Odell Kelley Hughes

Odell Hughes, 94, of Delight, Ark. passed away recently at (a) facility in 
Murfreesboro, Ark. Interment was Thursday, March 17, 2005. The services    
were held at the Delight Cemetery immediately following services at the    
Delight Church of Christ (on) St. Patrick’s Day, 2005 (and) would also have
been her 70th wedding anniversary had her husband survived. She never      
remarried. Mrs. Hughes was born Warner Odell Kelley in Pike County, on Jan.
26, 1911, near the settlement on Wolf Creek which later grew to be the city
of Delight. Odell eventually became Arkansas’ oldest living librarian. At  
age 87, she finally, reluctantly, retired - culminating many years of      
selfless service to readers of all ages. An avid reader herself, her       
dedicated service was recognized statewide in a broadcast by the Arkansas’ 
ABC television affiliate, KATV, Channel 7. She was well-renowned in her    
locale as an incredible cook and gardener. She loved her home, and the     
idyllic little cottage, in which she lived her entire life, was always     
ablaze with flowers of all varieties. She also loved her pets, her friends,
and her family, and showed them that love on a minute-by-minute basis.     
Above all, she loved God and passed many of the most joyous moments of her 
life with her brethren at Delight Church of Christ. Mrs. Hughes leaves     
behind a large, grieving family, and a host of friends of all ages and from
all walks of life. She is survived by four children, nine grandchildren,   
including Missy Parker Masterson, RN of Hot Springs Village, and eight     
great grandchildren. She lived a wonderful life and created joy in         
everyone’s lives with whom she came in contact. She will be sorely missed  
by all her knew and loved her.                                             
Source of information:                                                     
United States Obituary Collection                                          
Name of Deceased: Odell Hughes                                             
Age at Death: 94                                                           
Newspaper Title: Hot Springs Village Voice Newspaper                       
Location: Hot Springs Village, AR, USA                                     
Obituary Publication Date: 08 Apr 2005                                     
Locations Mentioned in Obituary: Murfreesboro, AR; Delight, AR             
Other Persons Mentioned in Obituary: Missy Parker Masterson;               
Warner Odell Kelley                                                        
David Kelley 2007