Abner Hendeson vs. Enoch L. James et. al.

Bill For Title

State of Arkansas,                                                           
Pike County,                                                                 
                In the Pike Circuit. In Chancery, in vacation.               
       To the February term thereof, A.D. 1852. January 5th, A.D. 1852.      
                        Abner Henderson, Complainant.                        
Enoch L. James and Mary L., his wife; Francis M. McMahan and Ann Eliza, his  
wife; William I. H. Griffin, Luvicy E. Griffin, James E. Griffin, Matilda E. 
Griffin, Lewis L. Griffin, Grandison K. Griffin, Nancy Griffin, Andrew B.    
Orrick, and Rebecca, his wife, Defendants.                                   
                               Bill For Title.                               
This day appeared complainant by B.F. Hempstead, his solicitor and filed his 
bill and exhibits against the said defendants, the object whereof, is to     
obtain a title to the North West quarter of the North West quarter of        
Section Eight, in Township Eight, South of Range Twenty-four West,           
containing forty acres, and situate in said county of Pike. And it appearing 
from affidavit annexed to said Bill, that the defendants, Enoch L. James and 
Mary L., his wife, and William I. H. Griffin are non residents of the State  
of Arkansas. Therefore, on motion, it is ordered that they be notified of    
the filing and pendancy of said bill against them by publication of this     
order in the "Washington Telegraph" a newspaper printed in the county of     
Hempstead and State aforesaid, for the number and times within the time      
prescribed by law, the last insertion, thereof, to be at least four weeks    
before the commencement of the next term of said court which will be held at 
the court house in said county, on the first Monday of March, 1852, and that 
unless they shall appear in said court on or before the third day of said    
term (should said court continue so long) and plead, answer, or demur to     
said Bill, the same will be taken as confessed against them, and a decree    
entered according to the prayer thereof.                                     
                          Thomas K. Dossey, Clerk.                           
A true copy from the Record, Attest,                                         
                          Thomas K. Dossey, Clerk.                           
Washington Telegraph, Volume 12, No. 5, February 4, 1852, page 2, column 4.  
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