Kelley McMahan White Craighead Stell

                       Jennifer White


From: "J. White" 
Subject: KELLEY family--Hello
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 15:08:25 GMT

My name is Jennifer White and I'm fairly sure we're distantly related. I'm 
a little new to this so bear with any obvious mistakes I may make. I am a 
stickler for one thing--proof--and am fairly disgusted at the amount of 
cybertrash out there but that is another story and explains my later 

First off, are you the David Kelley of "The GEMS of Pike County, Arkansas" 
fame? Fantastic job! Well, either way, I am assuming that if you have an 
interest in Giles KELLEY and Sarah LIGHTFOOT you will also have an interest 
in Robert MCMAHAN, (I printed out an email of yours back in October on the 
family history message board re: LIGHTFOOT).

I would very much like to know for the purposes of my DAR application where 
I might obtain photocopies of the original bible records of the KELLEY's
that you have referenced. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you know, abstracts
are no good and neither are photocopies without an owner.  For my own
edification I would also like to see them--if I can attempt to dechiper an
original census page I can try a bible.

I'll also tell you where this little branch of the KELLEY's led:

My Grandfather, Roy D. WHITE was born Dec. 15, 1916 in Texas. His parents 
were Roy D. WHITE b. 1887 in Tennessee and Ruby Alice CRAIGHEAD b. Dec 22, 
1891 in Texas and died May, 1991.

Ruby's parents were John A. (Alexander) CRAIGHEAD b. March 25 1859 in Texas
who married October 18, 1889 Nancy Alice STELL b. October 8, 1864 in
Missouri Township, Pike County, Arkansas.

Nancy Alice STELL's parents were Andrew Armstrong STELL(E) b. 18 Dec 1820
in Morgan County, GA d. Feb 22, 1918 in Pike County, Arkansas and married
July 25, 1861 Martha Elvira KELLEY.

Martha was the daughter of Robert McMahan KELLEY b. Mar 31, 1821 and Sarah
____________ b. apx. 1823 in Pike Co., Arkansas (she was 29 in the 1850

I don't know how much I could possibly help you but if you could help me by
either getting me in touch with the person who owns the KELLEY bibles or
telling me the website where I can perhaps find scans of the originals I 
would be very grateful. (I can see no reason why DAR would not accept an 
electronic representation of an original. It is, afterall, far superior to 
a photocopy anyway.)

How about a few KELLEY tombstones? You may have them already but I've
attached one sent to me by a very kind KELLEY cousin who doesn't live too 
far from Delight.

In the future I would also of course like to know the source of just about
everything else so I can request the documents myself, but that is another 
project for another day.

Thank you very much, David Kelley. You've turned what could have been a
lifetime worth of work into, well, not so much.

Jen White

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Wed, 22 Mar 2000 07:08:25 PST


I received your email and the unexpected JPEG images of family tombstones
in the Delight Cemetery. E.W. & E. Kelley are my second-great grandparents.
This is appreciated.

I have prepared some information since receiving your email and it may be
found at this URL: ... This
is a private (personal) work page recently set up to assist researchers and 
Pike County and related web pages. Go to the section "Email" and find your 

Thank you for contacting me and also for your compliments concerning THE
GEMS. I was editor for about 5 years. I still have an opportunity to 
provide information working with the new editor Morris Meyers.


Mon, 27 Mar 2000 13:06:00 CST

                          Postmarked 29 Nov 1975

William Kelley was born Dec. 17, 1794
Rebecca Kelley was born --- 4th 1800
Elizabeth Kelley (daughter) June 22, 18--
Samuel (son) May 5, 1817
Giles (son) Feb. 2, 1819
Robet McMahan (son) March 31, 1821
Nancy (daughter) Jan. 20, 1823
Elijah Kelley (Son) Feb. 17, 1825
Margaret (Daughter) Aug. 26, 1827
William J. (Son) Dec. 20, 1830
George Washington (Son) Jan. 1, 1832
Martha Ann daughter Sept. 15, 183-

Some dates un-readable

... Hope this helps.

                               Loreda Denton

                                                 Jacksonville, Arkansas
                                                 May 12, 1977

Dear David,

I was in Sheridan for Mother's Day and we were all discussing ancestors ...
Bobby (Graves) had the envelope with the information you sent to her. It
was all most interesting and represented a great deal of work. I'm sure you
spent much time getting so much data.

I have made copies of it for all of my family - the only thing is - we 
don't know where we fit in to all of this ... I plan to spend some time in
Fayetteville this summer looking in the records of the Washington County
Historical Society ... on information about my grandmother Kelley. She was
Sarah Adiline Mitchell. She and her mother and grandmother were born there
according to information ... I have.

How did you gather your information? How did you learn about us (Hattie
Elmira Kelley Nelson) and family? Where does one start on such a big
undertaking? If you have any information that will help me get started
please let me know ...

                                                 Sincerely yours,

                                                 Kathryn Nelson Williams
                                                 918 McArthur Drive
                                                 Jacksonville, Ark. 72076

                                                 Jacksonville, Arkansas
                                                 August 27, 1979

Dear David,

I have recently gotten into genealogy - I joined the Arkansas Genealogical
Society - received a little help with beginning, and ... had the Kelley
family records you had sent to my mother (Hattie Kelley Nelson) so now ...
well into it. Mr. Baker at the Arkansas History Commission has been a great
deal of help. I have driven for miles to visit relatives ... getting a
great deal of information.

I asked Bobby (Graves) to send me your address which she did. She also sent
some forms which you had sent to her to complete. I wrote in some things I
had found out while researching ...

I have never enjoyed anything so much! I'm beginning to learn where all the
sources are (and) will eventually get it put together. I haven't been able
find anything on Sarah Adeline Carpenter ... but then, I haven't worked
real hard at it. I do know her name was Sarah Adeline Carpenter because
Grandma Kelley was living when my first child was born and she gave me the
information then. She told me she and her mother-in-law had the same name.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you to help with your

                                                 Sincerely yours,

                                                 Kathryn Williams


Dear David,

I want to thank you for the family record published in the (Arkansas) 
Family Historian in 1976. I know you were corresponding with my mother 
(Hattie Kelley Nelson) and that you were working on the Kelley family. I 
had no idea, however, that you had published so much information. I really 
became interested in August 1979 and had ... been working in Pike County 
when I found your article. It saved me much work - in fact I probably would 
not have put it all together even with the help of Goodspeed.

... I am interested in (the) DAR since we have a new chapter here and since
our daughters have joined through their father's ancestor ... Do you have
any information on Giles (Kelley) farther back than that in your article in
AFH? If you do I would like very much to have it ...

                                                 Sincerely yours,

                                                 Kathryn N. Williams
                                                 918 McArthur Drive
                                                 Jacksonville, Ark 72076

                               March 31, 1981

Mrs. Kathryn N. Williams
918 McArthur Drive
Jacksonville, Ark 72076

Dear Kathryn,

I have received your letter and appreciate hearing from you. I regret I
haven't written sooner. I must apologize. You have written before in May
1977 and once again in August 1979. I placed your letters in (the) "Robert
McMahan Kelley" file and they have remained unanswered since.

... I have not been able to carry the Kelleys ... farther than Giles 
(Kelley) ... (it) was relatively easy back to him ... I believe the Kelleys 
of Brunswick County, Virginia are of (our) family, but can not document ... 
our direct ancestry with them. The reference to Giles Kelley having been a 
native of Virginia is taken from information given by his son Elijah Kelley 
... in the 1880 Census of Pike County, Arkansas ... (indicating) his 
father's and mother's birthplace as "Virginia" ... Giles Kelley was in 
Tennessee at least from 1794 until 1804. His son William Kelley (your 2 gg 
father) was born in 1794 ... his birthplace ... Tennessee (1850 & 1860 Pike 
County, Arkansas Census) ... As you know Giles Kelley moved to ... (then) 
Indiana Territory (Illinois) in 1804. The first actual documentation of 
Giles Kelley is found in the Illinois records. References which I have 
discovered ... (of) him in Illinois ... can be found in the following 

          The Territorial Papers of the United States compiled
          and edited by Clarence Edwin Carter. Volume VII, The
          Territory of Indiana 1800-1810. United States Government
          Printing Office, Washington, 1939, page 321. "Giles (his
          x mark) keley" signs "Petition to Congress by Inhabitants
          of Randolph and St. Clair Counties", certified December
          2, 1805.

          A reproduction of a page of the report sent to 
          Washington by the land office at Kaskaskia in compliance
          with the March 3, 1807 Act of Congress entitled, "An act
          to prevent settlements being made on lands ceded to the
          United States until authorized by law". Page 12, "The
          Land Office of the United States of America at Kaskaskia.
          Register of Applications and Permissions". Name of
          applicant: Giles Kelly. No. 208; Date: 2d October 1807;
          Situation and boundaries: Suitate on the heads of
          Cantine creek joining David White on the north; Acres:
          320. No. 208. Permission: 8 January 1808.

          Gazatteer of Madison County compiled and published by
          James T. Hair, Alton, Illinois 1866, page 248. "Early
          Settlers of Troy Precinct", Giles Kelley (listed).

          History of Madison County, Illinois published by W.R.
          Brink & Co., Edwardsville, Ill., 1882. Page 440. Jarvis
          Township. "We give in this form a list of the early
          settles of the township." Giles Kelley (listed).

          Centennial History of Madison County, Illinois and It's
          People, 1812-1912 compiled & edited by W.T. Norton.
          Chapter LXIV, Jarvis Township, page 555. "Following is a
          list of the earliest settles of the township, many of
          whom have been previously referred to: Giles Kelley

... You mention ... interest in the DAR ... you will be able to qualify
(membership) ... as a direct descendant of Robert McMahan, Sr. (1760-1823).
Robert McMahan, Sr. was among the Virginia militia engaged in the Battle of 
Guilford Court House in North Carolina where he was taken prisoner. This 
battle occurred March 15, 1781 and the Virginia militia commanded by 
Generals Lawson and ... Stevens provided ... the American second line of 
defense. Robert McMahan's widow, Nancy (Kester) McMahan (applied for) a 
Revolutionary War pension ... (No. 16357) ... Note the DAR Patriot Index, 
he is listed. Robert McMahan, Sr. first married Margaret Clark. He second 
married Nancy Kester and they were the parents of 12 children. Their 
daughter Rebecca married William Kelley your 2 gg father ...

You have ... indicated your great grandmother's full name was Sarah Adaline
Carpenter ... I have relatively little concerning (the Carpenters). I did 
find a Bible record of the Wingfield family which recorded ... Sarah Kelley 
died (the) 21 March 1887. Bob Wingfield (a grandson) of Okolona says she 
was buried at Pisgah, Pike County, Arkansas. I went to the cemetery but 
found no marker ...

Sincerely yours,

David L. Kelley

                                                 Jacksonville, Arkansas
                                                 April 14, 1981

Dear David,

Thank you so much for your nice letter. I'm really pleased to find out
about Robert McMahan. I had often thought about checking on him, but kept
searching on the Kelley line for a patriot. I probably never would have
found enough on Robert McMahan to have convinced myself I had the right

I spent last Sunday afternoon in the library in Little Rock and ehecked on
the information you gave me - the DAR Patriot Index and the Revolutionary
War pensions. I found both. However, I can't imagine where the other
information had come from - have I overlooked something in Goodspeed? I am
most interested in getting into (the) DAR ...

I know nothing about the Carpenters, however, I have been researching
exactly 19 months, so you see I have hopes for miracles ...

                                                 Thank you

                                                 Kathryn Williams

April 19, 1981

Mrs. Kathryn N. Williams
918 McArthur Drive
Jacksonville, AR 72076

Dear Kathryn,

Regarding Robert McMahan, Sr.'s Revolutionary War service. The primary
source of information ... is the Revolutionary War Pension (application)
16537 of Nancy McMahan widow of Robert, dated January 20, 1858, Military
Service Records, National Archives, Washington, D.C. This (application)
states: ... "20th day of January 1858, appeared before (the) Madison Co., 
Ill. court, Nancy McMahan a resident of (the) County of Madison, (and) 
State of Ill., aged 80 years, (and) stated she was (the) widow of Robert 
McMahan who served in the Revolutionary War. Robert McMahan entered the 
service in 1780, believed he served under General Stevens or Lawson. He 
resided in Augusta County, State of Virginia and was marched from there to 
Guilford Court House in the State of North Carolina; that he was engaged in 
the battle fought there and was taken prisoner; that he served to the best 
of her belief one year and upwards in the Revolutionary War. She was 
lawfully married to Robert McMahan in the County of St. Clair and State of 
Illinois, June 1795, her name before marriage was Nancy Kester; that her 
said husband died in Madison Co., Ill., (in) 1823. (Signed) Nancy (her x
mark) McMahan. Witnesses: (Signed) Joshua Atwater & Mathew Gillespie".

From a book entitled "Green and Cornwallis: The Campaign in the Carolinas"
by Hugh F. Rankin, Chapter IX, pp. 71-79, indicates the American second 
line of defense were Virginia militia at the Battle of Guilford Court 
House, N.C. commanded by General Edward Stevens and General Lawson. The 
battle took place on March 15, 1781.

In another book entitled "Historical Register of Virginians in the
Revolution" by John H. Gwathmey, page 535, is listed ... Robert McMachan
(as spelled) who was in Capt. Patterson's Company, Augusta County, 

The Last Will and Testament of Robert McMahan Sr. dated August 15, 1822,
Madison County, Illlinois states: "I will to each of my 3 sons viz: Isaac,
Robert and Thomas one Dollar and to Sally Gaskill and Rebecah Kelly one
Dollar each."

In a Bill to correct mistakes in (a) deed and for other relief: John 
Henshaw vs. Nancy McMahan, widow of Robert McMahan, Desc., (Madison County,
Illinois), lists all the children and heirs of Robert McMahan ... including
"Rebecca McMahan since intermarried with William Kelley."

Book entitled "Gazetteer of Madison County" by James T. Hair, page 58,
record of marriage license: 1814, June 14 - William Kelley to Rebecca

William Kelley Bible (notations) ... has entry (for) Robert McMahan Kelley
... born March 31, 1821.

I have no record of marriage for Robert McMahan Kelley. Mrs. Audrey Delaney
of Delight, Arkansas and your mother said he married Sarah Carpenter ...


David L. Kelley

                                                 Jacksonville, Ark.
                                                 April 25, 1981

Dear David

I am sending you information ... on Martin Andrew Kelley's family. I am 
also writing to Dorris Kelley son of Elmo Kelley to get more information on 
his parents. B.V. Kelley, Jr. paid us a surprise visit a few months ago and 
while he was here I had him fill out these papers for me.

I spent the day at the Arkansas History Commission ... I did locate Sarah
Kelley living with her son in law (Wingfield) in 1880. She was listed as
being 58 years old, her daughter was Nancy E. I can't imagine where they
were when the 1860-1870 census were taken. I couldn't find Martin Andrew
Kelley in Pike Co. in 1880.

... Thank you so much for your letter of April 19, 1981. I can't begin to
imagine how you have found so much information on so many people - but I'm
really glad you have.


                                                 Kathryn Williams

Mrs. J. Roland Williams
918 McArthur Drive
Jacksonville, Ark 72706

                            Friday Sept. 4, 1981

Dear David,

I received a letter ... yesterday with a copy of the information I needed 
in it ...  If you would like a copy of the page (William Kelley Bible) let 
me know and I will send it to you.

Thanks for all you have done. I am now a member of the National Society of
the Magna Charta and ... working on my papers for Colonial Dames and will
complete my paper work for DAR real soon ...

                                                 Sincerely yours,

                                                 Kathryn Williams

                                                 September 9, 1982

Kathryn N. Williams
918 McArthur Drive
Jacksonville, AR 72076

Dear Kathryn,

I have enclosed a copy of the confederate Civil War record for your great
grandfather Robert McMahan Kelley ... you will see he joined for duty May
10, 1862 at Hamburg, Arkansas for a period of 3 years or for the duration
of the war.

Sometime between October 31, 1862 and April 30, 1863 he was wounded at
Prairie Grove and returned home on furlough. His name continues on the
Company Muster Roll thru February 29, 1864. The next and last mention of
him is when he "deserted" the Confederate Army and makes an "Oath of
Allegiance to the United States" at Military Prison (in) Little Rock,
Arkansas (on) November 16, 1864.

From that time ... and January 5, 1869 he has died ... his father, William
Kelley's "Last Will and Testament" (abstract) says "and Robert M. Kelley's 
heirs" ... the 1866 and 1867 Pike County, Arkansas tax lists ... Robert 
Kelley's name appears ... in 1866 he pays poll tax and has 200 acres of 
land ... 1867 ... (the entry) "Kelley, Robt." ... (and) under his name ... 
"Kelley, Robt., Guardian" ... Robert Kelley paid or was assessed $2.80. 
Robert Kelley, Guardian $.32. This was for county and state tax.

I am inclined ... he died (in) 1867. I look forward to having a copy of the 
page from the William Kelley Bible. I do appreciate your offer to send one.


                                                 David L. Kelley

     The full-day battle at Prairie Grove, Arkansas ensued December 
     7, 1862. Robert M. Kelley was wounded and left at Cane Hill, 
     Arkansas and then furloughed. Residence, Pike County. During 
     1867 Robert M. Kelley died. A guardian in his name was assessed 
     taxes. The small percentage amount of tax directly assessed to 
     the guardian (prorate) suggests Robert M. Kelley may have lived 
     a majority of the year up to tax collection.

                          Postmarked 14 Sep 1982

Dear David

I received your letter today. Thank you so much for the Civil War record of
Robert M. Kelley ... I am enclosing the Bible copy (original) that (was) 
... sent to me. I have made copies of it ...


                                                 Kathryn Williams

William Kelley Bible page copy

                                                 September 16, 1982

Mrs. J. Roland Williams                                                
918 McArthur Drive
Jacksonville, AR 72076

Dear Kathryn,

I received your letter and the copy of the page from the William Kelley
Bible. A mere "thank you" is not adequate to express my appreciation ...

I have in my file the military service record and bounty land applications
(of) William Kelley. He was a mounted ranger on the frontier of Illinois 
for 12 months (1813-1814). These papers contain a letter written by 
William Kelley in 1851. If you don't have a copy of these ... I will ... 
send one.


                                                 David L. Kelley

                        WILLIAM KELLEY BIBLE RECORD

                               List of Names

William Kelley was born
December the 17th 1794

Rebecca Kelley was born May
the 4th 1800

Elizabeth Kelley daughter
of William Kelley was bornd
June the 22 day AD 1815

Samuel Kelley son of Willi
am Kelley was born May the
5th 1817

Giles Kelley son of William
Kelley was born February
the 2nd day AD 1819

Robert McMahan Kelley
son of William Kelley
was born March the 31st
AD 1821

Nancy Kelley daughter of
William Kelley was born

January the 20th day
AD 1823

Elijah Kelley son of Willi
am Kelley was born on Febru
ary the 17 day AD 1825

Margaret Kelley daughter
of William Kelley was born
August the 24th day AD 1827

William Jaxon Kelley son of Willi
am Kelley was born December
the 20th day AD 1830

George Washington Kelley
son of William Kelley was
born January the first day
AD 1832

Martha Ann Kelley daughter
of William Kelley was born
September the 15th day AD

Georg (sic) W. Kelley died
July the 15th day AD 1832

Martha Ann Kelley did (sic)
January the 19th day AD 1835

Rebeckah Kelley died October
the 9th 1857 aged 57 years
5 months and 5 days

William Kelley Bible. Ownership privacy requested: a correct transcript.

                                                 Monday Sept. 20, 1982

Dear David,

... I do have the military records for William Kelley but not the bounty
land applications. I would love a copy of them and a copy of the letter
written by William Kelley ...


                                                 K. Williams

                                                 Jacksonville, Ark.
                                                 June 3, 1983

Dear David,

... There are two things on my (Kelley) family ... You mentioned in a 
letter that there is a Will made by William Kelley in which he left the 
heirs of Robert McMahan Kelley a certain amount. Do you know where I can 
get a copy of that will? Also, you mentioned a Bible ... in  which the 
death of Sarah (Carpenter) Kelley was recorded. Do you know ... who might 
have that Bible? ...


                                                 Kathryn Williams

                                                 June 29, 1983

Mrs. J. Roland Williams
918 McArthur Drive
Jacksonville, AR 72076

Dear Kathryn,

I have been in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for a couple of weeks and have
been doing some research in the public libraries and also the Federal
(National) Archives branch in Ft. Worth. Yesterday I came across something 
in the "Arkansas Gazette" ... I had looked for in other newspapers printed 
closer to the Pike county area without success. It is the death notice of 
William Kelley father of Robert M. and found in the April 22, 1869 issue, 
page 2, column 4.

          We learn with sincere sorrow of the death of another
          of our oldest citizens, widely known as one of the best
          men. He has closed a life of userfulness at a ripe old
          age and has entered upon his reward.


          At his residence in Pike county, Ark., on the 14th day
          of February, 1869, ELDER WILLIAM KELLY (sic), who was
          74 years, 1 month and 27 days old. He was one of the
          first settlers of south Arkansas, having resided for
          more than 53 years, within the immediate vicinity of
          the place at which he died.

                    Sleep sweetly now from labors free,
                          Thy pilgramage is o'er;
                    Til Christ appears then we shall see,
                          Thy face as heretofore!

... To answer your query about the "Last Will and Testament" of William
Kelley and the Bible record, an abstract of William Kelley's Will is
recorded in an old abstract book belonging to the Guaranty Abstract (&
Title) Company of Murfreesboro, Arkansas. The book is owned by Jimmy 
Featherston. Nothing can be copied from the book without his permission. 
The Arkansas History Commission microfilmed this book in 1975 ... you can 
view the microfilm at the Arkansas History Commission. It is ... "Pike 
County Burnt Records", roll #14.

The Bible record you asked about belongs to Audrey Delaney of Delight,
Arkansas ... Most of the information is relative to Joel S. Wingfield ...
and his family. I do recall on (a) page ... (the death) entry for Sarah
Kelley ... I did not (photocopy) this record ... but I did carefully
hand write (the) information ... I can send (a copy) after I get back to

Audrey Delaney is a granddaughter of Joel S. Wingfield and Nancy Emoline
Kelley. Her mother was Mary Dow Wingfield who married Henry Theodore
Mansfield ... The Bible record is kept in an album of family memorabilia
put together by Audrey.

Something to consider to help you find more information about the children
of Robert McMahan Kelley would be to take the ones you have death dates ...
and know about where they lived and check the local newspapers for (their)
obituaries ... Obituaries ... name surviving brothers and (or) sisters and 
where they lived. This can ... help you locate descendants of the brothers 
and sisters ... Remember I found your family by writing the postmaster of 
Sheridan, Arkansas ...

                                                 Sincerely yours,

                                                 David L. Kelley

                                                 July 5, 1983

Mrs. J. Roland Williams                                                
918 McArthur Drive
Jacksonville, AR 72076

Dear Kathryn,

... the information you asked about. The "Family Record" consists of one
page folded in the middle vertically to form four pages measuring equally
6 and 3/4 inches in length, 4 inches in width. This page was once ...
within a small ... Bible ... I copied the family record on ... October 14, 
1978 during a ... visit at the residence of ... Audrey Delaney in Delight, 

The death date entry for Sarah Kelley can be described as being on the 
third page of this record and ... says:

                         Sarah Kelley Departed this
                         life March the 21st 1887.

The only birth date information recorded was for Joel S. Wingfield, his
wife Nancy E. Kelley, and their children. Relative to the abstract of
William Kelley's "Last Will and Testament", it says:

          I give & devise and bequeath to my beloved daughter
          Margaret Doss, all my real estate lying and being 
          situated in the County of Pike, State of Arkansas and 
          described as follows to wit: the NE 1/4, NW 1/4, Sec. 
          30, Twp 8, S-R 23W. To have and to hold the same to her 
          for and during her natural life and after her decease, 
          to her bodily heirs, respectively share and share alike.

          I give and bequeath to my beloved children, (Elijah) W.
          Kelley, Samuel Kelley, William J. Kelley, Elizabeth
          Kirkham, Margaret Doss, Nancy Dossey heirs, and Robert M.
          Kelley's heirs, the sum of One Dollar each to be paid to
          each of them out of my personal goods and chattels as
          soon after my decease as conveniently may be done, and
          then the balance or residue of my personal property, 
          goods and chattels, respectively share and share alike.

          Lastly I do nominate and appoint my son William J.
          Kelley and Willis H. Doss to be Executors of this my 
          last Will and Testament.

                                                 David L. Kelley

                               FAMILY RECORD.

Married on the 16th Dec.
1875, Joel S. Wingfield to
Nancy E. Kelley

Joel S. Wingfield was born
November the 16th 1854

Nancy E. Wingfield, wife of
Joel S. Wingfield was born Nov.
the 11th 1858

Nora Lee, Daughter of
Joel S. & Nancy E. Wingfield
was born September
the 23d 1876

Corah Cornelier, Daughter
of Joel S. & Nancy E. Wingfield
was born August the 11th 1879

                               FAMILY RECORD.

Mary Dow Wingfield
daughter of Joel S. &
Nancy E. Wingfield was born
July 20th 1881

Lula Wingfield, Daughter
of Joel S. & Nancy E.
Wingfield was born March
the 21st 1890

Charles Elmore
son of Joel S. & Nancy
E. Wingfield was born
July the 31st 1894

Bob Stell, Son of
J.S. & Nancy E. Wingfield
Born Oct. 26th, 1897

                               FAMILY RECORD.

John W. Wingfield
departed this life January
the 12th 1879 age 57 years
9 months and 29 days

Nancy R. Wingfield departed
this life Feb. 10th 1859 age
35 years 11 months and 22 days
Sarah Kelley Departed this
life March the 21st 1887

Elmore Melson
Died Feb. the 3rd 1890

Isaac Ward Died
Aug. 4th 1894

                               FAMILY RECORD.

E.B. Wingfield was maried (sic)
to M.A. Kelley, October 31st 1889

Joel Saunders Wingfield Bible Record folio, Audrey Delaney, Delight,
Arkansas. Copied October 14, 1978 by David Kelley: a correct transcript.

                                                 Jacksonville, Ark.
                                                 July 30, 1983

Dear David,

Thank you so much for the information about William Kelley's Will and his
Obituary. I have written Russell Baker at the archives and asked him to
make copies for me. From this DAR Chapter here in Jacksonville they told
me I had good information but not enough about the actual everyday lives of
my ancestors and that I should get everything I could about them. The
information from you will certainly help. I would like to visit Mrs. Audrey 
Delaney, however I don't know when ...

Thanks again for sharing with me. It kept my summer from being a complete
failure where research is concerned.


 * Russell Baker, Deputy Director, Arkansas History Commission

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