John H. Mosley vs. Lewis Neal


United States of America,                                                    
Territory of Arkansas,         ss.                                           
County of Pike,                                                              
                    Pike Circuit Court, April Term, 1834.                    
                          John H. Mosley, plaintiff,                         
                            Lewis Neal, defendant.                           
This day came the said John H. Mosely, by Thomas Hubbard, his attorney: and  
the said John H. Mosley having sued out from a Justice of the Peace, his     
writ of attachment against the estate of Lewis Neal, returnable into this    
Court, for the sum of two hundred dollars, founded on two several writings   
obligatory: it is therefore ordered by the Court, that unless the said Lewis 
Neal shall appear by himself or attorney, and file special bail to the       
aforesaid action, on or before the third day of the next October term of     
this Court, judgement will be entered against him, and his estate sold to    
satisfy the same. A true copy -                                              
                        David S. Dickson, C. P. C. C.                        
                               August 5, 1834.                               
The Arkansas Advocate, August 15, 1834, Volume 5, No. 19, page 3, column 5.  
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