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                      Descendants of Rice Sr. Stringer

                              Generation No. 1

  1. RICE-1 STRINGER was born November 15, 1799 in North Carolina, and died
     1857/8 in Thompson Township, Pike County, Arkansas. He married RACHEL
     DAVIS 1826/7 in Clark County, Arkansas, daughter of JEREMIAH DAVIS and
     STACY DAVIS. She was born (about 1809 in Illinois), and died November
     16, 1866 in Howard County, Arkansas.

     Notes for RICE STRINGER: Rice was a farmer. According to the old
     records, he owned a plantation in Pike Co., Arkansas, during the
     1850's. He and his family resided in Little Missouri Township, Clark
     Co., Arkansas during the 1830's. After he died the creditors quickly
     moved in to collect; thus, leaving the widow and her children very
     little. In 1861, his widow, Rachel, was awarded a negro slave, named
     "Scott". 1840 Census, Thompson Twp. Pike County, lists Rice with 2
     males (0-4), 1 male (10-14), 1 male (40-49), 1 female (0-4), 1 female
     (10-14), 1 female (30-39). 1840 Slave Enumeration Schedule, Pike
     County. Rice Stringer had two slaves, 1 male (36-55) and 1 male
     (10-24). 1850 Slave Enumeration Schedule showed 1 slave, 1 male age

     Rice Stringer served as County Commissioner, Treasurer, and was one of
     those chosen to select the county seat ... the town of Murfreesboro,
     Arkansas. His name is on many of the official town documents.

     October 24, 1860 Rice Stringer Estate Agreement.

     Rice Streger (sic) (Stringer) was found as a witness on a Title Bond
     for a Martin Guest of Pike County, Arkansas, dated January 15, 1834,
     for land in Red River County, Texas.

     "Pike County was organized by an act of the Territorial Legislature,
     November 1, 1833, and Elijah Kelley, Rice Stringer, and John Dickson
     were elected as commissioners to locate the seat of justice."

     More About RICE SR. STRINGER: Fact 1: Bet. 1842-1852, Pike County
     Treasurer. Fact 2: 1833, Pike County Commissioner Fact 3: 1846, Tax
     List for Pike County, AR. Fact 4: 1908, Death of Scott Stringer (slave

     Children of RICE STRINGER and RACHEL DAVIS are:

      2      i.   EMILY L.-2 STRINGER, b. Arkansas.
      3     ii.   JOSEPH STRINGER, b. December 06, 1830, Clark
                  County, Arkansas; d. 1869, Pike County, Arkansas.
      4    iii.   MARY ANGELINE STRINGER, b. April 24, 1835, Pike
                  County, Arkansas; d. September 19, 1913, Dallas,
                  Dallas County, Texas.
            iv.   ABIJAH STRINGER, b. 1837, Arkansas; d. March 1860,
                  Pike County, Arkansas. Notes for ABIJAH STRINGER:
                  1860 Mortality Schedule, Pike Co., Arkansas, shows
                  Abijah Stringer age 22 years, a male, born in
                  Arkansas, died March 1860, of Infl. Brain.
             v.   RICE STRINGER, b. 1839. Notes for RICE STRINGER:
                  1870 Census, Living with his sister, Mary Angeline
                  Stringer Hancock, Thompson Twp, Pike County,
      5     vi.   DANIEL R. STRINGER, b. December 25, 1843, Pike
                  County, Arkansas; d. July 08, 1889, Hopkins County,
           vii.   LOUCINDA J. STRINGER, b. 1844.
          viii.   ISEDORA STRINGER, b. 1847.
            ix.   omitted (for verification)
                              Generation No. 2

  2. EMILY L.-2 STRINGER (RICE-1) was born in Arkansas. She married ASHLEY
     R. JACKSON 1848 in Pike County, Arkansas. He was born Abt. 1825 in

     Notes for ASHLEY R. JACKSON: In the 1850 census, a John Jackson, age
     20, was living with this family. Information from 1850 Census,
     Thompson Township, Pike County, Arkansas.


             i.   MARTHA-3 JACKSON, b. abt. 1849, Arkansas.
  3. JOSEPH-2 STRINGER (RICE-1) was born December 06, 1830 in Clark (Pike)
     County, Arkansas, and died 1869 in Pike County, Arkansas. He married
     CASSANDRA CAMPBELL 1848 in Pike County, Arkansas, daughter of DAVID
     CAMPBELL and unknown. She was born 1826 in Tennessee, and died abt.
     1865 in Pike County, Arkansas.

     Notes for JOSEPH STRINGER: A farmer by trade. Heresay: Joseph and
     Cassandra died around the same time. The children were scattered out
     among relatives and friends (based on later census information). Files
     from Dorothy Dot Wright Watkins, 1/15/1996, from Pike County
     Historical Society. Supposed to be buried in Pike County, Arkansas.


             i.   EMILY J.-3 STRINGER, b. 1849, Arkansas; d. unknown.
            ii.   MARY ANN STRINGER, b. July 18, 1853, Arkansas; d.
                  September 09, 1927.
      7    iii.   DAVID RICHARD STRINGER, b. September 1855, Pike
                  County, Arkansas; d. February 19, 1942, buried Oak
                  Grove Cem., Sweet Home, Arkansas.
            iv.   RACHAEL ALDONIA STRINGER, b. 1858, Arkansas; d.
                  unknown; m. MARTIN DAVIS GILMER, 1874, Pike County,
                  Arkansas; b. February 12, 1855. Notes for RACHAEL
                  ALDONIA STRINGER: 1870 census living with Emiline
                  Kirby age 45. Thompson Twp., Pike County, AR Rachel
                  was 13 at the time.
             v.   SEFRONA STRINGER, b. 1852. Notes for SEFRONA
                  STRINGER: 1870 living with Nathan and Isabella
                  (Gould) Kizzia in Thompson Township, Pike County, AR.
  4. MARY ANGELINE-2 STRINGER (RICE-1) was born April 24, 1835 in Pike
     County, Arkansas, and died September 19, 1913 in Dallas, Dallas
     County, Texas. She married JOHN D. HANCOCK October 05, 1851 in Pike
     County, Arkansas, son of WILLIAM HANCOCK and ELIZABETH DICKSON. He was
     born 1825 in Jackson County, Tennessee, and died November 15, 1869 in
     Murfreesboro, Pike County, Arkansas.

     Notes for MARY ANGELINE STRINGER: Death date from Death certificate,
     Dallas, Texas. Info. on children from Jim Tucker
     Buried at the Parker Cemetery, Rockwell County, Texas.

     Notes for JOHN D. HANCOCK: 1870 Mortality Schedule. Died of a
     hemorrhage. Age 42. The story goes like this: "On Monday, the 15th day
     of November 1869, a fight occurred between William (Bill) R. Brewer
     and John Hancock in which Bill Brewer cut John's throat, killing him
     instantly. Brewer was promptly arrested. An old grudge is said to have
     caused the fatal attack." Arkansas Gazette Newspaper, Little Rock,
     Pulaski County, Arkansas, November 30 1869, page 2. (Brewer died in
     jail before it ever came to trial). See Wm. Brewer for other account.

     Info. on the Hancock line received from Jim Tucker

     Children of MARY STRINGER and JOHN HANCOCK are:

             i.   R.W.-3 HANCOCK, b. 1854.
            ii.   W.T. HANCOCK, b. 1855.
           iii.   AUGUSTUS W. HANCOCK, b. April 07, 1858.
      8     iv.   CLARA ANN HANCOCK, b. January 10, 1867, Pike County,
                  Arkansas; d. December 27, 1918, Center, Washington
                  County, Arkansas.
             v.   JOHN H. HANCOCK, b. December 27, 1869.
            vi.   GEORGE R. HANCOCK, b. December 27, 1869.
  5. DANIEL R.-2 STRINGER (RICE-1) was born December 25, 1843 in Pike
     County, Arkansas, and died July 08, 1889 in Hopkins County, Texas. He

     Notes for DANIEL R. STRINGER: Served Co. G 4th Arkansas Infantry "Pike
     County Blues" was a private. Buried Cumby Cemetery, Cumby, Hopkins
     County, Texas. In 1880 (Census), Daniel was living in precinct 4, of
     Hopkins County, Texas, keeping Saloon. He has 2 children living at
     home: Leona and John. There is Rice Stringer (his brother) living with
     him. b. 1842 who is a laborer. Daniel and Lurana were 1st cousins,
     mothers Nancy Davis Dickson and Rachel Davis Stringer were sisters.

     Children of DANIEL STRINGER and LURANA DICKSON are:

             i.   LEONA-3 STRINGER.
            ii.   JOHN STRINGER.
                              Generation No. 3

  6. MARY ANN-3 STRINGER (JOSEPH-2, RICE-1) was born July 18, 1853 in
     Arkansas, and died September 09, 1927. She married MARCUS LAFAYETTE
     WESTERMAN November 09, 1871 in Pike County, Arkansas, son of CLIFFORD
     WESTERMAN and FANNY. He was born April 14, 1843, and died unknown.

     Notes for MARY ANN STRINGER: 1870 Census, Muddy Fork Twnship, Pike
     County, AR, Mary Ann was living with Clifford and Stacy Westerman. She
     was 18 yrs. old.

     Notes for MARCUS LAFAYETTE WESTERMAN: 1867 Marcus L. Westerman Bible

     Children of MARY STRINGER and MARCUS WESTERMAN are:

             i.   PINDER YOUNG-4 WESTERMAN, b. November 10, 1875; d.
                  July 24, 1876.
            ii.   FANNIE CAZARD WESTERMAN, b. August 31, 1877; m.
                  ALEX REEVES, December 25, 1910; b. February 19,
           iii.   EMILY JANE WESTERMAN, b. January 29, 1879.
            iv.   CHARLIE NEWTON WESTERMAN, b. February 02, 1881.
             v.   UNKNOWN WESTERMAN, b. January 28, 1884.
            vi.   ------- (#1) WESTERMAN, b. July 11, 1885.
           vii.   RACHEL ALDONIA WESTERMAN, b. March 19, 1887.
          viii.   ------- (#2) WESTERMAN, b. September 03, 1888.
  7. DAVID RICHARD-3 STRINGER (JOSEPH-2, RICE-1) was born September 1855
     in Pike County, Arkansas, and died February 19, 1942 burid in Oak
     Grove Cem., Sweet Home, Arkansas. He married LOUISA ELIZA JANE HUNT
     1876 in Pike County, Arkansas, daughter of WILLIAM HUNT and MARY
     STEWART. She was born August 1854 in Hempstead County, Arkansas, and
     died April 14, 1936 buried in Oak Grove Cem., Sweet Home, Arkansas.

     Notes for DAVID RICHARD STRINGER: Buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. In
     1870 census, living with Wm. B. and Sarah (Campbell) Gould. Sarah
     Gould was his mother Cassandras' sister. He was 14 yrs. old. This was
     in Thompson Twp., Pike County, AR. Buried at Oak Grove Cemetery.

     Notes for LOUISA ELIZA JANE HUNT: Question death date as 1931.

     Children of DAVID STRINGER and LOUISA HUNT are:

            i.    MARY CASSIE-4 STRINGER, b. March 10, 1877, Arkansas;
                  d. December 19, 1965, Hamlin, Texas; m. JEFF WRIGHT;
                  b. May 27, 1879; d. April 11, 1931, Hamlin, Texas.
           ii.    NARCISSUS F. "NARCIE" STRINGER, b. September 15,
                  1879, Pike County, Arkansas; d. July 13, 1965, Long
                  Beach, California; m. HANSFORD "HANNIE" BREWER WHITE,
                  September 15, 1895, Pike County, Arkansas; b. January
                  09, 1875, Murfreesboro, Arkansas; d. May 01, 1953,
                  Grants Pass, Oregan buried Long Beach, CA. Notes for
                  NARCISSUS F. "NARCIE" STRINGER: Buried in Westminister,
          iii.    LILLIE E. STRINGER, b. January 09, 1882, Arkansas; d.
                  March 29, 1956, buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Sweet
                  Home, Arkansas.
           iv.    MATTIE BELLE STRINGER, b. February 1883, Arkansas; d.
                  Breckenridge, Texas; m. JIM THURMON; d. Breckenridge,
            v.    HENRY H. STRINGER, b. August 1886, Arkansas; d.
                  September 27, 1961 buried in Mt. Tabor Cem. Pike Co.
                  Arkansas; m. PEARL O. HUDDLESTON.
           vi.    ROSA P. STRINGER, b. August 04, 1889; d. November 21,
                  1966, buried in Greenwood Cemetery; m. (1) CHESTER
                  THEOBOLT; m. (2) PETE MCCAIN.
          vii.    MAUDE M. STRINGER, b. April 1894, Arkansas; m. JOHN
         viii.    ROXIE ANNA STRINGER, b. November 24, 1897, Arkansas;
                  d. January 24, 1956; m. OTIS ROSTEN COOLEY.
     January 10, 1867 in Pike County, Arkansas, and died December 27, 1918
     in Center, Washington County, Arkansas. She married LEANDER WILLIAM
     TUCKER September 04, 1886 in Rockwall, Rockwall County, Texas. He was
     born February 14, 1861 in New Castle, Craig County, Virginia, and died
     July 03, 1944 in Center, Washington County, Arkansas.

     Notes for CLARA ANN HANCOCK: Buried Farmington, Washington County,

     Notes for LEANDER WILLIAM TUCKER: Farmer and orchardman.


             i.   CHARLIE CRAIG-4 TUCKER, b. July 15, 1891, Rockwall,
                  Rockwall County, Texas; d. January 16, 1975,
                  Greenville, Hunt County, Texas; m. CLAUDIA ANN SIMS,
                  September 22, 1912, Commerce, Hunt County, Texas; b.
                  July 21, 1895, Columbia, Hunt County, Texas; d. January
                  31, 1958, Greenville, Hunt County, Texas.
                  Notes for CHARLIE CRAIG TUCKER: Farmer, Methodist
                  religion, buried in Sonora Cemetery, Fairlie, Hunt
                  County, Texas.
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