Milas Richmond Kelley


                  Gospel Preachers Who Blazed The Trail

M.R. KELLEY was born in Pike County, Arkansas, Jan. 6, 1862. His father
died when he was 15, leaving the wife with six daughters and two sons for
Brother Kelley to support.

September, 1878, he obeyed the Gospel. Desiring to be full conversant with
the teaching of the Bible, that he might teach it to others as well as
know his every duty, he became a close student of the Book of Inspiration.
Many nights he read the Bible by pine knot fires.

When he was twenty-eight years of age he was married to Miss Nettie Pierce.
Moved to Texarkana, Tex., and then in 1893 to Madison Couty, Texas, where
in 1894 he began preaching. Since that time he has never allowed an
opportunity to present the Truth to escape him.

By trade he is a carpenter and follows his trade for a livelihood, but
preaches each Lord's day.

In 1902 he moved to Bryan, Tex., where for two years he worked in a
hardware store, and preached each Sunday in reach of that place.

In 1907 he moved to Waco, Tex., where he now lives. He spends some time
working at his trade - carpentering. Each Sunday he preaches in that city
or at some place in reach of there. His father and grandfathers were Gospel

He is a quiet, unassuming man, but has been a faithful preacher, and many
have been baptized into Christ by him.

Gospel Preachers Who Blazed The Trail, Historical data and pictures first
compiled by C.R. Nichol in 1911 and published in Album form, Firm
Foundation Publishing House, Austin, Texas. Reprint, no date.

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