William T. Crawley

                 Goodspeed 1890

William T. Crawley, planter, Arkadelphia, Ark., was originally from Morgan County, GA., where his birth occurred December 25, 1821. His parents, Robert and Elizabeth (Phillips) Crawley, born in Wilkes County and Morgan County, Ga., respectively, were married in 1817. Robert Crawley was born in 1795 and Elizabeth Phillips Crawley in 1799. To them were given ten children, seven of whom lived to maturity. The father was a successful planter, and was county surveyor of Morgan County, Ga., for many years. They were members of the Missionary Baptist Church. Elizabeth Crawley died in 1867, and Robert Crawley died in 1871. W.T. Crawley was married to Miss T.S. Hart, of Walton County, Ga., February 1, 1843. She was born March 6, 1823, and the fruits of this union were nine children, six now living: Cornelia (married J.B. Rogers, and both died during the late war, leaving two sons, E.O. and J.T.), Leonora E. (wife of L.O. Ross), M.J. (wife of M.G. Manning), Julia A. ( wife of R.C. Ross), Temperance A. ( wife of J. C. Denson), and two sons, Thomas V., and George. T.V. was married to Miss. Ella Brown in 1881. G.B. was married to Miss G. McNeil; she died in two years, after which he married Miss. T. Ross, now living. W. T. Crawley and wife were both members of the Missionary Baptist Church.
___________________________________________________________________________ Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, Chicago, Nashville and St. Louis: The Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1890, Clark County, page 134. Contributed in memory of Evelyn Dickerson Jackson, Magora Owens Wingfield, Miss Jamie McConnell, and Miss Lucille Westbrook. ___________________________________________________________________________ Update 03.19.06 Morris Myers 2006 BIO-0152.HTM