Civil War Letter

              Horace Hutchings to W.B. Gould


Arkansas Post, Arkansas County, November the 24th, 1962

Dear Father,

Having the opportunity, thought I would write you a few lines to let you
know I am well at this time, hoping this will find you the same. I rec'd
your kind letter dated the 17th and was proud to hear from you. I have
nothing that would interest you.

We had a good deal of excitement a few days ago about the Feds. Our pickets
said some of them was acros White River and was crossing. Still tho, that
has died away. They say there is feds at Napolian on the river. I can't say
this is reliable for we hear so much camp news. I never hang confidence in
anything that we hear.

We have commenced building winter quarters at this place. Can't tell
whether we will stay here all winter or not. Reckon we will if the Feds
don't run us from here this winter and if we have a fight here as some
suppose we will. Hope we will whip them and drive them back. We have some
three or four thousand troop(s) here at this time and they say we will have
some three or four regiments more here in a few days. We have no late war
news to write to you. We hear camp news every day, but you know what camp
news is.

I rec'd a letter from Saney (Cassandra) 4 or 5 days ago. She said they was
not all well, that some of them had the chills yet, also that Nath had got
home and he was improving. Was glad to hear it. Have not heard a word from
Joe since one Mr. Patrick left the Springs a few days after you left there
with Nath. He said he was very puny when he left him. Don't see why he
don't write, for I would like to hear from him. You stated in your letter
something about our gun receipts, said you gave them to John to have them,
(and) find out right. I have seen him once since he come in, but he never
said anything to me about them and I have not seen him for some time. Don't
know where he is. If I see him I will attend to it as soon as I can.

You must write every chance for me, like to hear from you. I sent a letter
home the other day. Have sent several home since we have been here. Will
have to quit for this time. Will keep you all well informed where we are as
I can do nothing more at this time. I reman you affectionate son, Horace
Hutchings - to W.B. Gould.

Letter, Horace Hutchings to W.B. Gould, The Gems, Fall 1999, Volume 10,
Number 4.

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