Confederate Pension Application Abstract

             Mary J. Polk


Mary J. Polk (widow) of Allen J. Polk, Muddy Fork, Howard County, Arkansas
(July 7, 1915). "I am the widow of Allen J. Polk who served as a soldier in
the army ... of the Confederate States, being a member of Company H, 24th
Regiment of Infantry from Arkansas ... that he was honorably discharged
from such service May (Close of War) 1865 ... that my said husband died
April 22, 1888. I am now 75 years of age past ... was married to Mr. Polk,
January 19, 1882. I own 160 (acres) of land the homestead worth $1000.
(Signed) Mary Jane Polk. (Witnesses) Jno. A. Hughes and C.L. Haller. (July
17, 1915) Jesse H. Cornish citizen of Nathan ... "well acquainted with
applicant's husband Allen J. Polk and knew him several years before the war
... that he was a Confederate soldier belonging to Co. H, 24 Reg. of Ark.
Inf. That as such soldier he served from 1862 until the close of war. That
my knowledge of these facts comes from actual knowledge, was with him in
the war. He was my Lieutenant part of the time and made a good officer ..."
(Signed Jesse H. Cornish). (August 16, 1915) G.G. Billings and Josh
(his x mark) White citizens of County of Howard, State of Arkansas ...
credible persons and worthy of confidence ... "well acquainted with
applicant Mary J. Polk and have known her 45 years, respectively."
(February 23, 1932) Mary Jane Polk, Nashville, Arkansas born October 30,
1836, County of (?), State of Miss., married A.J. Polk, 19 Jan. 1882,
County of Howard, State of Arkansas ... She makes her home with Leu (Lew)
Billings, Nashville, Arkansas, nephew. (July 13, 1935) State of Arkansas,
County of Howard. I, Clarence Garner, Clerk of the County Court ... certify
that Mary J. Polk ... died on or about the 10th day of July 1935.

Confederate Pension Application, Mary J. Polk widow of Allen J. Polk,
Arkansas History Commission, Little Rock, Arkansas.

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