Lyman F. Rounds to Sandford R. Babbit

Bill of Sale

This is to certify that I, Lyman F. Rounds have Bargained sold and           
delivered, by the consent of Mary H. Rounds the proper owner, a certain      
Improvement or plantation formerly owned and known as the property of the    
late John Rose Deceased, to Sanford R. Babbit, his heirs and assigns         
forever, the said plantation being in Section 18, North East quarter section 
in the Township of Antoine, Clark County A.T. This 20th day of November      
                           Signed Lyman F. Rounds                            
                       Signed Mary (her x mark) Rounds                       
                        John (his x mark) Hoofman sen.                       
Territory of Arkansas,                                                       
County of Clark,                                                             
I Jas. S. Ward, Clerk of the Circuit Court & exofficio recorder for said     
County, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing Bill of Sale from     
Lyman F. Rounds and Mary H. Rounds to Sanford R. Babbit was this day         
produced to me in my office by the said Sandford Babbit and ordered to be    
recorded which is duly done.                                                 
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand as Clerk & exofficio       
recorder as aforesaid and affixed the seal of office. This 21st day of       
November A.D. 1845 and of the American Independence sixtieth year.           
                            Jas. S. Ward, Clerk                              
                           & exofficio recorder.                             
Clark County, Arkansas Deed Book B, 1824-1837, page 117.                     
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