Asa Thompson vs. Paul Barringer

April Term A.D. 1839

State of Arkansas,                                                           
County of Pike,                                                              
                         Asa Thompson, Complainant,                          
                         Paul Barringer, Defendant.                          
This day day came the said complainant, by his solicitor; and it appearing   
to the satisfaction of the court here, that the said complainant hath filed  
his bill in Chancery in this cause, and obtained a petition enjoining and    
restraining Paul Barringer, his attorneys and others, from further           
proceedings on a certain judgement at law, in favor of the said Paul         
Barringer, against the said complainant, for the sum of four hundred and     
fifty dollars debt, and three hundred dollars damages, and costs of suit,    
obtained at the September term of our Pike circuit court, in the year        
eighteen hundred and thirty-seven.                                           
And, it also appearing to the satisfaction of the court, that the said Paul  
Barringer is a non-resident of the state of Arkansas, and that the ordinary  
process of law cannot be served on him: on motion of the said complainant by 
his solicitor, it is ordered by the court that the said Paul Barringer have  
notice, by publication in some newspaper printed in the state of Arkanas,    
that he be and appear, by himself or attorney, on or before the third day of 
our next October term, to be holden in and for the county of Pike aforesaid, 
then and there to plead, answer, demur to said complainant, said bill, and   
the matters therein contained, taken for confessed against him, and decree   
entered accordingly.                                                         
And, it is further ordered that a copy of this order be published in some    
newspaper printed in the state of Arkansas for four weeks, by four           
successive weekly insertions, at least two and thirty days before the next   
term of this court, until which term the cause is continued.                 
                                A true copy.                                 
                            D.S. Dickson, Clerk.                             
Arkansas Gazette, June 12, 1839, Volume 20, No. 26, Whole No. 1182, page 3,  
column 5.                                                                    
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