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If you are a descendent of Jonathan Bittick and Jinsy Butler, we need to
hear from you. We are in the process of writing a book on all their
descendents. We are trying to involve as many people as possible to to help
make the book as complete as we can. We have compiled years of research
that was started by Thelma Worsham (Dominy) Goodwin, Dorothy Miller, Johnny
and Janie Bittick, Bruce and Charlene Bittick, Johnnie and Lillian Bittick,
Jane Heinrich, Judy Reed, Bill Smith, Gary Spivey and Dwight Bittick
(Thelma passed away several years ago), but the rest of us will be writing
as well as sharing any information to any one else who will graciously
agree to help with the book. We have an annual Jonathan Bittick, Jinsy
Butler reunion every year on the third Saturday of April at the Andice
Texas, Community Center. We hope to have a rough draft of the book by
reunion time. We hope to have finished copies the next year. Any procedes
from the book will be used to provide markers for graves of Jonathan and
Jinsy's children if needed. This Jonathan Bittick is not to be confused
with the other Jonathan Bittick also born North Carolina, son of John
Bittick and Hannah Blunt. There was about two years differene in their ages
and the other Jonathan stayed in North Carolina and married Radica (Dicey)
Bird and raised his family there. Most of his descendents spell their name
Biddix. Jonathan and Jinsy's children were, (1) George Crittenden Bittick,
Sr., (2) Joseph Butler Langley Bittick, (3) Elizabeth Bittick (Wolf), (4)
Jasper Newton Bittick, (5) William Bittick (died young), (6) Ahiro Bittick
(also died young and the name is also mis-read as ASHER on some census
records, (7) William Henry Conway Bittick, (8) Mary Catherine Bittick
(Mauldin) (9) Dickson Wilder Bittick. We have the names down for several
more generations but will add more later. If you don't have time to
actually help with the writing of the book please send any information you
would like to share to the address below. Thanks and let me hear from you,
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