George W. Carter

                 Goodspeed 1890

George W. Carter, merchant and farmer, Hearn, Ark. Mr. Carter occupies an advanced position among the representative farmers and merchants of Clark County, He was born in Tennessee on March 11, 1842, but has been a resident of Arkansas since 1854, at which time he came here with his parents. He was married to Miss. M. E. Hart (a native of Georgia, born April 11, 1842) in 1865, and to them have born nine children, seven now living: Emma J. (wife of Dr. Palmer, now living in Pike County, Ark.), John H., Ella E. (aged eighteen, deceased), Willie W., Douglas, Eula, Georgia and Lolo. During the late unpleasantness between the North and South, Mr. Carter enlisted in Company H, Twenty - Third Arkansas Infantry, under Capt. A. A. Pennington, and was in the battles of Corinth, Port Hudson and was in all of the principle engagements during his service. He was captured at Port Hudson and was first taken to Johnson's Island, later to Ohio, where he was retained for about nine months, and then taken Point Lookout, where he remained three months. He was then removed to Morris Island, S. C., where he remained forty - two days, after which he was taken back on board a ship on the ocean, and after remaining on that for three weeks was carried to Port Pulaski. Five months later he was take back to Fort Delaware, where he remained for three months, and where in meantime he took the oath of Allegiance. Returning to his home in Arkansas in 1865, he engaged in farming, and this has continued up until the present. He is the owner of 800 acres of good land, and has about 250 acres under cultivation. He has the finest fruit farm in the county, and has 1,200 Lecont pear trees, 1,600 peach trees, 1,200 of which are now bearing, 150 plum trees and 1,200 grapevines. In 1885 he was appointed postmaster of Hearn post - office and one year later commenced merchandising. He is a member of the Methodist Protestant and his wife is a member of the Presbyterian Church. His parents, John B. and Nancy (Cilaman) Carter were natives of Tennessee, born January 2, 1812 and 1815 respectively. they were married in Tennessee, in 1835, and became the parents of nine children, four of whom are now living: Lavinia ( wife of John L. Atwood), Lizzie (wife of William Hart), A. N. and G. W. The father emigrated from Tennessee to Arkansas in 1854 and settled in Clark County. Socially he was a member of the Masonic fraternity. The mother died in 1861 and the father took for his second wife Mrs. Jane Hart in 1866. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1882. Mr. Carter died in 1876. Both he and his first wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church also.
___________________________________________________________________________ Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, Chicago, Nashville and St. Louis: The Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1890, Clark County, page 130-131. Contributed in memory of Evelyn Dickerson Jackson, Magora Owens Wingfield, Miss Jamie McConnell, and Miss Lucille Westbrook. ___________________________________________________________________________ Update 03.19.06 Morris Myers 2006 BIO-0145.HTM