46 f NC                  A.C.              2 m AR
   Catherine        23 f AL                  N.A.              2 f AR
   John             21 m AL
   Cicero           19 m AL               Household #503
   Amanda           13 f AL               COX, R.A.           47 m NC
                                             Ailsey           40 f TN
  ***********************************        W.S.             20 m AL
  * The 1860 Pike County Arkansas   *        Eli              17 m MS
  * Census has been published by    *        Izora            15 f AL
  * Arkansas Ancestors, 222 McMahan *        Martha           11 f AL
  * Drive, Hot Springs, AR 71913    *        Mary              5 f AL
  ***********************************        A.V.              2 f AL
                    "EARLY ARKANSAS INDIVIDUALIST"                         
                         by Melinda Ann Cubage                             
Russell P. Baker, CA Deputy Director of the Arkansas History Commission    
submitted the following article which was published in the Sunday Magazine 
Section of the Arkansas Gazette, January 2, 1944, page 5. Malinda Ann      
Cubage, granddaughter of Alexander B. Clingman, lived near Caddo Gap,      
Arkansas and was 90 years of age at the time this article appeared. The    
following is a brief summary of the Arkansas Gazette article.              
Alexander Brandon Clingman, one of the pioneer settlers of the Glenwood,   
Pike County, Arkansas area, was born in 1806 in Huntsville, North Carolina 
the son of Peter and Ann (Pointdexter) Clingman. He actually lived next to 
the site of the old Bethel Cemetery, Pike County, Arkansas where several of
his children have marked graves. This illustrious family may be traced back
to the mid 1200 A.D.                                                       
In 1829, Alexander married his first cousin, Ann Martha Clingman. He       
studied medicine in Georgia and commenced his practice in Tennessee.       
Dr. Alexander and Ann Martha Clingman came to Clark County, Arkansas in    
1834 and stopped first at what is now Hollywood, Arkansas. They were       
charter members of the Antioch Church of Christ of Delight, Arkansas. He   
was well versed in religion and while not a preacher, he enjoyed debating  
about religion and baptized many people in the creek behind his home.      
A large family of six boys and three girls were born to Dr. and Mrs.       
Clingman. The oldest son was Alexander Michael, also a doctor of medicine. 
The second son was a law student. The third son was studying for the       
ministry. The fourth hoped to be a doctor. They were all educated by       
tutors in the home and the education of each was completed by a year's     
study in Arkadelphia. Dr. Clingman's eldest daughter Elizabeth first       
married a young Dr. Robinson from North Carolina. After the death of her   
first husband, near Mt. Ida, Elizabeth married a Dr. Cross. Elizabeth's    
daughter Mary married Jesse Garner of near Amity. Dr. Clingman's second    
daughter, Jane, married Dr. Alfred Jones who studied medicine under Dr.    
Clingman. Dr. Alfred Jones and Jane (Clingman) Jones are the ancestors of  
the Jones family of Jones Valley, Caddo Gap, Arkansas. The youngest        
daughter Mattie married Thomas Berry Strickland. Mattie and Jane are       
buried in the Amity cemetery.                                              
Dr. Clingman died September 19, 1881 and Mrs. Clingman on September 18,    
Our thanks to Russell P. Baker for sharing this interesting article which  
was filled with amusing anecdotes and insight into the Clingman family.    
Copies of this article may be obtained from PCAHS or the Arkansas History  
                       All Queries Free to Members                         
CATES            Mrs. Norman Barnett, P.O. Box 96, Smiley, TX 78159-0096:  
CLINGAN          Wishes to correspond with others researching the surnames 
REID             CATES, CLINGAN, REID, and START of Pike County, Arkansas. 
BURKE            Jean Cathey, Rt. 2 Box 1293, Quinlan, TX 75474:           
RABJOHN          Researching BURKE, RABJOHN, CATHEY, SWAIM and would like  
CATHEY           to correspond with others interested in these families.   
CHESSHIR         Ann Chesshir, 3828 Fenton Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76133:   
CHESSHIER        Seeks info on Zachias CHESSHIR and his wife Ketura who    
WOMACK           died in 1875. They were in Pike County, Arkansas about    
HALE             1860-1870. John the Baptist CHESSHIR died 1903 in Arkansas
                 and Nancy WOMACK died 1915 in Arkansas. David Jordan      
CHESSHIR died 1890/91 in Arkansas and Rebecca (HALE) CHESSHIR died 03 March
1844 probably in Pike County, Arkansas.                                    
HARRIS           Hazel Clark, 601 N. Hazel St., Pampa, TX 79065: Elizabeth 
CLARK            HARRIS born GA age 65 in 1860 Pike County, Arkansas census
                 living in the Joel CLARK household. Would like to contact 
descendants or relatives living in Pike County, Arkansas at present.       
GARNER           Janine J. Gremillion, P.O. Box 52006, Shreveport,         
RHODES           Louisiana is interested in corresponding with anyone      
                 researching the GARNER or RHODES surnames in the          
Clark/Pike County, Arkansas area.                                          
RENO             Barbara Harville, 919 Butler, St., Metropolis, IL 62960:  
WOOD             John P. RENO born 28 Jan 1864 in Pike County, Arkansas    
BRUER            died 09 July 1941 married on 31 Mar 1888, Florence Minnie 
                 WOOD born 30 May 1871 Pike County, Arkansas died 08 Mar   
1920. John T. RENO son of Mary Jane BRUER married Eddie May RENO.          
Appreciate any help.                                                       
KENDRICK         Relda (Kendrick) Miller, 526 South 13th Street,           
MARTIN           Collinsville, OK 74021: Seeks info regarding marriage     
                 record of Hezekiah W. KENDRICK and Sally MARTIN probably  
married 1912 in Glenwood, Pike County, Arkansas.                           
LEFEVERS         Lois New, 1905 Regency, Moore, OK 73160: Elizabeth Arminda
JACOBS           JACOBS age 25, 1860 Pike County, Arkansas census in Isaac 
EPPERSON         LEFEVERS household, 1870 listed in William BELL household,
MEEKS            1880 listed as "mother" in George W. JACOBS household,    
BELL             1900 census in Alex MEEKS household listed as "aunt".     
                 Confederate pension papers state Arminda JACOBS was the   
wife of Thomas Van Buren JACOBS. George T. EPPERSON was father (in-law) of 
(George Washington) JACOBS. Was Elizabeth Arminda JACOBS born ca. 1835 a   
LEFEVERS before her marriage? Where is she buried? Shiloh, Star of the     
BREWER           Wilma V. Ranger, 9105 Berkshire Loop S.E., Olympia, WA    
HENDERSON        98503: Oliver and Mary (HENDERSON) BREWER, James Erwin    
GRIFFIN          family, he married Rebecca BREWER daughter of Oliver. Ms. 
                 Ranger has information regarding Rebecca and her (4) four 
marriages. Appreciate Any help 1800-1900.                                  
LASTER           Sherry Ray, P.O. Box 148, Kountze, TX 77625: Ada LASTER   
                 buried near Daisy, Pike County, Arkansas? Had son Eulan   
Ernest LASTER who went to school at Kirby, Pike County, Arkansas. His      
father was John Thomas Alexander LASTER. Can anyone help with the LASTER   
HILL             Mrs. Robert L. Tayar, 2612 North West 60th, Oklahoma City,
GOLDEN           OK 73112: Seeking parents of Myra Miami HILL died 1912    
                 married William Turner GOLDEN. Myra Miami (HILL) GOLDEN   
possibly buried at Mt. Joy Cemetery, Pike County, Arkansas. Also would like
nformation regarding funeral homes, if any, in Pike County, Arkansas area  
about 1912.                                                                
PINION           Charlett R. Vaughn, 714 North Washington, El Dorado,      
PENYON           Kansas 67042: Seeking info regarding Mary Ellen PINION or 
WALKER           PENYON who married Benjamin F. WALKER and Maudie PINION   
HEWITT           who married George W. HEWITT. They lived in Pike County,  
                 Arkansas about 1890. John PINION died before the Civil War
and was the father of Mary Ellen (PINION) WALKER and Maudie (PINION)       
McCARLY          Violet Wiggins, 5543 Maryland Drive, Concord, CA 94521:   
McCARTY          Would like any information about her grandparents. William
McCAULEY         H. McCARLY b. 1866 lived in Pike County, Arkansas late    
STURDIVANT       1880's. John STURDIVANT married Marinda HORN lived 1860 in
HORN             Clark County, Arkansas, 1870 Pike County, Arkansas, 1880  
                 Howard County, Arkansas. Appreciate any help.             
BLOCKER          Kay Davis, 316 Chuckwagon Tr., Willow Park, TX 76089: John
STONE            BLOCKER Sr. and his wife Sarah from Missouri to Pike      
DICKSON          County, Arkansas 1835-1838. Lived along (the) Little      
                 Missouri River near S.A. DICKSON and Wm. STONE land. Sarah
wife of John BLOCKER Sr. lived with Wm. STONE after death of her husband.  
Also need info (on) John BLOCKER Jr. (1835-1838) Pike County, Arkansas;    
William BLOCKER (1836-1837) Pike County, Arkansas; Timothy Blocker         
Poinsett County, Arkansas); and Davis BLOCKER (Poinsett County, Arkansas). 
In Hopkins County, Texas by 1860. Any help appreciated.                    
WALLACE          Marticia Wallace, 1419 University, Durant, OK 74701: Seeks
MUSGROVE         correspondence with anyone researching these Pike County, 
VICKERY          Arkansas surnames. Also interested in corresponding with  
CARROLL          RISNERS of Izard, Stone and Van Buren Counties, Arkansas. 
DUGGAN           Many of these families migrated to Oklahoma and Texas.    
WALSTON          Robert E. Walston, P.O. Box 206, Flint, TX 75762: Mr.     
                 Walston publishes "WALSTONS of the WORLD" as information  
becomes available and would appreciate hearing from anyone interested in   
the WALSTON surname.                                                       
RAY              Linda Meek, 3514 Baywood Dr., Shreveport, LA 71118:       
ALFORD           Seeking info regarding Dave ALFORD and wife Ellen JOURDAN,
JOURDAN          Quincy Albert RAY and wife Mary ALFORD. (Editor's Note -  
                 Our surname file helped Linda make contact with PCAHS     
member Lee Ann Turner of Alaska - who also works on this ALFORD line).     
HUGHES           Bill Chappel, 208 Laurel Wood Lane, Monroe, LA 71202:     
                 James HUGHES listed 1850 and 1860 Redland Township,       
Hempstead County, Arkansas living near Hickory Creek bordering Pike County,
Arkansas; enlisted in Confederate Army at age 48 - died of pneumonia after 
Civil War leaving children. James HUGHES' children eventually went to live 
with Joshua HUGHES in Montgomery County, Arkansas. Appreciate any help.    
ROGERS           Alice Shirley, P.O. Box 253, Glenwood, AR 71943: Would    
PARSLEY          like any help with the family of William M. RODGERS born  
                 Alabama married Sarah E. PARSLEY born Oklahoma - son Earl 
born 1909 near Rosboro, Pike County, Arkansas. Sarah reputed to be Cherokee
Indian. Also would like to locate books: Emmett Starr's "History of the    
Cherokee Indians" and George M. Bell's "Old and New Cherokee Families".    
BITTICK          Dorothy L. Miller, 540 Solano N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87108:
BUTLER           Researching any and all BITTICK (any spelling) names in   
ASHABRANNER      Arkansas. Seeking her great great grandfather Jonathan    
WOOD             BITTICK who left Clark County, Arkansas ca. 1830 for      
WILLIAMS         Texas. Related families BUTLER and ASHABRANNER moved from 
McLAUGHLIN       Clark County, Arkansas to Texas at the same time. Robert  
MELSON           and wife Sarah (HENTHORN) BITTICK supposed to have resided
BLEVINS          Billstown, Pike County, Arkansas in 1830's and 1840's.    
                 Jesse BITTICK son of Samuel was in Pike County, Arkansas  
on the 1840-1850 census. Other names connected with this family: WOOD,     
WILLIAMS, McLAUGHLIN, MELSON, BLEVINS.                                     
WHISENHUNT       Wilma Gragg, 221 W. Main, Ozark, AR 72949: Wishes to      
WHISENANT        correspond with anyone who is researching the surname     
                 WHISENHUNT in Pike or Montgomery County, Arkansas.        
HORN             Dorothy Horn Bevard, 7974 Hillsboro, Ct., Pleasanton, CA  
CANTRELL         94588: Seeking info on Jay Hugh HORN born 10 May 1893 son 
TUCKER           of Elkaner & Mary CANTRELL HORN, also other children - Ora
                 Lee married 1915 Jake SMALLING Jr., Asa Lee, Ellis and    
Albert HORN. Also James HORN, Elijah HORN; and Bytel HORN (son of James    
ORN) and wife Elizabeth N. TUCKER. L.D. CANTRELL of Antoine, Arkansas - all
of the above are Pike County, Arkansas families.                           
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