Adam Clark

                 Goodspeed 1890

Adam Clark is the able editor and proprietor of The Standard, of Arkadelphia, Ark, which is one of the leading journals in this portion of the state. He was born in South Carolina, but his parents, Andrew and Francis (Thomas) Clark, were born in Connecticut and North Carolina, respectively, the former being an exceptionally shrewd and successful merchant and tailor. He came to Arkansas in 1845, and in 1853 became postmaster of Camden. Adam Clark came to this state with his parents, and was first a resident of Hempstead, but in 1853 moved to Camden and entered the Herald office a an apprentice serving in this capacity for about three years. He then purchased the paper and conducted the same until 1861, when he came to the conclusion that in this case the sword was mightier than the pen, and accordingly shouldered his musket and started for the front, becoming a member of the Confederate army. During his service he received two wounds, first at Hatchie Ridge, having the two front fingers of his right hand shot off, and again at the siege of Vicksburg. In January, 1868, in Company with Col. I. W. Gaulding, he established The Standard, and they showed that they were admirable newspaper men, and thoroughly understood their business. Mr. Clark is now the sole proprietor, and has always exercised judgment and sense in the management of its editorial columns. The journal is now in its twenty-second volume, and has the largest circulation of any paper in Southern Arkansas. Mr. Clark is very progressive in his views, and his ideas are reflected in every corner of his paper and is management. He has been twice elected president of the Arkansas Press Association, and is the oldest newspaper man in the State of Arkansas, having been proprietor of a paper for the past thirty-five years. He is past grand master of the I. O. O. F. lodge of Arkansas, and in the XLVIIIth and XLVIXth Congress he served two years as a messenger in Washington D. C. He was married in January, 1868, to Miss. Mollie Singleton, by whom he has three children: Frank, Adam and Charles.
___________________________________________________________________________ Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, Chicago, Nashville and St. Louis: The Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1890, Clark County, page 132. Contributed in memory of Evelyn Dickerson Jackson, Magora Owens Wingfield, Miss Jamie McConnell, and Miss Lucille Westbrook. ___________________________________________________________________________ Update 03.19.06 Morris Myers 2006 BIO-0148.HTM