Francis Bittick to Solomon Melson

Certificate 1947

Washington Arkansas Land Office



For value received, I, Francis Bittick, of the County of Pike and Territory  

of Arkansas, do hereby transfer, assign, and set over unto Solomon Melson,   

of the County and Territory aforesaid, all my title, claim and demand, to a  

tract of land purchased by me this 3rd day of March, 1836, as per            

Receiver's Receipt numbered 1947, designated as the West half of the         

Southeast Quarter of Section Seven, in Township Nine, South of Range         

Twenty-three, West, in the District of Lands subject to sale at Washington,  

in the Territory of Arkansas, and do hereby request that a patent, therefor, 

may be issued to the said Solomon Melson, his heirs or assigns.              


Witness my hand, this 3rd. day of March, 1836.                               


                              Francis Bittick                                


Acknowledged before me, the 3rd., March, 1836.                               


                                D.T. Witter                                  

                       Receiver Pub. Mon., Washington                        



Certificate 1947, Washington, Arkansas Land Office, Record Group 49,         

National Arhives, Washington, D.C.                                           



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