John H. Mosley vs. Lewis Neal


United States of America,                                                    
Territory of Arkansas,                                                       
                          Circuit Court Pike County.                         
                              April Term, 1835.                              
                          John H. Mosley, plaintiff,                         
                            Lewis Neal, defendant.                           
This day came the said John H. Mosley, by Hubbard and Stephenson, his        
attorneys, and the said Lewis Neal having failed to enter his appearance     
herein according to the rules and practice of this court, and file special   
bail to the plaintiff's action, and the said plaintiff having sued out his   
attachment from this court, founded on a writing obligatory for the payment  
of eighty-five dollars, whereon, John Hughes, Asa Thompson, Rice Stringer,   
Absolum White, and James L. Sorrels, have been summoned as garnishees:       
It is therefore ordered by the court, that unless the said defendant Lewis   
Neal shall appear, by himself or attorney, on or before the third day of the 
next term of court, and file special bail to the aforesaid action, a         
judgement will be entered against him, and his estate sold to satisfy the    
And it is further ordered, that a copy of this order be inserted for four    
weeks successively in the Arkansas Gazette, a newspaper printed in the       
                           A true copy - Attest:                             
                            D.S. Dickson, Clerk                              
                            Pike circuit court.                              
Arkansas Gazette, August 11, 1835, Volume XVI, No. 34, page 4, column 5.     
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