F.G. Stone and Alvin McDonald vs. Joseph Redding


                             State of Arkansas,                              
                              County of Pike.                                
                           April Term, A.D. 1839                             
                 F.G. Stone and Alvin McDonald, Plaintiffs,                  
                         Joseph Redding, Defendant.                          
This day came the said plaintiffs, by William Trimble, their attorney; and   
the said Defendant Joseph Redding having failed to appear and plead, or      
otherwise answer the said plaintiff's action, on or before the third day of  
the present term of this court, and that the said plaintiffs, for and on     
account of money paid, laid out, and expended, for the use of the defendant, 
and for goods, wares, and merchandize, sold and delivered by the said        
plaintiffs to the said defendant, to the sum and amount of ninety-seven      
dollars and sixty-seven cents.                                               
Therefore, on motion, it is ordered by the court, that publication be made   
containing a statement of the nature and amount of the plaintiff's demand,   
and notifying the said defendant that an attachment has been issued against  
his estate, and that unless the said defendant shall appear, by himself or   
attorney, on or before the third day of the next term of this court, at a    
term thereof to be holden on the fourth Monday in October next, at the court 
house in the town of Murfreesborough, that judgement will be entered against 
him, and his estate sold to satisfy the same.                                
And, on motion, it is further ordered by the court, that this order and      
notice be published in some newspaper printed in this state, for four weeks  
successively, at least four weeks previous to the next term of this court,   
until which time this cause is continued.                                    
                               D.S. Dickson                                  
                        Clerk of Pike circuit Court.                         
Arkansas Gazette, June 12, 1839, Volume 20, No. 26, Whole No. 1182, page 3,  
column 5.                                                                    
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