Jane Lafayette vs. Joseph D. Lafayette

Bill For Divorce

State of Arkansas,                                                           
County of Pike,                                                              
          In the Pike Circuit Court, on the Chancery side thereof,           
                        in Vacation, June 17, 1850.                          
                               Jane Lafayette                                
                             Joseph D. Lafayette                             
                               Bill For Divorce.                             
This day comes the complainant and files her bill of complaint against the   
said defendant for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony from the said       
defendant, and it appearing that the said defendant is a non-resident of the 
State of Arkansas it is therefore ordered that the said Joseph D. Lafayette  
appear on the second day of our next September term of our Pike circuit      
court, to be holden on the first Monday in September next, at the            
court-house in the town of Murfreesboro, in the county of Pike, and plead,   
answer or demur to said bill of complaint, otherwise this bill will be taken 
as confessed; and it is further ordered that this proceedings be published   
in the Washington Telegraph.                                                 
                            W.H. Preston, Clerk.                             
A true copy from the record.                                                 
                            W.H. Preston, Clerk.                             
Washington Telegraph, July 3, 1850, Volume 10, Number 26, page 3, column 5.  
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