Bounty Land Application

George Hensley

Act of March 3, 1855


                             Bounty Land Claim

               Declaration to be made by a surviving Officer

                or Soldier claiming additional Bounty Land.

State of Arkansas,


Pike County,

On this Sixth day of April 1855, before me, a Justice of the Peace in and

for the County and State, aforesaid, personally appeared George Hensley aged

74 years, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the

identical George Hensley who was a Private in the company commanded by

Captain Andrew Braden in the Regiment of Militia commanded by Col.

Snodgrass. That he was drafted at Anderson County in the State of Tennessee

on or about the first day of January 1814 and was honorably discharged at

Anderson County on or about the last day of March 1814.

He further states that he has received for said service Bounty Land Warrant

No. not recollected of 40 acres, issued under the act of September 1850 by

reason of said service which he has since legally disposed of and cannot now


He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining additional Bounty

Land to which he is entitled under the Act of March 3d, 1855, never having

received Bounty Land except as above stated, and he hereby constitutes and

appoints Charles C. Tucker, of Washington, D.C., his attorney to obtain from

the proper authorities at Washington City or elsewhere, certified copies of

any Army records or documents, in which his said service may be recorded,

and to procure any and all other evidence that may be necessary to establish

his claim, as fully as he might or could do if personally present, and

revoking and countermanding all other authority that may have been given for

the above specified purpose.

                         George (his x mark) Hensley

Sworn to, subscribed and acknowledged before me the day and year first above

written, and on the same day personally came before me A.B. Williams Jr. and

M.H. Carruth, residents of Pike County to me known as credible witnesses,

who being duly sworn according to law, declare that they are personally

acquainted with George Hensley who has made and subscribed the foregoing

declaration, that they were present and saw him make his mark to said

declaration, and that from their personal acquaintance with him they believe

that he is the identical person who performed the military services therein

named, and who has received a warrant therefor, and they further swear that

they are disinterested in his claim.

                             A.B. Williams, Jr.

                                M.H. Carruth

Sworn to and subscribed before me, and I certify that I am not interested in

the claim or concerned in its prosecution, and I believe that the claimant

is the person he represents himself to be.

                         A.B. Williams, Justice of

                     the Peace, Pike County, Arkansas.


State of Arkansas,


Pike County,

I, Wm. R. McFarlin, Clerk of the County Court in and for the County and

State above named, do hereby certify that A.B. Williams, Esq., before whom

the foregoing affidavits were made, and who has thereunto signed his name,

was at the time of so doing, a Justice of the Peace, in and for the County

and State above named, duly commissioned and sworn, that all his official

acts as such are entitled to full faith and credit, and that his signature

thereto is genuine.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto signed my name and affixed my official

seal this 7th day of April, 1855.

                          Wm. R. McFarlin, Clerk.


Bounty Land Application of George W. Hensley, Act of March 3, 1855,

National Archives, Washington, D.C.


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