Morgan Cryer Mobley


Morgan Cryer Mobley was born June 5, 1831 in Caddo Township, Clark County,  
Arkansas. His father David Mobley came to Arkansas a single man from        
Tennessee following military service during the War of 1812. He was         
acompanied by an uncle named John Mobley according to family history.       
Tradition also says they parted at Arkansas Post and David Mobley did not   
hear from his uncle again. He settled in Clark County and in 1817 married   
Barbara Cryer the daughter of Morgan Cryer. In 1836, David Mobley settled   
between Antoine and present day Delight, Arkansas in Pike County. He died in
1859. The children of David Mobley and Barbara Cryer included William,      
David, Morgan Cryer, Sarah Ann, Julia Ann, Leanna, Ann Mariah and at least  
three others who died in childhood or infancy.                              

Morgan Cryer Mobley married Mary Jane Kirby about 1857 in Pike County,      
Arkansas. She was the daughter of Joseph Lytal Kirby and Rachel Patterson   
Walton who arrived in Pike County, Arkansas in late 1850. The Kirbys had    
nine children. They were William Lytal, Joseph Fosgate, John C., Mary Jane, 
James Walton, Joshua Marshal, Elizabeth E., Caroline, and Idella C.         

Morgan Cryer Mobley and Mary Jane Kirby had one child, a daughter named     
Myra Alice Mobley, before his death on April 16, 1859. He was buried in the 
Old Lamb Cemetery between Antoine and Delight. Mary Jane (Kirby) Mobley     
became the second wife of William Harrison Preston of Murfreesboro.         

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David Kelley 2002