Kelley Family

                       Donald Kelley


From: "Donald Kelley"
Subject: Kelley Fanily
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 10:42:40 -0700

Thanks for the information on my Kelley Family. I had a young lady start my
Genealogy some 30 years back and she ran into a dead end on the Kelley
line. She had a census report from Pike county in 1880 that she was working
from so I have a piece of paper with some of the names that are listed in
your message to me. I have the death certificate for John Boyd Kelley and
it showed his father was Ashley Kelley from Texas. It also show's the wife
of Ashley Kelley was Sarah Lamb birthplace unknown. I don't know where this
information that is on the death certificate came from. The next thing I
find is not as different as the death certificate but as to the marriage of
John Boyd Kelley the note that written on the letter that was sent to the
Pike County Court House showed that John Boyd Kelley was 23 years old when
he married Docia Owens age 26 and that they were MARRIED Dec. 23, 1906 BOOK
C-PAGE 259.

Your information show's they were married in 1909 listed in the same BOOK
C-259. I am looking forward to receiving the other information that you are
sending me. If I have anything that you may need I will be more than glad
to send it to you.

Thank you very much
Donald B Kelley
4412 Blackberry Ct.
Klamath Falls OR  97603
Born in Forester Arkansas
Oct. 17, 1932

From: David Kelley
To: Donald B. Kelley
Subject: James Ashley Kelley
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 12:50:00 CDT


I left a response this morning to your query "Kelley Family" posted April
6 (GENBBS) and indicated I would send a record having more detail, sources
and notations. I would be very interested in learning more about your line
of the Kelley family. Is your father still living?


Family Group Record                0115
Husband's Name   James Ashley Kelley
 Born:    01 Jan 1845    Place: Wolf Creek, Pike, Arkansas
 Died:    14 Oct 1927    Place: Delight, Pike, Arkansas
 Married: 08 Feb 1866    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
 Father:         Elijah Kelley
 Mother:         Elizabeth Sherfield (Sheffield-Shurfield)
Wife's Name      Landon Zenell Wilson
 Born:    01 Aug 1846    Place: Laurens County, South Carolina
 Died:    02 Aug 1916    Place: Delight, Pike, Arkansas
 Father:         Young Thomas Strong Wilson
 Mother:         Mary Ann Caroline Dean
 1. Sex Name
     M  A. Young Kelley
        Born:    02 Dec 1866    Place: Wolf Creek, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:    20 Jan 1869    Place: Wolf Creek, Pike, Arkansas
 2. Sex Name
     M  Elijah Kelley
        Born:    29 Nov 1868    Place: Wolf Creek, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:    26 Nov 1954    Place: 
        Married: 15 Aug 1901    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (B-219)
        Spouse:  Mary Worner Davenport
 3. Sex Name
     F  Lillie Kelley
        Born:    05 Nov 1870    Place: Wolf Creek, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:                Place: 
        Spouse:  George W. Clingan
 4. Sex Name
     F  Mary Elizabeth Kelley
        Born:    06 Sep 1873    Place: Wolf Creek, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:    23 Jan 1909    Place: buried ... Delight, Pike, Arkansas
        Married:        1892    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Spouse:  Dennis Houston Parsons
 5. Sex Name
     M  John Boyd Kelley
        Born:    24 Dec 1882    Place: Wolf Creek, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married: 23 Dec 1906    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (C-259)
        Spouse:  Docia Ann (Tomlin) Owens
 6. Sex Name
     M  William Hile Kelley
        Born:    13 Oct 1884    Place: Wolf Creek, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married: 10 May 1908    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (C-430)
        Spouse:  Crochie Williams
 7. Sex Name
     F  Susie Pearl Kelley
        Born:    03 Sep 1887    Place: Wolf Creek, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:                Place: 
        Spouse:  J. Lantis Ballew
Sources of Information: James Ashley Kelley family record, births & deaths,
Odell Hughes, Delight, Arkansas (1979); Pike County Courier, Murfreesboro,
Arkansas, October 21, 1927: Volume 39, Number 42, page 1, column 3; Pike
County Tribune, Delight, Arkansas, October 21, 1927: Volume 6, Number 35,
page 1, column 6; Tombstones, inscriptions of: Delight Cemetery, Delight,
Arkansas (James Ashley Kelley, Landon Zenell Kelley, Elijah Kelley, Mary E.
Parsons); Census Records: Pike County, Arkansas 1870, 1880; Pike County,
Arkansas Marriage Records. 
                     Pike County Arkansas Census 1870
Schedule 1. Inhabitants in Missouri Township in the County of Pike, State
of Arkansas enumerated by me, on the ---- day of August, 1870. Wm. J. Reid,
Ass't Marshal. Post Office: Wolf Creek

128-xxx   James A. Kelley            25  m  w                Arkansas
          Landon C. Kelley           24  f  w                South Carolina
          Elijah Kelley               1  m  w                Arkansas
                     Pike County Arkansas Census 1880
Schedule 1. Inhabitants in Wolf Creek Township in the County of Pike, State
of Arkansas enumerated by me, on the ---- day of ---------, 1880. ---------
---------, Ass't Marshal. Post Office: x

 91-xx    James A. Kelley            35  m  w                Ark  Ten  Ten
          Landon C. Kelley           31  f  w  Wife          SCa  SCa  SCa
          Elijah Kelley              11  m  w  Son           Ark  Ark  SCa
          Lillie Kelley               9  f  w  Daughter      Ark  Ark  SCa
          Mary A. Kelley              6  f  w  Daughter      Ark  Ark  SCa
                  Ashley Kelley, 82 Died Last Saturday.

Ashley Kelley, aged 82, died at Delight Saturday, where he has resided many
years. He is survived by three sons and two daughters, Mrs. Geo. W. Clingan
being one of the daughters. Funeral services were held at Delight Sunday by
Rev. Cagle.
Pike County Courier, Murfreesboro, Arkansas, October 21, 1927: Volume 39,
Number 42, page 1, column 3.
                         Uncle Ashley Kelley Dead

                     Dies After Several Months Illness
                       At the Home of E. Kelley Here.

Uncle Ashley Kelley, aged 83 years, died at the home of his son, E. Kelley,
here early Saturday morning, after several months of illness.

Mr. Kelley is survived by five children, E. Kelley, of this place, William
Kelley, of near Gurdon, Boyd Kelley, of Graysonia, Mrs. G.W. Clingan, of
Nashville, and Mrs. J.L. Ballew, of Antoine, and one brother and sister,
John Kelley and Mrs. John Lamb, both of this place (Delight).

Funeral services were conducted at Antioch Sunday evening by Rev. G.L.
Cagle, of Murfreesboro. Burial was in the old cemetery here.
Pike County Tribune, Delight, Arkansas, October 21, 1927: Volume 6, Number
35, page 1, column 6.
Dennis Houston Parsons, b. 8 Jan. 1872, near Wolf Creek P.O., between
Delight and Pike City, Pike Co., Ark., d. 11 Aug. 1949; m1. Mary Elizabeth
Kelley, 1892, b. Sept. 1873, d. 23 Jan. 1909. Children: 1. William Fletcher
Parsons, b. 23 Oct. 1893, Pike Co., Ark., d. 1967; m. Maggie Dodson, 4 Feb.
1913, Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., Okla., b. 14 July 1895, d. May 1992. 2.
Noah Cleveland Parsons, b. 29 May 1895, Pike Co., Ark., d. 29 Sept. 1936;
m. Minnie Carr, May 1914, b. 1890. 3. _elley Parsons, b.15 Apr. 1897, d. 21
Aug. 1899. 4. Nannie Dewey Parsons, b. 24 July 1898, Pike Co., Ark., m1.
Albert Carr, 14 June 1914, div. 14 June 1940; m2. Henry Colwell, 27 July
1940, b. 10 Jan. 1892. 5. Ernest Elijah Parsons, b. 3 June 1900, Pike Co.,
Ark., m. Hattie Clary Ralls, 24 Oct. 1924, Blytheville, Mississippi Co.,
Ark., b. 10 July 1908, Sevier Co., Ark. 6. John Daley Parsons, b. 24 July
1902, Pike Co., Ark., m. Lela Head, 1938-1939, Pike Co., Ark. 7. Steva
(sic) Parsons, b. Nov. 1904, Pike Co., Ark., d. Sept. 1905. 8. Landon
Gladys Parsons, b. 22 Sept. 1905, Pike Co., Ark., m. John N. Dewbre, 20
Nov. 1923, b. 1 May 1902. 9. Susie Elese Parsons, b. 1 March 1907, Pike
Co., Ark., m. Norvel Lollace Barr, 24 July 1926, b.1 Oct. 1905.

Dennis Houston Parsons, m2. Mary Ann Legate nee Lee, 20 Nov. 1913, Pike
Co., Ark., mother of Homer and Joe Legate, b. 9 Mar. 1878, d. 15 Sept.
1946. Children: 10. Irene Parsons, b. 25 Sept. 1914, Pike Co., Ark., m.
Willie Monroe Jackson, 16 Mar. 1931, b. 16 June 1909. 11. Jessie Thomas
Parsons, b. 15 April 1917, Pike Co., Ark., m. Marie Aline Finney, b. 19
Jan. 1920, Graysonia, Clark Co., Ark. 12. Baby girl, b. 21 July 1920,
Parsons and Related families of Pike County, Arkansas, Clyde Thomas
Parsons, Universal City, Texas. Email:
Williams Family. Alexander S. Williams and his wife Mary Margaret Barksdale
... along with their four small children and thirty-five slaves ... (moved)
from North Carolina to Clark County, (Arkansas) ca. 1846/48 ... Alexander's
son, Archibald McDiarmid Williams ... was born 7 December 1845. On 30
December 1863 ... (he) joined the Confederate Army. In 1869 he married
Sarah Elizabeth Box (and) ... raised a large family of ten children: Lewis,
Temperance, Isaac B., Archie, Mary, Margaret, Celon H., Rachel E., Willis,
Mattie and Crochie. Illustration: Picture of "Crochie Williams Kelley and
William Hile Kelley - 1918".
Clark County, Arkansas: Past and Present, Clark County Historical
Association, Wendy Richter, editor, 1992, page 778.
Update 04.07.00               David Kelley 2000                FGR-0115.TXT

From: "Donald Kelley"
To: "Dave Kelley"
Subject: Kelley Follow up
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 12:19:20 -0700

Hi David

I just sent you an E-Mail before I received your message. Here is what I
can give to you about my Kelley side of the family.

John Boyd Kelley moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon I believe between 1937 and
1939. He was a night watchman at a Doris, Calif. sawmill. Doris is about
twenty miles from Klamath Falls. He was living with my Aunt Phyllis Kelley

My Uncle was Ray Johnson. I have no information on the Johnson side of the
family. I know they came to Oregon from Arkansas after my family which I
believe was in late 1935 or 1936. My Grandmother Docia Ann Tomlin Kelley
died here in Klamath Falls May 21, 1947. My Aunt and Uncle moved to Corning
Calif. and took my Grandfather with them where he lived until he died of
heart failure. The death certificate show's he died Nov. 18, 1963 in Red
Bluff, Tehama County, Calif.

My Father Henry B. Kelley born Oct. 17, 1907 in Delight, Pike County
Arkansas. Married Pauline Lilly Pearce (date and place unknown). Moved to
Klamath Falls, OR. around late 1935 or 1936. Worked for Weyerhaeuser Timber
Co. for 35 years until he had a heart problem.

My Mother and Father divorced about 1943 or 1944. I am unsure of some of
the dates as I was about 10 years old when this happened. Henry B. Kelley
remarried a Laura Hilton and after a few years moved to San Diego, Calif.
where she had a daughter. Henry B. Kelley died Nov. 16, 1974 in San Diego,

Henry B. Kelley and Pauline Lilly Pearce had 2 children. Donald B. Kelley
born Oct. 17, 1932 in Forester Pike County Arkansas. Patricia Ann Kelley
born June 22, 1935 in Rosboro, Pike County, Arkansas.

I think this will answer about my Father and Grandfather. I sent you some
information in a prior letter which I am confused on so maybe you can find
the real information for me.

What relation are you to my grandfather if you can figure it out?

Hope to talk to you again.

Don Kelley

From: "Donald Kelley" 
To: "Dave Kelley" 
Subject: John Boyd Kelley
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000 16:52:13 -0700

Hi Dave

I have been on almost every page at the PCAHS looking for more information
about my Grandfather John Boyd Kelley.

I see in one place there is the word Private after his name. What does this
mean? Also I see words like PCMARRDLK what does it mean? I think the last
three letters are your initials. I am still trying to find out why his
death certificate had Ashley Kelley and Sarah Lamm (could be Lamb) as his
mother. Do you know if Ashley Kelley ever had a divorce or second marriage?
I know John Boyd Kelley married Docia Ann Tomlin in Pike county but I can
not find him listed in any other census reports or to his children.

I am also trying to find out where my father Henry B. Kelley born in
Delight was married to Pauline Lilly Pearce. Are there any other sites that
I may go to for more information. My family was in Clark, Pike and I was
born in Scott county.

Thanks for the help

Donald B. Kelley

Hi Don

I appreciate hearing from you and I will be able to answer some of your
questions in this message. My second great-grandfather Elijah W. Kelley was
a first cousin of your first great-grandfather James Ashley Kelley. James
Ashley Kelley's father Elijah Kelley was a brother of William Kelley my
third great-grandfather. William and Elijah with their father Giles Kelley
settled on Wolf Creek in November 1815 at present-day Delight, Arkansas.

The marriage year for Boyd Kelley and Docia Owens is 1906 recorded in Pike
County, Arkansas Marriage Book C, page 259. I was using as a reference a
published source of the "Pike County Marriage Records" and it incorrectly
gives the year 1909.

Sarah Lamm (Lamb) was a sister of Ashley Kelley. Her name was Sarah Jane
Kelley and she became the wife of John A. Lamb. On occasion you will find
incorrect information on a death certificate. The informant will provide
what they believe is correct. In this case, instead of John Boyd Kelley's
mother's name, the name of his paternal aunt Sarah Lamb was given.

Sarah Jane (Kelley) Lamb provided an excellent record of her immediate
family, parents, siblings &c., in a letter written to her first
great-grandniece Mary Dow (Murray) Woodward in 1937. She was the last
surviving member of a family of seven brothers and sisters and of her
father's first family of eight half-brothers and half-sisters ...

                      March 24, 1937   Delight, Ark.

Dear Niece, was glad to hear from you, hope to see you someday. Tell your
Mother and Father I wish I could see them. Tell them to come to see us
sometime, we are feeling very well. John is not able to work. Hope this
find(s) you all well. I hope you can make this all out. I can't hardly see
to write. I have done the best I could not having any records. You write to
Sarah Sparks, Delight, Ark., is Sallie Wingfield's daughter. I guess she
can tell you more about her grandmother and grandfather Mobley than any one
here can. I hope I have been some help to you. I hope to hear from you
again, your aunt.

                              Sarah J. Lamb

My father was Elijah Kelley. He was Giles N. Kelley's father. Elijah Kelley
was born in Jackson county, Tenn., Sep. 14, 1800, and they moved to
Illinois in 1804, from there to Wolf Creek, Pike County, Ark., 1815, where
he labored on his farm until his death in August 26th, 1884. My mother's
name, Elizabeth Sherfield, the Newton was on her mother's side. She was
born April 22, 1824, if I am correct she married Brinley, he lived about 2
years and died. She was quite young when father married her. She died Feb.
14th, 1905. This is all I know about her. I don't know anything about her
people. I think she came from Crowley's Ridge here.

                      Father's first set of children.

I will give you the names of his first set of children. He was married
twice. Wesley Kelley and Polly Kelley was twins. Wesley was married twice.
I don't know (who) he married the first time. He married Patterson the last
time. Polly married John McLaughlin. Emily married Finn McLaughlin. Margret
Kelley married Milas Bagwell. Nancy Kelley married (a) Ward. Amanda Kelley
married John Cloud. Elijah Kelley, I think married a Dickson. Abner H.
Kelley, I don't know who he married. Eight of these half brothers and
sisters. I have no record of their ages.

Giles Newton Kelley married Ann Mariah Mobley. He was born 1842 or about
that time. James Ashley Kelley was born about 1844, married Landon Wilson.
Lydia M. Kelley was born about 1847, married T.H. Allison. Elias Wade
Kelley, born 1850, married Josephine Kelley. William Robinson Kelley was
born July 22 in 1853. Elizabeth L. Kelley was born March 6, 1856. Sarah
Jane Kelley was born July 22, 1859 married John A. Lamb. John Kelley was
born February 10, 1862 married Alice Kirkham. You can count my age and tell
how old I am. Here we are 10 in all, all dead and gone. I am left for
something good. I hope I am able to do my mark yet ...

The word "private" associated with names found in the Pike County, Arkansas
"database" can be best answered by a recent email exchange of Morris Meyers
and Deborah Kelley: ... "I notice that Alma's info was marked private. Does
that mean she's living? Would really like to know ..." From: Morris Myers
... Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 07:00:38 ... "Yes, we mark
living people with the label Private to protect them. In the case of Alma
it appears the label might be applied incorrectly ... The software I use to
create the website determines when to apply the Private label and it
seem(s) to err on the side of caution. I like it that way but will check to
see if it is being too cautious."

PCMARRDLK would refer to a marriage source originating from me and entered
into the database by Cindy Scott. I imagine it refers mostly to the Pike
County, Arkansas Reconstructed Marriages 1834-1895. This is a project by me
of now twenty-five/six years. Pike County lost its records twice by fire in
1855 and 1895.

This URL is for Clark
County, Arkansas records available in the Clark County Historical
Association Archives at Ouachita Baptist College in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.
They have become the conservator of the early Clark County original records
and have the marriages from 1821-1990. They may be able to do a look-up to
see if your father Henry B. Kelley and Pauline Lilly Pearce were married in
this county. I noted John Boyd Kelley was living in Graysonia, Clark County
when his father Ashley Kelley died in 1927. I did check the Pike County,
Arkansas Marriages 1895-1948 and did not find a marriage for them.

Near the end of last year I set up a "Pike County Arkansas Research" work
page at ... it is a private
page for my own research, and to assist other Pike County researchers and
web pages associated with Pike County, Arkansas. You are welcome to access
this page. It is in on-going development and there is an explanation of my
current project work.


From: David Kelley
To: Donald B. Kelley
Subject: Kelley
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 06:32:00 CDT

From: "Donald Kelley"
To: "Dave Kelley"
Subject: Shocked
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 11:24:21 -0700

Hi David

I am overwhelmed at the amount of information that you sent to me. I had a
young lady who was of the Mormon faith and was into Genealogy try to help
me get started with my Genealogy in 1968. She had me gather information
from my Father and Aunt (Phyllis Kelley Johnson) to get started. The only
information I received was from my Father who told me his Father John Boyd
Kelley was born Dec. 24, 1882 in Delight, Arkansas and he thought he was
married in Delight also. He wrote that my Grandmother Docia Ann Tomlin
Owens Kelley was born Nov. 8, 1880 in Richnadale, Ohio. The only thing he
knew about my Great-Grandfather was that his name was Ashley Kelley and my
Great-Grandmother was Sarah Lamm (Lamm misspelled) Kelley. I have some
census listing from 1850, 1870, and 1880 that the young lady helping
received from some where that have most of the Kelley members listed in
Pike county but we could never tie them to my family. I neglected to get my
Mother and Fathers' marriage date and place as they were alive when I
started this. Now it is too late as they have both passed away. I didn't
know there were so many other members of my family. I see that the name
Sarah Lamm is the same name that was on my Grandfather's Death Certificate
that was given to me by my Father.

It looks as if Sarah Lamb must of helped raise him as the information that
was on the Death Certificate was probably given by my Aunt who he lived
with for over 20 years.

How far forward of Ashley Kelley have you traced your family? I have my
work cut out now to enter all this information into my family tree.

My next question is what do you use to keep your records on. I just
purchased the Family Tree Maker to do my work on but I like the way yours
prints out the family tree. Mine may do that but I just put it on my
computer and as with most programs there are things I will never see or

I am the oldest Kelley left age 67 as I only had a sister and she has
passed away. I have two boys by my first marriage (3 Grandchildren) and a
girl from my second marriage (no children). I have been married to my
third wife for twenty two years. I have 3 stepdaughters which have given me
6 Grandchildren and 7 Great-Grandchildren with one more due any day.

I have an Uncle from the Pearce side of my family living in San Diego who
is 94 and the last of the Pearce line that I know of. He has given me
information about that side of the family with surnames of Benedict, Adams,
Delaughter and Pace some of which were from Clark county.

You have too many names listed to figure out your age at this time as I
still have to get every one in place to see where to start counting from.
Thanks for the other sites to go to search for my other information. I have
been to the and and I can not find one name to
start a search from but everyone wants you to buy a CD to see if you can
find your family. I want to congratulate you and all the members of the
PCAHS for the fine Genealogy site you are running. I wish other County's
had a site like yours and as easy to work on.

I am going to become a member so as to help with the cost of keeping your
site running for others to find and use.

Talk to you later

Don Kelley


Your compliments are appreciated. I can not take credit for the PCAHS
page. It was originally created by Shane Hill in 1996 as a part of the
Arkansas USGenWeb and when it was succeeded by Mary & Kevin Fiege in
1998 it served as the Pike County Arkansas page. In 1997 I discontinued
the first Pike County Arkansas page created in 1996 on the original
Arkansas GenWeb and the files were transferred to then Shane Hill's page.
These files are accessable through the Pike County Arkansas GenWeb page
"on-line" records with some links found through the PCAHS page. Last year
that portion of the Pike County, Arkansas page having to do with the Pike
County Archives & History Society was removed to form a new and separate
page by Morris Meyers and Cindy Scott for PCAHS. Morris Meyers provides
the site for the page. Cindy Scott has devoted a lot of effort with the
family databases. They deserve the credit.

My primary reason for sending this message ... I talked with Odell (Kelley)
Hughes of Delight, Arkansas just prior to writing this email and she is
well and would like to hear from you. Her telephone number is 870-379-2683.
Although she is 89 years of age, on the phone she is like she was when I
met her, in 1974. John Boyd Kelley was her uncle and she remembers him and
your grandmother. She also remembers Phyllis and Henry B. She said she
remembered when your grandfather worked in the commissary at the lumber
company in Graysonia and would go with her mother to visit them. She
recalled when the lumber company ceased its operation in Graysonia your
grandparents immediately left the area. She believed your grandmother Docia
had one, possibly two children, by her previous marriage (Owens) before she
married your grandfather. You will enjoy a phone visit with her.


   Giles Kelley               -1827      Giles Kelley              -1827
   William Kelley         1794-1869      Elijah Kelley         1800-1884
   Elijah W. Kelley       1825-1877      James Ashley Kelley   1845-1927
   William Henry Kelley   1851-1930      John Boyd Kelley      1882-1963
   Henry Edward Kelley    1875-1963      Henry B. Kelley       1907-1974
   George Howard Kelley   1910-1982      Donald B. Kelley      1932-
   David Lynn Kelley      1951-

49 years of age next week

From: David Kelley
To: Donald B. Kelley
Subject: Re: Shocked
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 16:01:00 CDT

From: "Wally Clingan"
Subject: Clingan Genealogy
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 22:01:33 -0400

Hello, My name is Wally Clingan. I believe you are related to the PA line
of Clingans, many of whom settled in Arkansas. You should send an inquiry
to and you will probably hear from several of our group
who can give you info and would be happy to hear what you can tell them. I
am of the Ohio line myself, but have made a study of the PA line along with
about 25 other Clingan researchers. I will send you what I have as well as
the Clingan Connection. Good hunting, Wally

From: David Kelley
To: "Wally Clingan"
Subject: Re: Clingan Genealogy
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 03:55:00 CDT


Thank you for contacting me. It must be from my recent response to Donald
Kelley through the PCAHS (GENBBS) query page about his line of the Kelley
family, his grandfather John Boyd Kelley having a sister Lillie, who
married George W. Clingan.

In Clark County, Arkansas: Past and Present, page 414, there is a sketch
under the name of Edward Clingan, Sr. It says. "Edward Clingan was probably
referred to as senior because there was another Edward Clingan in the same
area on the census, being three years younger, was referred to as junior.
Perhaps they were cousins. Edward Sr., was born ca. 1807 in Tennessee. A
letter his son wrote in 1926 to the Southern Standard stated that his
father, Edward Clingan, Sr., emigrated from Bradley County, TN to Clark
County, AR in 1847, and that he settled seven miles west of Arkadelphia. In
1926, the house that Edward built in 1855 was still standing on the old
homestead. It seems that Edward's first wife died some time after 1848. She
was not on the 1850 census, but there was a two-year old in the family.
Edward married again in Clark County, 2 February 1860 to Zelea Ann Worth,
who was born about 1830. Edward and his first wife, whose name is not
known, had eight children as of 1850: Nancy, born ca. 1835; William born
ca. 1837; David born ca 1838; Matilda, born 1841; James, born ca. 1843;
Andrew J. born ca. 1846; and George W., born ca. 1848. Jennet Clingan, age
seventy-six in the census, was perhaps Edward's mother, who was born in
Pennsylvania. All of Edward's children except George were born in
Tennessee. Thomas' letter mentioned above states that the large wagon which
brought the Clingan family to Arkansas was used by a group of men - John
Green, Al Green, Peter Green, Henry Peake, Umphrey Peake, and Bill Barkman
- to go to California during the gold rush in 1849. He thought that Henry
Peake did not return. Thomas also stated that he had served in the battle
of Prairie Grove, sixty-four years before his writing of the letter." -
submitted by Azalee Duke.

The only other record I have readily available is the marriage of an A.J.
Clingan to Alice Harris on January 22, 1891. It is an entry in a Marriage
Restoration Project for Pike County, Arkansas 1834-1895 and either one or
both of them were of Pike County at the time of their marriage.

I would welcome information about the Edward Clingan families, from his two
marriages. Again I appreciate hearing from you.


Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 21:29:54 -0700
From: charles todd 
Subject: Clingan genealogy
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

Hello David,

My name is Laverne Holder Todd, and I am a member of the Clingan research
group.  I have not contributed much, nor have I done any serious Clingan
research in several years. I live in Clark County, Ark. I am the only one
that still lives in the same county as the Ark. Clingans lived. In fact I
was born in the home that was built by Edward Jr. in ca. 1847.

My ancestors are Edward Sr., Edward Jr., John Edward, Flora, and me. My
grandfather John Edward was the oldest son of Edward Jr and his second
wife. Most of the Clark Co. information is included on the web page,
because Robert Clingan of Vicksburg did a lot of the work. I only have more
personal knowledge of my grandfather and down.

I am sure you will enjoy the Clingan exchange. I find it very interesting.

Laverne Holder Todd
2251 Old Military Rd.
Arkadelphia, Ark. 71923

Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 12:28:05 -0500 (CDT)
To: charles todd 
From: (David Kelley)
Subject: Clingan genealogy

Hi Laverne

Thank you for writing and telling me about your Clingan family and of
your membership in the Clingan research group. I will do a search and
find the Clingan web page. My interest is in George W. Clingan and
Lillie Kelley. They were living in Nashville, Arkansas in 1927. I do
not yet have very much information about them only Lillie's birth date.
Thanks again.

David Kelley

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