Pelham Roney Stallcup

Includes Excerpts from The Stalcup Family History 1641-1986


                            H.H. Cunningham                                 
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                            February 24, 1995                               

Mrs. Dorothy K. Partain                                                     
Pike County Archives and History Society                                    
P.O. Box 238                                                                
Murfreesboro, AR 71958                                                      

Dear Mrs. Partain:                                                          

Greatly appreciate you responding to my query concerning my great-          
grandfather Thomas Stallcup, being in the Pike County area in the late      

My interest in Thomas Stallcup includes the history of the man and would    
therefore like to know as much of the details as possible concerning his    
migration to Pike County and his stay in the area. As land acquisition      
usually was involved in such migrations, I would like to know of any history
of Pike County in the late 1830's that would have played a roll in getting  
Thomas Stallcup to the area. It should be noted that he was apparently      
preceded to the area by his cousin Pleasant Stallcup.                       

Thomas Stallcup is believed to have been born in Sumner County, Tennessee in
ca. 1816. In 1830 his father George Stallcup moved about half of his        
immediate family, including married children, to the area at what is now    
Independence, Missouri. In about 1839, most of the Stallcup family that had 
migrated from Tennessee again moved; this time they selected Taney County   
Missouri as their new home.                                                 

Taney County is better known today as the location of Branson, Missouri. The
Stallcup family prospered in that location and descendants of the original  
family still live in the area. Until just recently, I always thought that   
Thomas Stallcup moved from Tennessee with his father and the other family   
members to Missouri.                                                        

Finding him in Pike County in the late 1830's with a first cousin from      
Sumner County, Tennessee has made me question that original theory. Thomas  
Stallcup did have a considerable family that remained in Sumner Co. after   
his father's move to Missouri and may have elected to stay in Tennessee with

From the "Arkansas 1830-39 Tax Lists" by Ronald Vern Jackson, a Pleasant    
Stalkup is listed on the Pike Co., Arkansas Territory tax list for 1836, a  
Pleasant Stalcup is listed on the Pike Co, Arkansas 1838 tax list, and      
Thomas Stalcup is on the Pike Co., Arkansas tax list for 1839. From "The    
Stalcup Family History 1641-1986" by Earl E. Jones, Pleasant Stallcup (ID   
no. 462) married Dovey A.M. Roney in Sumner Co., Tennessee on 15 April 1829 
and was found in Arkansas in the 1836 thru 1844 time period. Pleasant       
Stallcup is also referenced as being the son of John Stallcup (ID no. 205)  
while Thomas Stallcup (ID no. 456) has been established as the son of George
Stallcup (ID no. 204). George and John Stallcup are identified as being     
brothers and the sons of Tobias Stalcop (ID no. 128). Thomas and Pleasant   
Stallcup were therefore first-cousins and lived in the same area of         
Tennessee until at least the time that George Stallcup moved his family to  
western Missouri in 1830. Thomas Stallcup is identified as being in         
Washington Co., Arkansas in 1840 by the U.S. census taken that year and     
having a wife and one child. His wife was Emily (Pelham) the eldest daughter
of William and Nancy Pelham. By 1842, Thomas Stallcup moved his family to   
north Texas area and obtained land through the Peters Colony. He was in the 
Collin County, Texas area when it was formed in 1846 and was one of the     
first County Commissioners and a Justice of the Peace.                      

A copy of my five generation pedigree chart is enclosed for your            
information. Your assistance in this search would most certainly be         

                             Sincerely yours,                               

                             H.H. Cunningham, Jr.                           

                     The Stalcup Family History 1641-1986                   

John Anderson Stallcop (1) was born about 1627 at Strängnäs, Sweden. He     
arrived at Fort Christina (New Sweden and present Delaware) in 1641 aboard  
the Charitas from Sweden. He married Christina ... about 1656 ... the       
daughter of Carl Johnson who arrived at Fort Christina in 1656 on the       
Mercurius ... Children: Andrew Stallcop (2); Carols (Charles) Stallcop (3); 
John Stallcop (4); (Daughter) Stallcop (5); Peter Stallcop (6); Mary        
Stallcop (7); Jonas Stallcop (8); (Unknown) Stallcop (8A) ... Information   
from a land transaction dated 1677 reveals that there were eight children at
that time.                                                                  

Peter Stallcop (6) son of John Anderson Stallcop (1) and Christina Johnson  
was born about 1663 in Delaware colony. He died before May 1710 in New      
Castle County, Delaware. He married Catharina Peterson about 1685. She was  
the daughter of Samuel Peterson and Brita ------- . After Peter Stallcop's  
death she married Lucas Stidham Sr. ... Children: Christina Stallcop (20)   
born 19 April 1686; Brita Stallcop (21); John Stallcop (22); Maria Stallcop 
(23); Andrew Stallcop (24); Margaretta Stallcop (25).                       

John Stallcop (22) son of Peter Stallcop (6) and Catharina Peterson was born
about 1692 in New Castle County, Delaware. He married Maria Morton about    
1719. She was the daughter of Mathias Morton and Annika Justis. She was born
about 1695 in Ridley, Chester County, Pennsylvania. John died 24 June 1751  
and is buried at Old Swedes Church in Wilmington. Children: Peter Stallcop  
(67) born 1712; Christina Stallcop (68) born 20 October 1714; Matthias      
Stallcop (69) born 26 September 1716; Tobias Stallcop (70) born 29 September
1718; Catharina Stallcop (71) born 28 March 1721; Ericus Stallcop (72) born 
15 August 1723; Israel Stallcop (73) born 24 December 1725; Annika Stallcop 
(74) born 12 April 1729; Johan Stallcop (75) born 19 December 1733; Andreas 
Stallcop (76) born 27 January 1737.                                         

Peter Stallcop (67) son of John Stallcop (22) and Maria Morton was born in  
1712 in New Castle County, Delaware. He married Susannah Paulson at Old     
Swedes Church on 15 December 1737. She was the daughter of Woola (William)  
Paulson and Elizabeth (Anderson) Colesburg. She was born March 1716 in New  
Castle County, Delaware ... Peter's Bible record gives July 19, 1768 as the 
date of his death ... Children: John Stallcop (126) born 22 April 1739;     
William Stallcop (127) born 27 May 1741; Tobias Stallcop (128) born 1 August
1743; Swithin Stallcop (129) born 1745; Rachel Stallcop (130) born 1 August 
1749; Lydia Stallcop (131) born 11 June 1752; Susanna Stallcop (132) born 10
August 1754; Peter Stallcop (134) born 21 January 1757.                     

Tobias Stallcop (128) son of Peter Stallcop (67) and Susannah Paulson was   
born 1 August 1743 in New Castle County, Delaware. He came to Orange County 
with his brothers about 1768. Name of his wife and place and date of        
marriage are not known. By elimination of the names of children in other    
Stallcop families of the area these are listed in his family: Swen Stallcup 
(203); George Stallcup (204); John Stallcup (205); Austin Stallcup (206);   
Sarah Stallcup (207); Mary Elizabeth Stallcup (208) born 16 May 1781; Nelly 
Stallcup (209).                                                             

John Stallcup (205) son of Tobias Stallcop (128) ... was born about 1773 ...
in Orange County, North Carolina. He married first Silvira Pleasant on 30   
January 1801 in Caswell County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of     
Beaufort (Buford) Pleasant and Lucy ------- ... He married a second time ...
to a Miss Benson ... He is believed to have moved to Arkansas in the 1840's 
... Children: John Stallcup (459); Alexander B. Stallcup (460) born 10      
December 1806; Rhesha Green Stallcup (461) born 26 December 1812; Pleasant  
Stallcup (462); Edward Stallcup (463); Joseph Stallcup (464); Martha        
Stallcup (465); Elizabeth Stallcup (466); Mary Stallcup (467). By marriage  
to (Miss) Benson: Buford Benson Stallcup (468).                             

Pleasant Stallcup (462) son of John Stallcup (205) and Silvira Pleasant     
was born about 1802 probably in North Carolina and died in Texas before     
1880. He married Dovey A.M. Roney in Sumner County, Tennessee on 15 April   
1829. She was born about 1809, place unknown. He was in Arkansas (Pike      
County) 1836-1844 and in Cass County, Texas by 1850. Names of children      
compiled from 1850 census of Cass County, Texas and from L.D. Stallcup      
research ... One Pleasant Stallcup married Nancy Ann Collins on 4 May 1851  
in Cass County, Texas. He was likely the above Pleasant since only one      
found in Cass County. Children: William Pleasant Stallcup (1243) born 1836; 
Joseph Green Stallcup (1244) born 1838; M. (male) Stallcup (1245); N.C.     
(male) Stallcup (1246) born 1844; Ellen Stallcup (1247); Rachel Stallcup    
(1248); Mary Stallcup (1249); Silvira Stallcup (1250).                      

Excerpts from The Stalcup Family History 1641-1986, Volume 1, compiled by   
Earl E. Jones, 1986, pages 14, 18-19, 24, 31, 40, 63-64, 128-130.           

David Kelley 2002