Samuel Hasley

Certificate 3541

Washington Arkansas Land Office



                                 No. 3541                                    


Geo. Conway, Regtr. &c., hereby certify that the Land within described is    

vacant & subject to entry & that the price agreed upon is $1.25 cts. per     

acre and contains 42 62/100 acres.                                           



     No. 3541                                 the 21st day of Aug. 1837      


I, Samuel Hasley of Pike Co., Arks. do hereby apply for the purchase of      

(the) SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of section numbered Nineteen in township numbered 

eight South of range numbered twenty three containing forty two & sixty two  

hundredths acres, according to the returns of the Surveyor General, for      

which I have agreed with the Register to give at the rate of one dollar and  

twenty-five cents per acre.                                                  


                               Samuel Hasley                                 


I solemnly swear that the Land above described is intended to be entered for 

my own personal use and not in trust for another and that the same is        

intended to be entered for the purpose of Cultivation.                       


                               Samuel Hasley                                 


Sworn to & subscribed before me this 21st day of Aug. 1837.                  


                             S.T. Sanders. J.P.                              



                   Receiver's Office, Washington, Ark's.                     

     No. 3541                                             August 21st 1837   


Received, from Samuel Hasley of Pike County, Arkansas the sum of Fifty three 

Dollars and Twenty eight Cents, being in full payment for the South West     

Quarter of the South West quarter of section No. Nineteen in township No.    

Eight South of range number Twenty three West containing Forty tow and Sixty 

two hundredths acres, at $.125 per acres.                                    


     $53.28                D.T. Witter, Receiver.                            


Woodruff, & Pew, Printers, Little Rock.                                      



     No. 3541      Land Office, at Washington, Arks, August 21st 1837        


It is hereby certified, That, in pursuance of Law, Samuel Hasley of Pike     

County, State of Arkansas on this day purchased of the register of this      

office, the Lot or the South West Quarter of the South West Quarter of       

Section No. Nineteen in Township No. Eight South of Range No. twenty three   

West containing forty two & Sixty two hundredths acres, at the rate of one   

dollar and twenty five cents per acre, amounting to fifty three dollars and  

twenty eight cents, for which the said Samuel Hasley has made payment in     

full as required by law.                                                     


Now therefore be it known, That, on presentation of this Certificate to the  

Commissioner of the General Land Office, the said Samuel Hasley shall be     

entitled to receive a Patent for the lot above described.                    


Act of 5th April 1832      Geo. Conway, Register.                            



Certificate 3541, Washington, Arkansas Land Office, Record Group 49,         

National Arhives, Washington, D.C.                                           



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