Pike County Archives &                            
                       History Society Newsletter                          
                  Volume I     January 1990     Number 1                   
                      Murfreesboro, Arkansas  71958                        
              Co-Editors:   Jan McGalliard & Dorothy Partain               
                     Contributing Editor: Dee Baggett                      
Our Newsletter has no permanent address at this time but correspondence    
regarding queries, membership dues and any other information may be        
addressed to:                                                              
    Jan Jackson McGalliard                     Dorothy Kennedy Partain     
    P.O. Box 96                                P.O. Box 238                
    Delight, AR  71940                         Murfreesboro, AR  71958     
                          NOTES from the EDITORS                           
This is our first newsletter. It has been in the talking stage for the     
past year. We are still not sure of the format and several other small     
details. We need a permanent logo and a name for our newsletter. Any       
suggestions will be welcomed. We would appreciate any constructive         
suggestions for the success of our newsletter.                             
The Pike County Archives and History Society meets the first Thursday      
night of each month from 6:30 until 9:30 in the Murfreesboro Municipal     
Building. The Municipal Building is located directly opposite the          
Murfreesboro Post Office. The 6:30 to 7:30 time period is set aside so     
that members and guests may exchange information on families, history, or  
ideas about methods of researching and to give everyone an opportunity to  
socialize once a month. Business meeting is held from 7:30 until 9:30. You 
will find on the last page of the newsletter a list of the Officers and    
information regarding membership dues.                                     
                                  BY LAWS                                  
Upon request PCAHS By Laws may be viewed at the office of the PCAHS        
located on the third floor of the court house.                             
                        Just back from the printers                        
                          and for sale from PCAHS                          
                "THE EARLY HISTORY OF PIKE COUNTY ARKANSAS"                
                       "The First One Hundred Years"                       
This book contains over 250 pages and has many photographs and interesting 
facts about early life in Pike County. Now fully indexed. Price is $12.00  
and all proceeds got to PCAHS. The $12.00 price includes postage. Don't    
miss this great bargain! Contact any member of PCAHS or either of the      
Editors and order your copy.                                               
                              BITS OF HISTORY                              
Pike County was originally a part of Hempstead and Clark Counties, both    
formed in 1818 by the legislature of Missouri. On November 1, 1833 the     
Territorial Legislature (Arkansas) passed on the organization of Pike      
County. Elijah Kelley and Henry Brewer were appointed as commissioners to  
find a seat of justice for the newly formed county. Asa Thompson was the   
only man living in the area at this time and a post office had been set up 
in the Thompson home and give the name of Zebulon. A log courthouse was    
quickly built with a small frame house for the clerk's office. Zebulon at  
that time was only a settlement which had been hacked out of the wilderness
by a few hardy pioneers. In 1836 the year that Arkansas became a State the 
name Zebulon was changed to Murfreesborough (later Murfreesboro) and has   
remained the county seat until this day.                                   
                HISTORIC PLACES, COMMUNITIES & BUILDINGS                   
                   Pike County Courthouses 1836-1933                       
The first county courthouse was a log structure built in 1836. The first   
and original courthouse supposedly stood near the spot where the present   
courthouse now stands. In the spring of 1855 the original building burned  
and all the county records to that date were lost. In 1856 the county court
ordered the erection of a new courthouse. The contract to build this new   
courthouse was given to Moses and Jackson Brock. It was a two-story frame  
building surmounted by a cupola. In 1895 the courthouse again burned       
destroying all records up to that date. In 1897 a brick building was built 
in the same location and stood until the county decided to build a new one 
which was completed in March of 1933. This is the courthouse that now      
stands in Murfreesboro the county seat of Pike County, Arkansas.           
Activities of the PCAHS include restoring and preserving the priceless     
history of Pike County, Arkansas. One such activity took place on the cold,
wet and dreary Sunday morning of April 10, 1988. A number of the           
descendants of the Sparks family and some members of the PCAHS met at Keith
Self's Chevron Station to start the journey to the Sparks Cemetery which is
located on the banks of the Little Missouri River in Caney Fork township.  
This cemetery is on the property which was originally owned by Henry S.    
Sparks (1804-1864) an early settler of the Pike County area.               
The journey to this sadly neglected and almost forgotten cemetery was      
nearly as difficult as the restoration and fencing that took place that    
day. After driving down a creek bed through some large ruts and gullies    
and over many small trees, it was finally decided that we would have to    
walk to reach our destination. Upon our arrival we cut down trees, dug     
fence posts holes, drove steel posts, and cleared underbrush. When lunch   
time arrived we shared a pot luck "feast" on the tail gate of a pick-up    
truck. After our lunch we stretched four foot long-fencing completely      
around the cemetery. We also installed a metal sign. All the material and  
labor was donated by PCAHS and some Sparks descendants.                    
Sixteen unmarked graves were found. One of the marked graves was a child   
Sarah Adaline Brown born March 1850 died October 23, 1852. Sarah Adaline   
Sparks was the daughter of Robert S. and Jane (Sparks) Brown was the       
daughter of Robert S. and Jane (Sparks) Brown and the granddaughter of     
Henry J. Sparks.                                                           
We ended our day wet, dirty and hungary but celebrated our days work and   
sense of accomplishment at "The Station" Restaurant, a historical building 
in Murfreesboro, drinking tea, coffee and colas. Everyone's help and       
encouragement was deeply appreciated.                                      
Interesting artifacts, memorabilia, etc. to display in our display case in 
the foyer of the Pike County Courthouse. This case is locked and reasonably
protected. It now displays some of the relics pertaining to the history of 
Pike County, which includes letters, pictures, books, magazines and some   
loose papers. It needs new artifacts every three months. Please consider   
sharing your "finds" so that everyone can enjoy them. Look in "Mama's Old  
Trunk" or in the attic, you will be surprised at the wonderful things you  
will find. Everyone has at least a few old photographs, old tax receipts,  
class pictures. Perhaps you have a picture of the way "downtown" looked 50 
years ago or a "book" that "Papa" kept the farm expenses recorded in when  
you were a child. Anything which depicts the way our families lived in the 
past is of interest.                                                       
A few of the things which can be found in our Archives:                    
The Pike County Arkansas Federal Census                                    
Family Histories File                                                      
Old Newspapers                                                             
Photographs of People and Place of Pike County                             
Some early courthouse records dating from after the last fire 1895 to 1970 
One tax book before the fire of 1895                                       
                               SURNAME FILE                                
The Surname File is a 5x6 card file which lists each person's family       
surname with dates that are being researched. Please submit your Pike      
County family names so that other researchers will know you are working on 
a particular Surname. This Editor has received some of her best information
using the Surname File to contact others working on the same Surname.      
Please submit your Pike County family names for the Surname File.          
Membership is not required to take advantage of this service. We will be   
happy to type the information on the file cards for you if you will submit 
your data.                                                                 
                      All Queries FREE to Members                          
OLIVER             Mrs. Altha Alder, P.O. Box 235, Soper, OK 74759 is      
GLOVER             researching the OLIVER, GLOVER, and HENSON              
HENSON             surnames would appreciate any help.                     
HASLEY             Mrs. Linnie Brooks Mills, #7 Lakeshore Drive, Corpus    
CROW               Christi, TX 78413 interested in any information on the  
WINGFIELD          HASLEY, CROW, or WINGFIELD families of Pike County,     
ALFORD             Mrs. Linda Meek, 3514 Baywood Drive, Shreveport, LA     
RAY                71118 needs help and advise on researching the ALFORD   
                   and RAY families of Pike County, Arkansas.              
                            Limited Time Offer                             
Dorothy Kennedy Partain, Co-Editor of the PCAHS and a genealogy researcher 
will do two hours of Free research for ALL members of the Pike County      
Archives and History Society at her convenience. ONE TIME ONLY to those    
who request it PIKE COUNTY, ARKANSAS ONLY. Free research by Mrs. Partain   
requires a self-addressed stamped #10 envelope plus copying and postage    
costs and of course sufficient information regarding family names, dates,  
etc. More research requires a donation to PCAHS. You may write to Dorothy  
if you need further information on this offer at the following address:    
                         Dorothy Kennedy Partain                           
                              P.O. Box 238                                 
                         Murfreesboro, AR  71958                           
                TIPS ON RECEIVING ANSWERS TO YOUR QUERIES                  
ALWAYS include a self-addressed stamped #10 envelope in EVERY letter if    
you are requesting information.                                            
TRY to keep your letter to one page. This is one of the most difficult     
things to do when requesting genealogical information.                     
Be SPECIFIC if possible regarding dates, places, etc. If you are vague     
about your request it is very likely that you will NOT receive an answer.  
If you do receive an answer to your queries please remember to write the   
sender a THANK YOU. You never know when you may wish to have this person   
assist you again. If you were KIND they will not hesitate to help you the  
next time.                                                                 
                      MORE FREE HELP FOR NEW MEMBERS                       
Dee (Hensley) Baggett has access to privately held papers dating back to   
the 1850's which pertain to Pike County, Arkansas. The majority of these   
records are for land transactions which took place in Pike County, Arkansas
before the Civil War and after. This material has not been catalogued so   
it is difficult to know exactly what is contained in every record. The     
earliest record that has been found among these papers is the original land
(patent) record issued to Seaborn Reed (Certificate No. 7024) recorded Vol.
14, page 368) from the General Land Office of the United States of America 
on 01 March 1855 and signed by President Franklin Pierce. A few of the     
other surnames which are used among these many records are: SPARKS, WISNER,
MURDOCK, OSBORN, FRANKLIN, SLIGH, GLANTON, to name only a few. If any new  
member would like more information regarding these records, you may write  
to Mrs. Baggett as follows:                                                
                                Dee Baggett                                
                             Rt. 3  Box 336-C                              
                             Amity, AR  71921                              
Please include a #10 self-addressed stamped envelope when requesting any   
                           PUBLICATIONS FOR SALE                           
"The Early History of Pike County, Arkansas"                        $ 12.00
1870 Pike County Arkansas Printed U.S. Census                              
by Dorothy Kennedy Partain                                            15.00
The Diary (Family History)                                                 
Carlton Denny of Delight                                               3.00
The Story of the Diamond Mine published 1989                               
by Bobbie Hendrix                                                      6.00
The Old Time Chronicle                                                     
by Karron Cox                                                              
1989 back issues                                                           
when ordering the above                                                    
back issues please                                                         
specify the copy (month)                                                   
you wish to receive                     each copy only                 2.00
                         All Proceeds Go to PCAHS                          
We would like to mention that the material which appears in the newsletter 
BUILDINGS was obtained from pages 15 through 18 of the book which is       
available for sale from PCAHS: "THE EARLY HISTORY OF PIKE COUNTY,          
ARKANSAS". We hope that you will consider adding this book to your library.
                           WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT                            
We hope that you have enjoyed this first issue of our newsletter and will  
considering becoming a new member if you are not already with us. We       
realize that there will be numerous mistakes made but we have tried to     
proof read and verify everything possible. Try to keep in mind that we have
no paid staff - only dedicated volunteers - who have homes, families, jobs,
just like you. Volunteers who give up their own time to try and preserve   
and restore the history of our county. This newsletter will not survive    
without your support and encouragement so please share your genealogical   
and historical material for publication and consider becoming a member of  
our Society.                                                               
If you have a family reunion planned for this spring or summer please      
contact one of our editors by mail or phone and give them the time, date,  
etc. so that we may publish this information for others who might be       
interested in attending and seeing old friends and making new ones.        
If you have news or bits of interest for the newsletter please share it    
with us, we are always happy to hear from our members and readers.  If you 
have suggestions which will make our newsletter better, make our           
membership grow, or are able to do volunteer research in our Archives we   
will appreciate your thoughts and help.                                    
We hope that we will soon have representatives and members from all parts  
of our county and that this newsletter is only the first of many.          
                 Pike County Archives and History Society                  
 President                                              Vice President     
 Dewayne Gray                                           Bobbie Hendrix     
 Rt. 2  Box 43                                          Box 41             
 Murfreesboro, AR  71958                                Antoine, AR  71922 
 Secretary                                              Treasurer          
 Jan McGalliard                                         Linda Wilson       
 P.O. Box 96                                            P.O. Box 147       
 Delight, AR  71940                                     Delight, AR  71940 
 Jan Jackson McGalliard                            Dorothy Kennedy Partain 
 P.O. Box 96                                       P.O. Box 238            
 Delight, AR  71940                                Murfreesboro, AR  71958 
                            Contributing Editor                            
                            Dee Hensley Baggett                            
                            Rt. 3  Box 336-C                               
                            Amity, AR  71921                               
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