James William Davis Mansfield & Sarah Saphronia Gould

Family Group Record                 0001
Husband's Name   James William Davis Mansfield
 Born:    06 Nov 1843    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
 Died:    31 Oct 1922    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
 Married: 16 Jan 1867    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (BR)
 Father:         James C'horn Mansfield
 Mother:         Ulila (Delila) Davis
Wife's Name      Sarah Saphronia (Safronia-Safrona) Gould
 Born:    26 Jul 1850    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
 Died:    28 Feb 1921    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
 Father:         William Bond Gould
 Mother:         Sarah Saphronia (Safronia-Safrona) Campbell
 1. Sex Name
     F  Alice Ann Mansfield
        Born:    22 Sep 1868    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    14 Feb 1952    Place: buried ... Little Rock, Arkansas
        Married: 22 Dec 1886    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (BR)
        Spouse:  Clarence Pennington (Caesar) McGraw
 2. Sex Name
     F  Amanda Etta Isabel Mansfield
        Born:    04 Dec 1869    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    12 Dec 1958    Place: Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas
        Married: 01 Aug 1889    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (BR)
        Spouse:  Booker Brock Conatser
        Married: 07 Jul 1895    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (A-23)
        Spouse:  Jordan Lucas (Luke) Roberts (Doctor)
 3. Sex Name
     M  Henry Theodore Mansfield
        Born:    07 Sep 1871    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    07 Mar 1955    Place: Benton, Saline, Arkansas
        Married: 05 Oct 1902    Place: Murfreesboro, Pike, Arkansas (B-361)
        Spouse:  Mary Dow Wingfield
 4. Sex Name
     F  Susannah Ophelia Mansfield
        Born:    30 Sep 1873    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:           1907    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Married: 18 Oct 1891    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (BR)
        Spouse:  Andrew Jackson Watson
 5. Sex Name
     M  James Arthur Mansfield
        Born:    06 Nov 1875    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place:
        Married: 08 Nov 1896    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (A-152)
        Spouse:  Rilla M. Cox
 6. Sex Name
     F  Emma Jane Mansfield
        Born:    03 Nov 1877    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    18 Jan 1969    Place: buried ... Little Rock, Arkansas
        Married: 16 Oct 1896    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (A-137)
        Spouse: William Oscar Parsons
 7. Sex Name
     F  Mary Ida Mansfield
        Born:    15 Nov 1879    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    06 Feb 1912    Place: buried ... Delight, Pike, Arkansas
        Married: 12 Sep 1900    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (B-98)
        Spouse: James H. Webb
 8. Sex Name
     F  Roxanna Gould Mansfield
        Born:    01 Nov 1881    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    16 Apr 1947    Place: buried ... Murfreesboro, Arkansas
        Married: 29 Aug 1903    Place: 
        Spouse: W. Oscar Thomasson
 9. Sex Name
     M  William Granville Mansfield
        Born:    15 Nov 1883    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    24 Oct 1938    Place: 
        Married: 01 May 1912    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (D-250)
        Spouse: Bernice Bozarth
10. Sex Name
     M  Walter Roscoe Mansfield
        Born:    22 Apr 1886    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    22 Jun 1962    Place: Benton, Saline, Arkansas
        Married: 24 Oct 1915    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (E-7)
        Spouse: Beulah Barnett
                         Husband's Pedigree Chart
                         |                        |________________________
 _James C'horn Mansfield_|
| b 04 Jul 1801          |                         ________________________
| m 30 Mar 1830          |________________________|
| d 22 Jan 1884                                   |________________________
|-James William Davis Mansfield
| b 06 Nov 1843                                     ________________________
| d 31 Oct 1922           _Jonathan W. Davis______|
|                        |                        |________________________
|_Ulila Davis____________|
  b 08 Aug 1807          |                         ________________________
  d 09 Nov 1871          |________________________|

                           Wife's Pedigree Chart
                         |                        |________________________
 _William Bond Gould_____|
| b 15 Oct 1816          |                         ________________________
| m 28 Nov 1839          |________________________|
| d 25 May 1874                                   |________________________
|-Sarah Saphronia Gould
| b 26 Jul 1850                                    ________________________
| d 28 Feb 1921           _David R* Campbell______|
|                        | * Richardson           |________________________
|_Sarah S* Campbell______|
  b 22 Feb 1825          |                         ________________________
  d        1908          |________________________|
  * Saphronia                                     |________________________

                            Civil War Letters
Van Buren, Ark., Dec. the 5 1862.

Dear Pa, Ma, & Sister, I seat myself to drop you a few lines to let you
know how I am getting along. I have been sick but am getting up again. I
have had the Neumony (Pneumonia). I was sick 2 weeks today. John was sick
at the same time. He is writing now. Marian is well as common. I hope this
will come to hand & find you all well & doing the same. I have no news of
any certainty to write. The troops are all gone to Canehill. I can't tell
how many troops we have, but it look like a world of men. It is said the
feds is going back in the direction of Mo. Some thinks we will have a fight
& some think not. Ma, I wrote one letter since I got my cloths. I was glad
to get them. Everything come safe & sound. It is 5 months today since I
left home & I hope I will get home before the next 5 months roles (sic)
around. Pa, the cannons are roaring now in the direction of Canehill. I
hope our boys will whip the feds so they will quit us a while. Amanda, you
wrote for me to get a furlough & come home. I wish I could, but I see no
chance of getting one soon. I hope we will get one some time this winter. I
wrote to you about me having the measles. I had them before I took the
fever. I got along with them very well. Marian had them at the same time.
Ma there is some fine ladies here. They come & fetch us things to eat &
anything we need. Ma, I sent some clothes back by the wagon to
Murfreesboro. I sent one pr (pair) of pants, one shirts. I had more than I
could carry in my saddle pocket. Ma, I want you to write me all of the news
about home & Pa must put a word in. Write the war news that is back there.
I wish you had a kept this paper so you could write more news. I have got
enough of paper at this time. Amanda, you & Ma must write & direct your
letters to Col. Monroe('s) Regiment. It is getting late. I must come to a
close for this. I will write you a letter when I hear from the battle. So
farewell Dear people for this time. When this you see, Remember me.

From J.D. Mansfield. To J.C. & Ulia (sic) Mansfield & A.S.A. Brock.
P.S. Amanda, I will send you a sheet of paper so you can write more news.
Letter, James William Davis Mansfield to his father and mother, Mr. & Mrs.
James C. Mansfield, and sister Amanda S.A. Brock. Transcript, edited and
provided by Keith Lavender, Helena, Montana, postmarked, 30 Jan 1999.
Pike county, Aug. 18th, 1863.

My Dear son, I am permitted to seat myself to write a few lines to you
informing you that we enjoy common health. I hope this will soon come to
your hand and find you well with you(r) mind composed and bearing your fate
with resignation and fortitude trusting yourself in the hands of God. He
can do more for you than I can. I know He is everywhere present and will
turn no one off if we go to him in the name of Jesus with a sincere heart.
I try to give you on to his care every day and how I hope and pray that God
will preserve you and cause peace to be made soon in some way speedily that
you can be released honorably and return home. Do not be disheartened, this
war is for some great purpose. If we have lost Vicksburg and Fort Hudson
they must keep armies there to keep them which will weaken their forces.
Members of them died in that hot region. We hear but little news from over
the river since that defeat. As Amanda has written to you we have not
hear(d) from Booker since the 5th of June. He was well and in with the
recruits that Bragg sent to Johnson in sixty miles of Vicksburg. We have
not heard from Kil since he left Camden we fear he never got to Booker. He
said he would write to us before he crossed the river. We are all very
uneasy about them but why should we be when we know they are (as) all of us
in the hands of the Almighty. He knows what is best for us. Why should we
doubt when we know God has all power in Heaven and on earth. If the people
would submit to his laws (and) lay down pride and speculation this war
would soon close. We must be humble. A few have got home from Fort Hudson.
John Kelley for one. He has been sick ever since he came. They will keep
the officers until they are exchanged. Their provisions gave out (and) they
lived and fought sometime(s) on mules and horses before the surrender. We
have not seen but two boys from Vicksburg since it was surrendered. Grant
and Johnson have been fighting at Jackson, Mississippi. It is in the paper
Johnson retook Jackson and Grant had fallen back to Black river. If Booker
is alive he is there and Kil too if he got to them. We received your
welcome letter yesterday. We are glad to learn that your health was
tolerably good. I hope you will get well and not have to be in a fight. If
you get sick try to get a discharge or a furlough before you get too weak
to come home. As I wrote to you before tell them you are weak bristed (sic)
and subject to phthisic (sic) and can not stand camp life. Do not be
backward in telling your case plainly to your officers. If they will not
let you off no way perhaps they would detail you to some other business. I
hope you will be perserved some way. Ashley Kelley came by (and) he looks
very bad. Mr. Nolan could not get to Vicksburg safe to get his son. I have
not heard whether his son is alone or not. We hear now that John Cloud was
not hurt but his cartridge bag was shot though. He is gone with the rest of
the officers (and) some hear they took them to Orleans. Some say they were
sent to Illinois. I know you will think we have forgotten to write to you.
We sent a letter to Little. Your uncle Gilmer took one to Cook near a month
ago. We hear they started week before last and heard on their way that
Cobbles Army was ordered to the Rock (and) they came home. I heard that
(they) was at home last week. I am sorry they did not take all your
letter(s). Clay Polk was to start the 8th of this month (and) rode as far
as town by Marion. When he went there they put off starting until the 18th.
Clay and some men I suppose have started. I sent a blanket, one pair of
socks, and a double letter to Clay to take to you. If he will Marion is
going today to take another report and your things to Clay. I do not know
whether he will carry them or not. They have a wagon Marion says. He got
word from the Capt. by some man that came down lately that if his ear was
still running to stay until he got his winter clothing to take with him. I
hear(d) the man told Dr. Mauney this news (and) he had reported by Cook and
Little. Now he has reported by Clay some of you will certainly be detailed
to come for some winter clothes. Here is your overcoat, shirts, and another
pair of pants and socks. You can not do without them, unless you can get
some by drawing. Howard promised your Pa to make your boots as soon as he
can get leather. Leander will get you a hat as soon as he can. He says it
is a long time before they can be got after the hatter promises. Leander
has been sick (and) had not seen the man that has your watch. He heard he
had it and expected to get it the first time he sees him. Amanda wrote to
you last night by Clay. She dated her letter a day ahead. She told you some
news. Perhaps you may get this first. I will mail it to (the) fort for fear
you do not get those we have written (sent) by hand. This will start
tomorrow. I must come to a close. Your Pa is taking the second field of
fodder this week. Tell me if you need paper (and) write every chance. May
God bless you.

To James D. Mansfield
James C. (&) Delila Mansfield
Letter, Mrs. James C. Mansfield to her son James D. Mansfield. Arkansas,
Pike County, Biographies 1890, Goodspeed Reprint, Pike County: House of
York, Courtney & Gerlene York, San Jose, California,  Copyright 1974, page
44-48. "Civil War Letter. Our thanks to Mrs. Lawrence Delaney of Delight,
Arkansas for giving ... permission to share this letter written during the
Civil War by one of her ancestors. Since this letter was written in Pike
County we felt it has historical value, therefore we have added it to this
work. The writer of the letter, Delila, her husband, James C., children
Amanda and James D., are listed in the 1850 census of Pike County."
                     Pike County, Arkansas Census 1870
           Page 216, Missouri Township, Post Office: Brock Town

 D-55   James D. Mansfield         26  m w   Farmer         Arkansas
        Sarah S. Mansfield         20  f w                  Arkansas
        Alice A. Mansfield          1  f w                  Arkansas
        Amanda C. Mansfield      4 mo  f w                  Arkansas *
        James C. Mansfield         68  m w                  Kentucky

  * Born January census year (1870) Bible record 04 Dec 1869; Census
    year beginning 01 Jun 1869 ending 31 May 1870.
1870 United States Census, Pike County, Arkansas, Dorothy Kennedy Partain,
1986, page 35.
                     Pike County, Arkansas Census 1880
                        Page 434, Missouri Township

 D-12   James William Mansfield     36  m w                  Ark  Kty  Vrg
        Safrona Mansfield           28  f w   Wife           Ark  Pen  Ten
        Alice A. Mansfield          11  f w   Daughter       Ark  Ark  Ark
        Etta A. Mansfield            9  f w   Daughter       Ark  Ark  Ark
        Henry T. Mansfield           8  m w   Son            Ark  Ark  Ark
        Susannah Mansfield           6  f w   Daughter       Ark  Ark  Ark
        James A. Mansfield           4  m w   Son            Ark  Ark  Ark
        Emma J. Mansfield            3  f w   Daughter       Ark  Ark  Ark
        Mary I. Mansfield         6 mo  f w   Daughter       Ark  Ark  Ark
        James C. Mansfield          78  f w   Father         Kty  Vrg  Vrg
1880 Pike County, Arkansas Federal Census, abstracted by Dorothy Kennedy
Partain, typed by Linda Willingham Meek, no date, page 52.
  Children of James William Davis Mansfield and Sarah Saphronia Gould ...
Mary Ida Mansfield Webb died February 6, 1912 and is buried in the Delight
Cemetery at Delight, Arkansas ... Alice Ann Mansfield McGraw died February
14, 1952 and is buried in Rose Lawn Cemetery in Little Rock, Arkansas. C.P.
McGraw was born January 20, 1867 and died September 22, 1960 and is buried
in Rose Lawn Cemetery. Their daughter Vera I. Lee was born September 5,
1897 and died September 3, 1985. Her husband Floyd Lee was born September
16, 1903 and died July 8, 1970. They are buried in Rose Lawn Cemetery. C.P
and Alice McGraw had five children, Otis lived around Stuttgart, Pearl,
Roy, Vera, and another boy ... Etta Amanda Isabella Mansfield Conatser
Roberts ... James Arthur Mansfield ... Emma Jane Mansfield Parsons died
January 18, 1969 and is buried in Rose Lawn Cemetery in Little Rock,
Arkansas. William Oscar Parsons was born 1876 and died 1966 and is buried
in Rose Lawn Cemetery. Their daughter Nannie Ethel Hughes was born August
1, 1897 and died February 4, 1981 ... William Granville Mansfield died
October 24, 1938 ... Walter Roscoe Mansfield died June 22, 1962 at Benton
in Saline County, Arkansas and is buried in the Rosemont Cemetery at
Telephone conversation, Barbara Watson, Texarkana, Arkansas and David
Kelley, Dallas, Texas 30 Oct 2000.
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Bible Record copy, Keith Lavender, Helena, Montana postmarked 30 Jun 1999;
FGR additions provided by Keith Lavender, Helena, Montana email 08 Feb
2000; Social Security Death Index 18 Feb 2000. Key: (BR) Bible Record
Update 03.16.01              David Kelley 1999                 FGR-0001.HTM