Samuel Bittick to Jesse Bittick

Deed of Gift

                              Deed of Gift                                   
                    Know All Men By These Presents:                          
That, this Indenture, made this twenty-fourth day of March in the year of    
our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty six; between Samuel Bittick  
of the Territory of Arkansas and County of Clark, of the one part; and Jesse 
Bittick of the County and Territory, aforesaid, of the other part.           
Whereas, the said Samuel Bittick, being the father of the said Jesse         
Bittick, by reason of his age and infirmities, in consideration of the       
natural love and affection which I have and bear for my son, Jesse Bittick,  
and also for divers other good causes and considerations, me, the said       
Samuel Bittick, hereunto have given and granted, and confirmed and by these  
presents, do give, grant, and confirm unto the said Jesse Bittick, three     
head of horses, called by the names - dick, and roane, and hos, and also     
seven cows and calves and four heifers and ten steers, and also one set of   
turners tools, to have and to hold, and enjoy all singular, the said horses  
and cattle and tools, aforesaid, unto the said Jesse Bittick, his executors, 
adminstrators, and assignes, to the only proper use and behoof of, forever;  
and I, the said Samuel Bittick, all and singular, the said horses, cattle,   
and tools, to the said Jesse Bittick, his executors, administrators, and     
assigns against me, the said Samuel Bittick, my executors and                
administrators, and all and every other person or persons, whatsoever, shall 
and will warrant and defend, by these presents, of all and singular, put     
the said Jesse Bittick in full possession, by delivering to him the above    
mentioned horses, cattle, and tools, at the time of the sealing and          
delivering of these presents hereby granted.                                 
Whereunto, I have set my hand and seal, this 24th day of March, 1826.        
                           Samuel Bittick (Seal)                             
                               William Kelley                                
                               Elijah Kelley                                 
Territory of Arkansas,                                                       
Clark county,                                                                
This day, personally appeared William Kelley and Elijah Kelley, whose names  
are subscribed to the foregoing deed of Gift, and after being duly sworn,    
deposeth & saith, that, they, saw Samuel Bittick subscribe the same and that 
he acknowledged that it was for the use and purposes therein specified.      
                               William Kelley                                
                               Elijah Kelley                                 
Sworn to & subscribed before me, an acting Justice of the Peace, this 15th   
April, 1826.                                                                 
                            T.S. Drew, J. Peace                              
I, Thomas S. Drew, Clerk of the Circuit Court in & for the County of Clark,  
do certify that the foregoing record is a true and complete copy or          
transcript of the original which was received and recorded this 17th day of  
April, 1826.                                                                 
                                 T.S. Drew                                   
Clark County, Arkansas Deed Book B, page 5.                                  
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