Jonathan E. Duprey vs. Tabitha Duprey

Petition For Divorce

                             Pike Circuit Court.                             
                      In Vacancy, November 1, A.D. 1844.                     
                       Jonathan E. Duprey, Complainant.                      
                          Tabitha Duprey, Defendant.                         
                            Petition For Divorce.                            
On this day came the above named Jonathan E. Duprey before me, the           
undersigned clerk of the Pike Circuit Court, and filed his petition for a    
divorce against the above named Tabitha Duprey sworn to and subscribed       
according to law. The substhance of which is, that the complainant and       
defendant were lawfully married in 1836, and lived together as husband and   
wife until January 1842, at which time the said defendant deserted said      
complainant without any cause or provocation whatever, and has since her     
said desertion refused to return to and live with said complainant; and said 
complainant having also filed his affidavit stating that said Tabitha is a   
non-resident of the State of Arkansas. It is therefore ordered that          
publication be made hereof in the Washington Telegraph, a newspaper          
published in the State of Arkansas, for eight weeks successively, the last   
insertion to be at least four weeks before the next term of the Pike circuit 
court, to be held on the third Monday of April next, commanding the said     
Tabitha to appear before the Judge of the said Pike circuit court, on the    
first day of the next term thereof and answer the bill of said complainant,  
or the same will be taken for confessed and a decree entered accordingly.    
                               D.S. Dickson                                  
                      Clerk of the Pike Circuit Court                        
Washington Telegraph, January 15, 1845, page 4, column 4.                    
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