W.H. Carman

                    Man Shoots Wife Then Kills Himself                       
W.H. (Bill) Carman, aged about 65 of near Antoine, shot and killed himself   
at his home about 5:30 Monday afternoon, August 24th. Immediately before the 
fatal shot, he fired three times into the abdomen and shoulders of his wife, 
Mrs. Susan Canter Carman. Her condition is critical. Dr. Pat Hembey of       
Delight was immediately summoned and Mrs. Carman was removed to a Prescott   
hospital. Dr. J.J. Burleson of Antoine held the inquest over the body of Mr. 
Despondency over ill health and dwindling finances for the past several      
months by Mr. Carman is siad to have been the cause of the doubled shooting. 
The following letter was found in the clothing of Mr. Carman:                
"Dear Everett and the rest of the children: I am getting tired suffering and 
don't see any chance to get any better. It was a hard life before I got      
sick. Now it is just too hard. If I should go unexpected and I have not got  
money enough to put us away, sell enough cattle, chickens, to do it, the     
best you can. Handle the other stuff the best you can."                      
Mr. Carman had been a resident of the Antoine community for many years and   
is survived by the following children, all living near Antoine: Everett      
Carman, Warren Carman, Mrs. Richmond Hill, Mrs. Everett Hill, Delight, and   
one son about 12 years of age and one grandchild by the name of Starling.    
Funeral services were held at Antoine Tuesday.                               
Pike County Courier, August 28, 1931, page 1, column 5.                      
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