Notice of Lost Bounty Land Warrant

William T. Dickson

Act of September 28, 1850


The State of Arkansas,


County of Hempstead,

Be it remembered, that on this 25th day of April A.D. 1856, personally

appeared before me, Simon T. Sanders, clerk of the Circuit Court for the

County of Hempstead and State aforesaid, duly authorized to administer oaths

and take affirmations within the State aforesaid, by virtue of my office of

clerk aforesaid, Grandison D. Royston, a person well known to me to be the

identical individual he represents himself to be and being first duly sworn

by me for the purpose, did make and subscribe before me and in my presence

the following affidavit, viz: That he has never received by mail or

otherwise, a certain Land Warrant issued by the Pension office of the United

States of America, entitled "Warrant No. 32,605" for 80 acres and issued in

favor of "Mr. William T. Dickson" for his services in "Capt. Rogers' Company

Tenn. Vols." and which was sent "March 20, 1852" to the "Hon. W.K.

Sebastian" of the U.S. Senate from said office, as deponent is informed by

letter of "S. Cole" for Commissioner of Pensions, to "Hon. E.W. Johnson of

U.S. Senate" now in deponents possession and which said Warrant was on the

25th day of March 1852 transmitted by Senator Sebastian by mail to this

deponent to his address at Washington, Arkansas, as this deponent has been

advised since by the Hon. W.K. Sebastian, and that he confidently believes

that said Warrant has been lost or destroyed in transit by mail from

Washington City, D.C. to the address of deponent at Washington, Arkansas.

                                G.D. Royston

Sworn to and subscribed before me on this, the day an year first above

written, as witness my hand as said clerk as aforesaid, as also my seal of

office affixed at my office, at the town of Washington, in the County and

State aforesaid.

                            S.T. Sanders, Clerk.


State of Arkansas,


County of Hempstead,

I, Orville Jennings, do solemnly swear that the notice of William T. Dickson

of "Land Warrant Lost" as represented by a copy thereof affixed in the

margin hereof, was duly published in the "Hempstead Democrat" a newspaper

published weekly at Washington, in the County and State aforesaid, for six

weeks successively, to wit: from Tuesday April 3d, 1855 to Tuesday May 25,

1855, during which period I was one of the publishers of said newspaper, and

that the copy in the margin hereof was cut from one of the numbers of said

papers issued during said period, by me, so help me God!

                              Orville Jennings

Sworn to and subscribed before me, Simon T. Sanders, Clerk of the Hempstead

Circuit Court, on this 25th day of April, A.D. 1856.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my as such clerk and affixed my

seal of office at my office in the town of Washington, in the County and

State, aforesaid, upon the day and year, aforesaid.

                            S.T. Sanders, Clerk


                             Land Warrant Lost!

Notice is hereby given that military Bounty Land Warrant No. 32,605, for 80

acres, issued in favor of William T. Dickson, for his service as a private

in Capt. Rogers' Company, Tennessee Volunteers, has been lost; and this is

to forewarn all persons form purchasing the same. The Department having been

notified of its loss, a caveat will be filed, and a duplicate applied for.

                             William T. Dickson

April 3, 1855.


                                U.S. Senate

                                May 19, 1856


Mr. W.T. Dickson under date of May 2 to Hon. R.W. Johnson writes that he had

"sometime last Spring" a warrant issued from the the Dept. for 80 acres

which was addressed to G.D. Royston at Washington, Arks., but never came to

hand. That he made the proper shewing in order to account for it & made

application for more land under the last act of Congress giving more land &

made me "agent". I have no recollection of any such warrant under the

supplementary act.

I obtained for Mr. Dickson his original warrant for 80 acres which was lost,

"No. 32605" for 80 acres & made application for a duplicate in 1852 from

which I have not received since. Can he confound the cases? Please answer me

as to the first named &c., who obtained, when issued, to whose care & what

proceedings are on file for a duplicate, & by whom made.

                             Very respectfully,

                               W.K. Sebastian

J. Minot, Commissioner.


                                U.S. Senate

                                May 20, 1856


I have to state that the warrant described in the affidavit aforesaid, was

issued to my care at Washington City, and that inasmuch as I had received

the original Declaration & proofs from Mr. G.D. Royston, as the attorney of

W.T. Dickson. I forwarded said Warrant to said G.D. Royston as appears from

an entry in my memorandum made at the time. The warrant was transmitted

about the 25 March 1852.


                               W.K. Sebastian

J. Minot

Commissioner, Pensions.

Washington City, D.C.


Notice of Lost Bounty Land Warrant of William T. Dickson, Act of September

28, 1850, National Archives, Washington, D.C.


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