Andrew B. Orrick & Rebecca Brewer

Family Group Record                 0012
Husband's Name   Andrew B. Orrick
 Born:    27 Feb 1820    Place: Tennessee
 Died:    14 Feb 1860    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (typhoid)
 Married:        1850    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (Nov-Dec)
 Father:         William Orrick
 Mother:         Celia Strickland
Wife's Name      Rebecca Brewer
 Born:    12 Jan 1815    Place: Bellevue, Washington, Missouri
 Died:    01 Jul 1899    Place: Kirby, Pike, Arkansas
 Married: 17 Oct 1830    Place: Clark (Pike) County, Arkansas
 Spouse:         Paschal C. Sorrels
 Married:    Abt 1838    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
 Spouse:         James Erwin Griffin
 Married: 28 Sep 1879    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
 Spouse:         Alexander Barentine
 Father:         Oliver Brewer
 Mother:         Mary (Polly) Henderson
 1. Sex Name
     F  Celia Ann Orrick
        Born:    22 Sep 1851    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    06 Mar 1938    Place: Kirby, Pike, Arkansas
        Married: 28 Dec 1870    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (DR B-335)
        Spouse:  Lovett Abijah Barentine
 2. Sex Name
     M  William Preston Orrick
        Born:    03 Feb 1854    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    05 Sep 1916    Place: Auburn, Ellis, Texas
        Married:        1879    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Spouse:  Cordelia Adaline Walston
 3. Sex Name
     M  Patrick Henry Orrick
        Born:    22 Aug 1856    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    29 Feb 1940    Place: Madisonville, Madison, Texas
        Married: 24 Sep 1876    Place: Clark County, Arkansas (G-266)
        Spouse:  Lucinda Rebecca Stokes
  Andrew B. Orrick moved to Alabama (1823-1824) Texas 1837 Arkansas 1841
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Campbell Stone, Canby, Oregon correspondence with David Kelley. Key: (DR)
Deed Record (Book)
Patrick Henry and Lucinda Rebecca (Stokes) Orrick first moved with their
five children to Madison County (Texas) from Ellis County in 1893. Patrick
was born to Andrew and Rebecca Orrick in Pike County, Arkansas in 1856 ...
his family (lived in) Pike County, Arkansas (when) he met Rebecca Stokes,
daughter of George Washington Stokes and Clara Pullen (of Clark County,
Arkansas). Rebecca was born in 1858. In (1876) Patrick and Rebecca were
married. Their oldest son Andrew Washington was born in Clark County,
Arkansas in 1878. Their other four children, two more sons and two
daughters, were born in Pike County, Arkansas. They were Charles, Annie
born in 1882, Rosetta and Balis born in 1887. In December 1891, Patrick
went alone to White Settlement, Texas near Fort Worth where his cousins
James and Bill Orrick were living. In February 1892 Rebecca and the five
children traveled by train from Prescott, Arkansas to Waxahachie, Texas.
After getting off the train and traveling a short distance by rented
wagon, they were met by Patrick in another wagon. They lived and worked on
a farm as share-croppers in Ellis County, Texas until sometime in 1893
when they moved to Madison County ... Kurb Griffin and Lewis Griffin, his
half-brothers, were already living and farming in Madison County. They
first settled in the Hollis Community where they farmed as share-croppers
on the Payne property. They later lived in the Greenbrier Community and
still later Patrick bought property on the eastern outskirts of
Madisonville. At least some of the children attended school in
Madisonville. (Later) the family moved to Waco, Texas so that the three
sons might attend school at Baylor University. All three sons became
Baptist ministers and graduated from Baylor. When they were all attending
Baylor together, they were known as the ABC brothers (Andy, Balis &
Charlie). Charlie married Nannie Massey who lived in Madison County. They
had two daughters, Florence and Hattie Bell. Andy married Emma Fulgham who
also lived in Madison County. They had two sons, Truett Wilson and Brooks
Wood. Balis married Vera Humphries who was from Montana and whom he had met
at Baylor. They became missionaries to Uruguay and South America and
served 37 years. Balis, still living at 96, and Vera, still living at 92,
retired, ... (are) in Waco, Texas. Annie married John Gibbs. They had six
children, four sons and two daughters. They were Fred, Osmond, R.V., Vera,
Rebecca and J.M. Rosetta married Johnny Singletary. They had five children,
Four boys and one girl. They were named Willie, Elmer, Earl, Annabelle and
Cleo. Patrick and Rebecca (Orrick) moved back from Waco to Madison County
where they bought a small farm about 2 miles north of Madisonville. They
lived there for the rest of their lives. Patrick died in 1940 at the age of
84. Rebecca died in 1943 at the age of 85. All of their children except one
(Balis) are now dead. Andrew died in 1962 at the age of 84. His wife Emma
died in 1977 at the age of 84. Charlie ... his wife Nannie died ... (and)
he married again to Susie (who) is still living in Beaumont, Texas. Annie
Gibbs died in 1965 at the age of 83. Her husband, John Gibbs, died in 1956
at the age of 87. Rosetta Singletary ... her husband Johnny Singletary
died (no dates, ages). Truett W. Orrick, Madisonville, Texas (May 1984).
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