Thomas Fish to John Wilson


                       Know All Men By These Presents:                       
That I, Thomas Fish of the County of Clark and Territory of Arkansas are     
held and firmly bound unto John Wilson of the County of Hempstead and        
Territory aforesaid, in the sum of one hundred dollars, the payment which    
will and truly to be made for which I bind myself, my heirs and executors,   
administrators &c.                                                           
The conditions of the above obligation is such that, whereas the said Thos.  
Fish for and in consideration of the sum of fifty dollars, the receipt of    
which he doth hereby acknowledged, hath this day sold unto the said John     
Wilson a certain tract or parcel of land, contains forty acres, it being one 
equal undivided half of the east half of the Southeast quarter of section    
twenty-eight of township seven South in range twenty one west, to tract or   
parcel of land the said Fish doth bind himself, his heirs, administrators    
&c. to make to the same John Wilson a good and lawful general Warranter deed 
so soon as he, the Thos. Fish shall obtain a patent from the United States   
for the same. Now if the said Fish shall, will and truly perform and execute 
the deed aforesaid in the manner aforesaid, then the above obligation to     
cease and become void, otherwise, to remain in full force and virtue.        
In witness whereof, he the said Thos. Fish hath hereunto set his hand and    
affixed his seal, this December the 1st one thousand eight hundred and       
                             Thomas Fish (Seal)                              
                               George Butler                                 
                               William Kelley                                
Territory of Arkansas,                                                       
County of Clark,                                                             
I Daniel Ringo, Clerk of the Clark Circuit Court and exofficio Recorder for  
said County, do hereby certify that the foregoing instrument of writing was  
this day produced to me in my office and ordered to be recorded, which is    
duly done in Record Book of Deeds &c. Page 28.                               
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand as Clerk & Exofficio       
recorder as aforesaid this 12th day of July 1828 & of the Independence of    
the United State of America the Fifty-third.                                 
(Seal)                         Daniel Ringo                                  
Clark County, Arkansas Deed Book B, 1824-1837, page 28.                      
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