William H. Preston

                            Maj. Wm. H. Preston                              
The many friends and acquaintances of Maj. Wm. H. Preston of Murfreesboro,   
Pike Co., will be shocked to learn that he is no more, and that he died by   
his own hand. On the evening of the 7th inst. we learn that he went into a   
room to change clothes and remained so long that his wife became uneasy      
about him and went into the room to ascertain the cause, when to her horror, 
she found him on the bed and four empty one ounce bottles labeled            
"Laudanum" sitting on a chair nearby. When his wife entered the room he      
pointed to the bottles and remarked that she could see what he had done for  
himself. A physician was immediately summoned, but Maj. Preston stoutly      
refused to take any antedote declaring it to be his full and unalterable     
determination to destroy his life. He died about six o'clock next morning.   
Southern Standard, January 18, 1873, page 3, column 2.                       
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