Pike County Arkansas

                Confederate Pensioners 1927


                    Board Passes on New Pension Claims

              Allowing Six and Disallowing Application of One

The Pike County Pension Board met at Murfreesboro and passed on all the
claims under consideration. Only one new claim was disallowed, that of W.M.
Harrison, while six new claims were allowed, as follows:

             Mrs. Miriam C. McFarland        Mrs. A.A. McMillan
             Mrs. Susan Johnson              Mrs. Rachel Lawrence
             George W. Holland               Mrs. I.A. Cornish

Those already on the pension list and still maintaining their residence in
this county are as follows:

             Lorinda L. Alford               Florence Lee
             Susan E. Bryan                  Mrs. J.A. Mitchell
             Orvilla Barnett                 Mrs. S.A. Morphew
             Elizabeth Bell                  Eliza F. McClure
             Thomas L. Beaty                 Georgia McFadden
             M.E. Bell                       Mrs. M.S. McKinnon
             Mrs. P.A. Cooley                Mrs. L.U. Parr
             M.D. Chaney                     Mary E. Riddle
             Mrs. C.C. Covington             Julia Ann Roberts
             Rosella Castleman               Mrs. S.G. Rose
             Mary C. Daniel                  John W. Reasoner
             Mrs. M.H. Davis                 Mrs. M.E. Rutherford
             M.H. Dean                       Amanda Stough
             Samuel T. East                  Mary P. Self
             Rebecca E. Erwin                John Slaughter
             Stephen A. Fuller               Mrs. Matilda A. Swindle
             J.C.C. French                   Nancy Tate
             Polly A. Hallmark               Mary E. Threlkeld
             Lillie M. Harrison              D.M. Thrash
             W.P. Henderson                  Mrs. Kate K. Townsend
             Mrs. L.P. Harris                G.W. Watkins
             Miranda T. Henderson            Martha L. Wilkins
             Mrs. P.E. Hardy                 Edith C. Witt
             Mrs. R.V. Henderson             Jane E. Winfield
             Josephine Hill                  John N. Williamson
             Mrs. L.D. Jackson               Martha J. Winford
             Mrs. W.H. Jordan                Rebecca Wise
             Jas. A. Kelley                  Bettie Wilson
             Mrs. S.E. Kennedy               Lucy A. Whitehead
             Giles Kelley                    Elizabeth Williamson
             Mrs. L.C. Lawson                Fannie Wisner

A few who were on this list last year have since died.
Pike County Courier, July 15, 1927, Volume 39, Number 28.

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