Edwin Cornelius Widener

                          Edwin Cornelius Widener                            
Edwin Cornelius Widener was born the third day of May, 1873, and died on the 
7th day of July, 1931, at the age of 58. Mr. Widener was born near Kirby in  
Pike county, Arkansas and spent most of his useful life in his native        
county. One the fifth day of August, 1900, he was married to Miss Media      
McKinnon. To them were born three sons and one daughter, Vistaline, who died 
at Pike City in 1911.                                                        
When I first knew Mr. Widener, he was in the mercantile business in Pike     
City. At that time he was not an active church member, but his moral         
influence was always right and he detested anything that looked like         
hypocrisy in religion, for his ideals of what a Christian might be were      
high, and he tried to lived an honorable, upright life. He was one of the    
kindest, most devoted husbands I ever knew and lived for his wife and        
children. They will all miss him, but I hope his example will live in his    
three boys.                                                                  
For nine years, he had been postmaster in his home town of Delight,          
Arkansas. His place in this office and his town will be hard to fill. He was 
not only an able and efficient postmaster, but he was accommodating and      
everybody loved him. Tho I have not seen him in many years, I loved him and  
often heard from him.                                                        
Surrounded by relatives and friends, he was buried at Kirby, Arkansas, near  
the place of his birth. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Jess         
Hamilton of Prescott, Arkansas, and the Rev. W.A. Morris of Delight.         
We extend sympathy and love to his ever loving and devoted wife and his      
three boys, Curtis E., Harley and Harold, and I pray the dear Lord to save   
those young men, and, as we all, one by one, are called to go, may we all    
meet in heaven, is the prayer of,                                            
                      Your father's old preacher friend,                     
                             William I. Feazell,                             
                           Green Cave Springs, Fla.                          
Pike County Tribune, Volume 10, Number 23, July 24, 1931, page 4,            
columns 2-3.                                                                 
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