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                             February 16, 2000

David L. Kelley
PO Box 741896
Dallas, TX 75374

Dear Mr. Kelley,

I am attempting to trace my genealogy. My family has been in the
southwestern area of Arkansas since at least 1820.

I contacted Desmond Walls Allen last week. She was kind enough to provide
me with some valuable information that is attributed to you.

I am new at this. I do not know if you are a paid consultant or not. I do
not know if you have any further information about my family. I do know
that I am interested in anything I can find. 

Please advise me how to proceed. If  you have any information about the
Jacobs, Wingfield, Holcomb, Baker, or Johnson families, please tell me how
I can acquire it, and if any fees are required.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Bob Jacobs

Correspondence, 16 Feb 2000. See next, Email, Bob Jacobs, 23 Feb 2000.

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