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                            BITS OF HISTORY                                
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church now located at Glenwood, Arkansas was     
organized on August 5, 1848 with seven charter members at the home of      
Deacon William F. Browning two miles northeast of the present site of      
Amity, Arkansas. These three brothers and four sisters were William F.     
Browning, his wife Mary L. (Burk) Browning, William Tucker, Jesse          
Cunningham, Frances Maynard (or Mainor), Nancy Fooshe, and Mary Browning.  
Elders William Hardage and William L. Anderson were the officials who      
oversaw the congregation. The preceding was abstracted from an article     
which appears on pages 32-33 of "The Early History of Pike County,         
                            ARCHIVES UPDATE                                
Index to the 1883 Real Estate Tax Book for Pike County, Arkansas donated   
by Russell P. Baker.                                                       
Pike County Post Offices - Name, date established, location, and comments -
donated by Russell P. Baker.                                               
1890 Reconstructed Census of Pike County, Arkansas donated by Russell P.   
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Stores. Individuals are not eligible. The entire label or UPC code (these  
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Grocery located in Murfreesboro and Amity are two of the participating     
Affiliated Food Stores which offer these products. Please mail your labels 
to one of the PCAHS officers so that we may take advantage of this fund    
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The Pike County Archives and History Society meets the first Thursday night
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Building. The Municipal Building is located directly opposite the          
Murfreesboro Post Office. The 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. time is set aside so  
that members and guests may exchange information on families, history, or  
ideas about methods of researching and to give everyone an opportunity to  
socialize once a month. Business meeting is held from 7:30 p.m. until 9:30 
p.m. Annual membership dues are $5.00. Lifetime membership dues $100.00.   
                              BOOK REVIEWS                                 
The Pike County Archives and History Society will review any book which is 
donated to our Archives. These books may be used for reference only and may
not be removed form the PCAHS office. We would like to express our thanks  
and appreciation to the following people for their recent donations.       
Karen (Cosby) Roy, Rt. 4, Box 660, Mena, AR  71953, donation of her book   
"Sweet Remembrance" - Caney Valley Childhood Memories of Flora Adella Adams
Cosby, published 1984. This book contains information on the following     
cost of the above mentioned book is $10.00 and contains 113 pages with     
interesting highlights of life in the early days of Caney Valley, Arkansas.
Sue Stevenson, Box 367, San Juan, TX  78589, donation of the book          
"Reflections of Hard Times Endured" by Jeff Davis, published 1989. Jeff    
Davis is the father of Sue (Davis) Stevenson. Mr. Davis is the son of      
Nathan and Mauna (Head) Davis who lived in the Brocktown area of Pike      
County, Arkansas. Other names connected with this family: HENDERSON and    
ALFORD. There are many memories of Pike County, Thompson Township,         
Arkansas. Price information for this book may be obtained by writing       
directly to Sue Stevenson at the above address. We would also like to thank
Ms. Stevenson for submitting several logos for use in our newsletter.      
Mrs. Mary R. Fields, 704 Clearfield Rd., Dallas, TX  75217, donation of the
book "William Simmons of Wanye County, Tennessee and Descendants" by Jack  
Simmons Jenkins, 421 Fenwick Dr., San Antonio, TX  78239, published 1987.  
This book is spiral bound with 96 pages and is indexed. Several family     
histories in the Langley, Pike County, Arkansas area are included in this  
HARTNESS, RISNER, and JONES, and many others. Price information may be     
obtained from Mrs. Mary R. Fields at the above address.                    
                              SURNAME FILE                                 
The Surname files are on 4x6 index cards and contain information regarding 
to researcher's name, surname being researched, place of birth, death,     
marriage, etc. These files will have a cross reference by surname and      
researcher's name. We are doing our best to update this file. Please       
submit your Surnames aso that they may be included in our update.          
Please take a few moments and tell us which surnames you are researching   
and the dates which apply to the surnames.                                 
SURNAME (include surname and given name(s)                                 
PLACES LIVED / TIME PERIOD                                                 
NAME OF FATHER                                                             
NAME OF MOTHER                                                             
PLACE OF BIRTH                                                             
IMPORTANT EVENT (date of birth, marriage, etc.)                            
MARRIED (whom? when? where? If more than one spouse please list)           
In the early fall of 1989, Jane Terrell, President of the Murfreesboro     
Community Foundation requested PCAHS to participate in the decoration of   
the Old Conway Hotel. The Hotel was to be decorated in period Christmas    
decorations from the early 1900's.                                         
The Tuesday before Thanksgiving some of the PCAHS members met for lessons  
on wreath making and bow tying, patiently taught by Kathleen Smith and     
Linda Wilson. The wreaths were formed from layers of magnolia leaves, blue 
cedar, holly with red berries, pine cones and sweet gum balls, topped with 
a hugh red bow. The crowning point of the wreaths were the sprigs of dried 
China berries tucked here and there.                                       
The Saturday after Thanksgiving, members of PCAHS met to begin the         
decorating of the Hotel. Each focal window boasted a single electric candle
- the only modern decoration used. Three wreaths, nestled in greenery and  
showing up with majestic beauty, were spot lighted on the second floor. Two
wreaths and a simple luscious "fresh fruit fan and fruit swag" fashioned by
Kathleen Smith were spot lighted on the ground floor.                      
Never in the lifetime of the writer has a town been more beautifully       
decorated as was Murfreesboro with thousands of golden lights, greenery,   
and red bows. Not to mention the wooden figures depicting all the different
aspects of Christmas. The Nativity Scene, the Snowman, Santa and his elves 
and reindeer along with the Christmas Carolers all were wonderful but the  
most serene and much admired was our beautifully decorated Conway Hotel.   
                              DISPLAY CASE                                 
           Located in the Foyer of the Murfreesboro Courthouse             
On loan to PCAHS from Kathleen Cooley Smith are Valentines from the early  
1900's which belonged to her late husband Taylor Smith. These items were   
placed in our display case along with a newspaper clipping "REMEDIES for   
HEART TROUBLES" which was very apropos in celebration of St. Valentine's   
Day. Also on loan from Mrs. Smith were Primary Sunday School stories ca.   
1911, a crochet book ca. 1916, and a newspaper "Bengin Social Visitor",    
Bengin, Hempstead County, Arkansas dated 13 May 1886, Volume 2, Number 40. 
These items will be featured in our Display Case in March 1990. We would   
like to express our thanks and gratitude to Mrs. Smith for sharing the     
above material.                                                            
                             FAMILY REUNION                                
WILSON - The descendants of the Sam and Lillian WILSON family will have a  
family reunion Sunday, May 27, 1990 at the Riverside Pavilion on Lake      
Greeson, Pike County, Arkansas. Lunch will be at 12:30 p.m. Family and     
friends are encouraged to come and bring old photos and mementos; for more 
information contact Linda Wilson, P.O. Box 147, Delight, AR 71940.         
Abstracted from "ARKANSAS TOWNSHIP ATLAS" a history of the minor civil     
divisions of each Arkansas county by Russell P. Baker, Deputy Director of  
the Arkansas History Commission, and a native of Pike County, Arkansas.    
We the Editor's would like to thank Mr. Baker for allowing us to reprint   
this material.                                                             
                      PIKE COUNTY - Formed 1833                            
                      Parents Counties:  Clark and Hempstead               
                      County Seat:  Murfreesboro                           
Antoine       Created before 1850. Part to Eagle between 1890-1900.        
Brewer        Created before 1836. Part annexed to Howard County in 1873.  
Caney Fork    Created in 1858. Part to Pike City twp. btween 1890-1900.    
Clark         Annexed from Clark County in 1873.                           
Missouri      Created before 1836. Part to Wolf Creek in 1876.             
Mountain      Created in 1858. Part to Eagle between 1890-1900.            
Pike City     Created between 1890-1900 from part of Caney Fork.           
Saline        Created between 1890-1900 from part of Missouri.             
Self Creek    Created between 1880-1890.                                   
Thompson      Created before 1836.                                         
White         Created before 1850.                                         
Wolf Creek    Created in 1877 from annexed parts of Clark County and       
              Missouri twp.                                                

Microcopy Publication M653 Roll 47

Household #441                            Household #464
HOLCOMB, Wm.        35 m GA               WISNER, J.          26 m AL
   Elisabeth        25 f "                   N.G.             19 f GA
   G.C.             11 m "                   Oliver           18 m "
   H.C.              9 m "              
   Wm.               5 m "                Household #465
   not reported      1 m AR               BROWN, R.S.         34 m TN
                                             E.J.             34 f SC
Household #442                               F.M.             14 f AL
OSBORN, W.E.        29 m GA                  M.E.              7 f AR
   R.I.             25 f "                   R.C.              5 f "
   Murilza           7 f "              
   A.S.              4 f "                Household #466
   Henrietta         2 f "                SPARKS, David       54 m GA
   M.V.             23 m "                   Rhoda            54 f SC
Household #443                            Household #467
PRICHARD, James     34 m Ind              HENLEY, Jackson      49 m TN
   Sarah            34 f KY                  Matilda           49 f "
   George           12 m Ind                 A.J.              15 m AR
   Jobe             10 m "                   Jane              14 f "
                                             Samule            12 m "
Household #444                               David             12 m "
WOOD, J.T.          49 m KY                  Michael            9 m "
   Sausanah         49 f "              
   J.C.             17 m AR               Household #468
   J.T.             13 m "                BUSH, Wm.            38 m VA
   R.K.             11 m "                   Elisabeth         33 f KY
   G.B.              9 m "                   John              11 m AR
   W.D.              6 m "                   G.W.               8 m "
   E.J.              4 m "                   Wm.                6 m "
                                             M.E.               2 f "
Household #445                               Martha          5/12 f "
HOLCOM, John        37 m GA                  Mary            5/12 f "
   N.M.             26 f "
   Mary              3 f AR               Household #469
   W.L.           8/12 m "                BROWN, J.C.          25 m MS
                                             M.A.              22 f "
Household #446
HOLCOM, Marion      28 m GA               Household #470
   Carline          23 f "                PARKER, Samuel       65 m NC
   N.J.              5 f "                   Nancy             47 f GA
   M.A.              3 f AL                  Wm.               21 m MS
                                             Clementine         7 f "
Household #447                               Leanner            5 f AR
CAMPBELL, N.H.      60 f GA
   T.A.             25 m "                Household #471
                                          WEST, Benj.         66 m SC
Household #448                               Priscillia       47 f "
PENNINGTON, J.W.    21 m TN                  J.M.             26 m GA
   Rebecca          19 f "                OHAIR, M.A.         16 f AL
   J.W.              1 m "
                                          Household #472
Household #449                            Wallace, John       30 m GA
BEAN, Jonathan      59 m NC                  Lucinda          30 f "
   Hulda            59 f GA                  M.E.              8 f "
   Jane             15 f "                   G.A.              7 f "
   M.J.              7 f AR                  Wm.               4 m AR
WILLIAMS, Tabitha   27 f GA                  Jessee            1 m "
   M.J.              4 f AR
   Josafine          2 f "                Household #473
   W.H.              1 m "                HUGHETT, J.O.       43 m IL
                                             E.J.             32 f TN
Household #450                               C.E.E.           15 f AR
JOHNSTON, Isabella  50 f TN                  C.E.             13 f "
   W.A.             23 m AR                  James            10 m "
   U.M.             18 m "                   Wm.               8 m "
   A.W.             13 m "                   J.O.              6 m "
   N.E.             10 f "                   M.A.              3 f "
   M.S.              8 f "                   R.E.           4/12 f "
   Lydia             5 f "
                                          Household #474
Household #451                            FOX, J.C.           25 m GA
PHILLIPS, J.W.      47 m TN                  Sausan           25 f "
   Nancy            39 f "                   J.M.              4 m AR
   A.H.             20 m "                   John M.           2 m "
   J.S.             15 m "                   John             76 m NC
   E.M.              5 f AR                  Rachel           69 f "
   N.W.              2 f "
   Tennessee         1 f "                Household #475
                                          WOODALL, S.A.       22 m GA
Household #452                               Sausan           66 f "
PHILLIPS, Joseph    23 m TN               JOHNSON, Frank      15 m SC
   Francina         25 f AR
                                          Household #476
Household $453                            BABITT, John        26 m AR
WOOD, J.H.          26 m AL                  Elisabeth        26 f GA
   M.J.             21 f GA                  Samule P.         4 m AR
   H.J.              3 m AR                  Wm.              10 m IND
   S.E.           9/12 f "                   Elias             1 m AR

Household #454                            Household #477
CARPENTER, John     42 m KY               WOODALL, J.G.       35 m GA
   Jane             30 f AR                  Amanda           32 f "
   Sarah            14 f "                   J.P.              7 m "
   Rebecca          12 f "                   W.S.              5 m "
   Matilda           9 f "                   P.S.              3 m "
   Elmina            6 f "                   M.S.              2 f AL
   Amanda            4 f "
   R.K.              1 m "                Household #478
                                          WOODALL, P.M.       32 m GA
Household #455                               Mary             23 f AR
CAMPBELL, C.J.C.    40 m GA                  Sausan            3 f "
   Nancy            29 f "                   N.E.              1 f "
   M.V.              9 f AL                  Eliza          2/12 f "
   M.E.B.            7 f "                BABBITT, Sarah      19 f "
   S.A.              5 f "                   John              1 m "
   L.J.              1 f AR
                                          Household #479
Household #456                            COOK, J.H.          34 m GERMANY
WALTON, A.M.        40 m TN                  J.A.             28 f GA
   Kizzia           29 f MS                  J.G.             10 m IND
   Malvina           7 f AR                  W.H.              7 m "
   George            5 m "                   M.L.              1 f AR
   John              2 m "
GOOCH, Thompson      9 m "                Household #480
                                          JORDAN, Powel       28 m MS
Household #457                               H.E.             23 f AL
SPARKS, Henry       56 m GA                  J.T.              3 m AR
   Martha           53 f SC                  M.E.              2 f "
   J.B.             20 m AL               CUSHSHOWN, P.A.     48 f GA
   H.T.             12 m "
   E.A.             28 f GA               Household #481
   L.T.             13 f AL               WOODALL, C.J.       32 m GA
                                             M.E.             24 f "
Household #458                               J.H.              5 m AR
McDONNELL, H.W.     28 m AL                  M.E.              3 f "
   M.J.             22 f AR                  Emily          3/12 F "
   J.N.S.            1 m "
                                          Household #482
Household #459                            REED, Seaborn       44 m TN
SPARKS, W.E.        28 m GA                  Nancy            32 f AR
   Veda             23 f "                   W.J.             14 m "
   M.E.              4 f AR                  A.B.             11 m "
   Rebecca           3 f "                   H.E.              9 f "
   M.J.              1 m "                   M.A.              1 f "

Household #460                            Household #483
WILSON, W.A.        32 m GA               KING, J.M.          43 m SC
   Elisabeth        27 f "                   Leona            40 f AL
   J.R.              9 m "                   Zacharia         12 m AR
   M.E.              7 f "                   W.H.              5 m "
   J.D.              4 m AR                  J.R.             15 m "
   Martin           20 m GA
BEAN, Wm.           20 m "                Household #484
                                          STOKES, John        27 m NC
Household #461                               J.M.             21 f AL
HAWKINS, John       36 m AL                  M.J.              6 f MS
   N.A.             24 f GA                  N.S.              5 f "
   J.B.              6 m "                   S.C.              3 m "
   R.C.              4 f AR                  C.D.              1 m AR
                                             J.M.             17 m SC
Household #462
BUCK, Absalom       20 m GA
   Priscilla        20 f "
Household #463                        * The 1860 Pike County, Arkansas  *
WILSON, J.N.        34 m GA           * Census has been published by    *
   Bethiar          26 f "            * Arkansas Ancestors, 222 McMahan *
   Louisa            9 f "            * Drive, Hot Springs, AR 71913    *
   Elisha            6 m "            ***********************************
   Elisabeth         5 f "
   Josafine          1 f AR

This concludes the 1860 Census of Pike County, CANEYFORK TOWNSHIP,         
Arkansas. Please use the above material as a guide to the microfilm copy.  
The microfilm copy will contain more information than the above Index and  
also (the) transcriber could have made typing errors or misinterpreted the 
spelling of some surnames, ages, places of birth, etc. The 1860 Pike County
Arkansas Federal Census is available on microfilm and can be viewed in the 
PCAHS Archives located in the Murfreesboro, Arkansas Courthouse.           
               FOCUS ON FAMILY - Henry S. Sparks (1804-1864)               
Henry S. Sparks the son of Jeremiah and Nancy (maiden name unknown) Sparks 
was born 22 April 1804 in Franklin County, Georgia and died 15 March 1864  
in Pike County, Arkansas. Henry S. Sparks married Martha Osborn on 05      
November 1829 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Martha (Osborn) Sparks was born 
ca 1807 in South Carolina and died 08 January 1864 in Pike County,         
Arkansas. Henry S. and Martha (Osborn) Sparks had the following children   
according to (the) family record copied into the Bible of John Henry and   
Margaret (Sparks) Wood daughter of Henry S. and "Marthy" (Osburn) Sparks:  
    (1)   Russell Jones Sparks born 24 August 1830 married Sarah           
          Caroline Osborn.                                                 
    (2)   William Erwin Sparks born 10 September 1831 married Bedy         
          Caroline Osborn.                                                 
    (3)   Elizabeth Ann "Becky" Sparks born 21 July 1833 married           
          John Cox.                                                        
    (4)   Nancy Caroline "Cindy" Sparks born 30 April 1835 married         
          W.M. Jinkins (Jenkins).                                          
    (5)   Margaret Jane Sparks born 23 November 1836 married John          
          Henry Wood.                                                      
    (6)   Rutha Marier Sparks born 10 May 1838 died 12 July 1939.          
    (7)   John Britton J. Sparks born 22 August 1840 married Sarah         
          E. Carpenter.                                                    
    (8)   Martha Manurvey Sparks born 07 September 1844 died 07            
          September 1844.                                                  
    (9)   Sarah Amanda Lousinda Trimble Sparks born 23 June 1846           
          married Jett Millard Davis.                                      
   (10)   Henry Teague "Doc" Sparks born 15 October 1849 married           
          "Susaner" Jane Griffin.                                          
The 1850 Census finds Henry S. SPARKS and his family living in Cherokee    
County, Alabama. Shortly after 1850 Henry S. Sparks, his wife "Marthy" and 
several of his children moved to Arkansas. They are listed in the 1860 Pike
County, Caney Fork Township, Arkansas Census; their Post Office listed as  
Redland, Arkansas. It is very interesting to read the Caney Fork Township  
Census records. Many of the families who settled in Caney Fork Township    
probably traveled with the Sparks and Osburn families when they removed to 
Arkansas. One must keep in mind that one family rarely traveled alone in   
our early history but moved along in a caravan. For many families the trip 
only took a few weeks but more often than not it would take several years  
because the caravan would stop to make a crop for the trek across country. 
It was not unusual for all the families to be related, either by marriage  
or blood. As one can see by studying this census record, Henry S. and      
Martha (Osburn) Sparks helped populate Pike County, Arkansas and added much
to the history in the area. Some of the descendants of Henry S. SPARKS and 
his wife "Marthy" (Osburn) SPARKS still live in Pike County, Arkansas.     
Much of the above material was abstracted from "THE SPARKS QUARTERLY" - The
Official Publication of the Sparks Family Association". This family        
association has been in existence since March of 1953. The Sparks Family   
Association "motto" which appears as the heading of each quarterly is an   
Old Chinese Proverb which the editors feel any genealogist will appreciate:
"To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree       
without a root". The quarterlies are well presented and an enjoyment to    
read. The last quarterly of each year contains an Index. Inquiries         
regarding membership to this family association may be obtained by writing 
to Mr. B.J. Sparks, 16727 58th Place W., Lynnwood, WA 98036 or Russell E.  
Bidlack, Editor, 1709 Cherokee Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104.            
PCAHS would like to thank Mr. B.J. Sparks for his recent donation of the   
1988 and 1989 issues of "THE SPARKS QUARTERLY". These quarterlies may be   
viewed at the PCAHS office located on the third floor of the Murfreesboro, 
AR courthouse.                                                             
                         PUBLICATIONS FOR SALE                             
"The Early History of Pike County, Arkansas"                         $12.00
 The First One Hundred Years published by                                  
 Pike County Heritage Club - reprinted with permission                     
 in 1989 by PCAHS - now includs Index and correstions                      
"1870 Pike County Arkansas Printed U.S. Census"                       15.00
 by Dorothy Kennedy Partain (*NOTE* Price misprinted                       
 in Vol. I No. 1 newsletter)                                               
"The Diary" (Family History)                                           3.00
 Carlton Denny of Delight                                                  
"Crater of Diamonds: Jewel of Arkansas" published                      6.00
 1989 by Bobbie Hendrix (*NOTE* The Editors would                          
 like to apologize to Ms. Bobbie Hendrix for misprinting                   
 the title of her book in Vol. I No. 1 of our                              
 newsletter - the above is the correct title)                              
"The Old Time Chronicle"                                                   
 by Karron Cox                                                             
 1989 - back issues (when ordering back issues      each copy only     2.00
 please specify the month you wish to receive)                             
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Record of appointment of Post Masters 1832 - Sept. 30, 1971                
National Archives Microfilm Publication M841 Roll #8                       
ARKANSAS:  Madison - Sarber counties                                       
POST OFFICE - Redland, Arkansas                                            
Postmaster                Established     Discontinued     Re-Established  
Buchannon, Hiram          07 Mar 1860     09 Jul 1866      10 Jun 1867     
Buchannon, Hiram          10 Jun 1867                                      
Carroll, David            08 Aug 1867                                      
Cogburn, James            05 May 1871                                      
Parker, Alexander W.      23 Jul 1872                                      
Babbit, William           27 May 1875     11 Aug 1875      29 Jun 1877     
Alford, James A.          26 Jun 1877                                      
Tourner, A.C.             26 Mar 1883                                      
Roper, C.                 11 Jul 1883     19 Nov 1883      Mail to Kirby   
POST OFFICE - Caney Fork, Arkansas                                         
Postmaster                Established     Discontinued     Re-Established  
Wagner, John              23 July 1879                                     
                       All Queries FREE to Members                         
*Editor's Note* In this issues of the newsletter we are including queries  
which are on file in our Archives. The date which appears in parenthesis   
at the end of each query is the date inquiry was received or answered by   
our Archives.                                                              
STRINGER         David L. Kelley, 12903 Wheatland Way, Brandywine, MD      
DAVIS            20613-8895: Rice STRINGER b. 1799 in NC married (apx) 1826
CAMPBELL         in Clark (now Pike) County, AR Rachel DAVIS b. ca. 1809 in
HANCOCK          Ill. daughter of Jeremiah and Stacia Davis. Issue: (1)    
HENSLEY          daughter under 5 years in 1830 Clark Co. AR census no     
                 futher record; (2) Joseph Stringer b. ca 1829 in Clark    
Co., AR married Cassandra ? (possibly CAMPBELL); (3) Angeline Stringer b.  
1835 married John D. Hancock son of William T. Hancock and Elizabeth       
Dickson; (4) Abijah Stringer b. 1837 married ? died March 1860 in Pike Co.,
AR; (5) Rice Stringer b. 1839; (6) Daniel Stringer b. 1841; (7) Lucinda J. 
Stringer b. 1844; (8) Isadora Stringer b. 1847; (9) Mary A. Stringer b.    
1849. One of the daughters of Rice and Rachel (Davis) Stringer married     
William Barney HENSLEY born 1845/46 in Pike Co., AR. He was the son of     
George W. Hensley and Sarah "Sally" (maiden name unknown) Hensley. Can     
anyone verify which daughter? (Feb 1990)                                   
CLAYTON          Velma Seale, Rt. 1, Box 418, Arkadelphia, AR 71923:       
RANDALL          Willis Allen CLAYTON b. 12 Mar 1876 IL d. 28 Dec 1946,    
FIELDS           Holly Springs, AR married 28 Feb 1906, Dellie Ruby RANDALL
SEALE            FIELDS b. Oct 1887 in Christian, Co., KY d. 1919          
BURNS            Murfreesboro, AR daughter of Clara Ida RANDALL            
                 step-daughter of John FIELDS. Willias Allen and Dellie    
Ruby Randall Fields, children: (1) William R. b. 1907 d. age 8 months; (2) 
Henry R. b. ? died young ?; (3) Willis Wadley b. 15 Oct 191(3) d Oct 1989  
married Reba SEALE; (4) Mary Ethel b. 28 Oct 1914 married James Robert     
SEALE; (5) Rosa Lee b. 18 Oct 1915 d. 13 Oct 1985 m. George Wilson "Jack"  
SEALE; (6) Homer Standford b. 13 Sept 1918 d. 19 Mar 1941. Nancy Angeline  
(BURNS) CLAYTON, mother of Willis Allen CLAYTON moved to Roy, Pike Co., AR 
between 1910 and 1914. Mrs. Seale would like to contact anyone who might   
remember this family or can help with information regarding any of the     
above. (Feb 1990)                                                          
BACON            James A. Verett, 6 Wyndemer Vales, Monterey, CA 93940:    
MELVIN           Seeking information on these families who came to the     
REESE            Corinth area of Pike Co., AR in the 1840's and established
JONES            the Church of Christ in the community of Corinth which is 
                 located in what is now Howard Co., AR but was previously a
part of Pike Co., AR. (Feb 1990)                                           
DAVIS            Sue Stevenson, Box 367, San Juan, TX 78589: Seeking info  
HENDERSON        on the DAVIS and HENDERSON families who lived in the      
                 Brocktown area of Pike Co., AR in the early 1900's. (Feb  
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