Civil War Letter

  J.D. Mansfield to J.C. & Ulila Mansfield & A.S.A. Brock


Van Buren, Ark., Dec. the 5 1862

Dear Pa, Ma, & Sister,

I seat myself to drop you a few lines to let you know how I am getting
along. I have been sick but am getting up again. I have had the Neumony
(Pneumonia). I was sick 2 weeks today. John was sick at the same time. He
is writing now. Marian is well as common. I hope this will come to hand &
find you all well & doing the same. I have no news of any certainty to

The troops are all gone to Canehill. I can't tell how many troops we have,
but it look like a world of men. It is said the feds is going back in the
direction of Mo. Some thinks we will have a fight & some think not.

Ma, I wrote one letter since I got my cloths. I was glad to get them.
Everything come safe & sound. It is 5 months today since I left home & I
hope I will get home before the next 5 months roles around. Pa, the cannons
are roaring now in the direction of Canehill. I hope our boys will whip the
feds so they will quit us a while. Amanda, you wrote for me to get a
furlough & come home. I wish I could, but I see no chance of getting one
soon. I hope we will get one some time this winter.

I wrote to you about me having the measles. I had them before I took the
fever. I got along with them very well. Marian had them at the same time.
Ma there is some fine ladies here. They come & fetch us things to eat &
anything we need.

Ma, I sent some clothes back by the wagon to Murfreesboro. I sent one pr
(pair) of pants, one shirts (sic). I had more than I could carry in my
saddle pocket. Ma, I want you to write me all of the news about home & Pa
must put a word in. Write the war news that is back there. I wish you had
a kept this paper so you could write more news. I have got enough of paper
at this time. Amanda, you & Ma must write & direct your letters to Col.
Monroe('s) Regiment. It is getting late. I must come to a close for this. I
will write you a letter when I hear from the battle. So farewell Dear
people for this time. When this you see, Remember me.

From J.D. Mansfield
To J.C. & Ulia (sic) Mansfield & A.S.A. Brock

P.S. Amanda, I will send you a sheet of paper so you can write more news.

Letter, J.D. Mansfield to J.C. & Ulila Mansfield, A.S.A. Brock, Keith
Lavender, Helena, Montana, 1999.

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