Supplemental Bounty Land Application

William T. Dickson

Act of September 28, 1850


State of Arkansas,


County of Pike,

On this 2d day of July 1856, before me, a Justice of the Peace in & for said

County & State, personally appeared William T. Dickson aged 56 years, who

being duly sworn according to law, declares that he has never received

Bounty Land Warrant No. 32605 of 80 acres issued under the Act of 28th

September 1850, for his services rendered in the year 1818 & that he has

never sold nor assigned said Warrant. He makes this declaration for the

purpose of obtaining a Duplicate of said Warrant to which he is entitled as

will more fully appear by reference to his first application under the date

of April 1856, forwarded by O. Jennings, Esq. of Washington, Arks. on file

in the Pension Office, as he is informed & believes, & he hereby constitutes

& appoints W.K. Sebastian of Arkansas his attorney to prosecute his claim &

procure his Duplicate Warrant.

                            William T. Dickson

Sworn to & subscribed & acknowledged before me the day & year first above


                              I.D. Wall, J.P.


State of Arkansas,


County of Pike,

I, Wm. M. McFarlin, Clerk of the County Court in & for the County & State

above named, do certify that I.D. Wall, Esq., before whom the foregoing

affidavit was made & who thereunto signed his name, was at the time of so

doing, an acting Justice of the Peace, in & for the County & State,

aforesaid, duly commissioned & sworn, that all his official acts as such are

entitled to full faith & credit, & that his signature thereto is genuine.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto signed my name & affixed my official

seal at Murfreesboro this 4th day of July, 1856.

                          Wm. R. McFarlin, Clerk by

                              WM. J. Kelley, D.C.


                                 U.S. Senate

                                July 22, 1856


I herewith transmit the papers of Wm. T. Dickson certifying his proof for a

duplicate of Warrant & also his application for additional bounty taken out.

                             Respectfully yours,

                               W.K. Sebastian

J. Minot, Commissioner



                             General Land Office

                                July 31, 1856


In reply to your letter of the 24th. Inst., I have to state that a

communication from the Hon. W.K. Sebastian, of the U.S. Senate, date July

18, 1854 is on file in this Office, requesting a Caveat to be filed against

the issue of a patent on Land Warrant No. 32,605 for 80 acres, Act of 1850,

and a Caveat was accordingly entered as desired.

                             Very Respectfully,


Hon. J. Minot

Commissioner of Pensions.


Supplemental Bounty Land Application of William T. Dickson, Act of September

28, 1850, National Archives, Washington, D.C.


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